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Most Requested Features

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by D-One, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. bortraws

    bortraws New Member

    Maschine does have a lot of DAW like features. That's why I stated that it is gaining the identity of a DAW. But I agree it's certainly not a fully fledged DAW as it does lack other important features like you say.

    Being able to use plugins though is a DAW like feature in my opinion. No other Drum Machine software has this possibility as far as I know. And to use many different plugins on different sounds within Maschine, one simply needs Delay Compensation.

    I am certainly not asking or expecting Maschine to become a full DAW. I also don't need it to be as I record and produce in Pro Tools. Doesn't take away that I'd love more of the features mentioned in the list to see the light of day. I often start in Maschine creating the fundamental beat and shape the sounds within Maschine using plugins. I use Maschine as a plugin inside Pro Tools and record guitars, bass, vocals and other instruments like strings on top within Pro Tools.

    Anyway, I just hope NI are working on it :)

  2. oxident

    oxident NI Product Owner

    Aftertouch please?
  3. Haelu

    Haelu New Member

    MPE. Catch up NI...
  4. Toners

    Toners NI Product Owner

  5. Disco-in-my-punk

    Disco-in-my-punk NI Product Owner

    Hey D-One, Riddle me this... IDK how the "most requested features" is tallied (PRECISELY) but Would?...SHOULD?... Add user chords be on that list?
  6. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    Hello! "Custom Chords Sets & Scales" is on the list.
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  7. walerandei

    walerandei NI Product Owner

    NI Guys!!!!!!
    It was 3 years ago since we're asking for a way "to change TEMPO/BPM in each scene"!!! (in stand alone mode).


    It is a real musical feature (it is on the list).
    Not visual or interfase thing.
    Sequencers from 80's and 90's can do that. Maschine in 2019 still can`t do that.

    To use Maschine as VST inside a DAW it is not a solution. It is a headache!
    Please ... please ... please! Make me happy this year! :)
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  8. BobF3

    BobF3 NI Product Owner

    Provide full size (NOT full screen) UI when running as a plug. As an example, FLS does this quite well. I don't want to use FLS though :D
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  9. HammyHavoc

    HammyHavoc NI Product Owner

    Yep, the tiny UI on a high pixel density monitor is a complete pain in the arse. I find myself squinting at times despite my monitor being a 34". :oops::rolleyes:
  10. Psyearth5

    Psyearth5 NI Product Owner

    Just simple arranger feature like simlpe linear left to right view for building tracks with simple drag and drop patterns like in Ableton-bitwig to be more freely not so mechanical and even without automation in arranger mode we can adapt to that just need to use arranger more intuitive.arranger is SOS and cry for another DAW + eq visualizer for simple things that every DAW have
  11. Florian Götze

    Florian Götze New Member

    Hey i have a good Idea

    Whats with better MultiCore Performance and CUDA Technology to calculate per GPU for Maschine 3.0?
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  12. Gorilla Texas

    Gorilla Texas NI Product Owner

    It's absolutely a must that Maschine and Battery 4 upgrade to a tonal map cloud like XLN XO drum vst and Atlas vst because that is the future of organizing drum sounds. Most sample packs neglect to properly name samples so most samples are missed when using Maschine search box and trying to tag countless samples is a no go for most.
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  13. HammyHavoc

    HammyHavoc NI Product Owner

    Yep, Atlas is very cool, and it's incredibly efficient for finding what you're looking for.
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  14. Xyenz Fyxion

    Xyenz Fyxion NI Product Owner

    That would be dope. I haven't used Atlas, but I heavily use XO. Given that I do, I don't need it from NI. Even though I don't expect them to do that, it would be greatly helpful. There are so many drums in all of the Expansions. Scrolling through groups to find matches I like is a chore. And, I mismatch them purposefully often.
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  15. Konstantinos Despotis

    Konstantinos Despotis New Member

    Please add the ability to split keyboards , like you have in Komplete Kontrol, with different colors and all (for Komplete keyboards) per sound/group, so we can have a group with bass on the left piano on the right, then switch group and have the next sound in the whole keyboard again.
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  16. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    Show support here:
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  17. E-Chi

    E-Chi New Member

    I just copypasta'd this from a dead thread:
    I'm not sure if any NI coder or developer is watching this thread:
    BUT BUT BUT: If you are working on a 3.0 version:
    (start with number 1 and 2, as these are most important to my workflow) ;)


    1. Auto-save option:
    I am currently using an auto-key presser (Autokeyboard from MurGaa) as it saved my projects numerous times when it crashed...
    I know I can't undo the steps after it is saved, but I'd rather undo few steps manually then rethink what I did the last few hours on a project to redo it.

    Possibility to hear every sample midway instead of trigger based. I use synth recordings that can be 32-64 long... That is really a lot of time you have to hear the same loop from start to finish just to hear what you changed at the end with some FX plugins.
    It is not the same as using the audio plugin instead of the sampler plugin, as you can still pianoroll with the sampler (and many other things). I want to be able to hear my sample halfway through WITH the sampler
    THIS ONE EATS MY TIME WHEN WORKING ON A SONG, listening to 16-32 bars just to hear if the last part sound good now with the added FX.

    3. Track Freeze:
    Possibility to freeze tracks (everyone knows logic's freezing), but in this case scene and pattern freeze loops (like drum part 1 frozen but drum part 2 not or something)
    As it would play your scene from a temporarily sample recorded from the drum loop and delete's the sample after you disable freeze).
    I'm not as much in a CPU struggle, but oh I remember when I first started producing on my macbook (cpu throttle sounds magnificent).

    4. Bounce to cloud:
    Possibility to bounce project directly to something like Soundcloud.

    5. Better automation options:
    It is currently a horrible experience to automate or change automation on Maschine. The worst thing for me is that when I draw automation with auto on 1 scene, it drops the volume of the other scenes to the starting automation volume of the scene I AUTO'd automation on. So I have to manually adjust the volume on every other scene when I draw automation for just 1 scene.
    Also, having an option to just draw your own automation like you can on any DAW, or adjust it with more ease would be a lovely thing.
    On Maschine it feel like I'm having a brawl with Maschine when I working on automation.

    6. Integrated tutorial:
    An in the program worked out tutorial. A possibility to have a hovering option over certain things with information on how to do things, with the software already detecting which hardware you use with the appropriate info on how to do the things you do with your specific hardware.

    7. Possibility to choose which project to launch:
    Possibility to right-click the Maschine logo on Mac to choose which project to load.

    8. Project base pitch:
    Possibility to adjust the base pitch of every internal plugin to your own base pitch. For instance, A= 440 or 432 or 448

    9. Sample morphing:
    Possibility to different takes and morph them (like 30% sample on 70% Sample 2)

    10. Scene overlapping:
    Possibility to make patterns that overlap 2 different scenes.

    11. MIDI I/O autosaved:
    I currently have to tag out MIDI inputs every time I open up Maschine. So everytime I open up Maschine I have to tag out my synthesizer and drum computer as MIDI Input devices.

    A Maschine Jam MK2 would be an instant buy for me if:
    - Option to plug in for increased brightness (hard to see dim/non-dimmed tracks right now in a bright area).
    - Touch sensitive pads. Because why not?
    - Faders instead of touch strips the touch strips can sometimes not feel smooth to automate volume, like it can jump instead of gaining smoothly. Or even motorized faders. That would be premium. Touch strips are fun in a way, but to mix volume with faders is the real deal.
    - Having non shift buttons for undo/redo & co
    - Add screens to the Maschine Jam with focus on what you do on the Jam

    This is only the beginning of a long list (let me know if you want more idea's if you worked out my previous ones),
    as NAMM 2020 didn't see Maschine 3.0, will superbooth 2020?

  18. HammyHavoc

    HammyHavoc NI Product Owner

    1 would be solved if you used Maschine as a plugin inside of a DAW.

    3 would be solved if you used Maschine as a plugin inside of a DAW.

    4 will never happen because audio files cannot be bounced directly into SoundCloud, you can only upload an exported audio file, so if your intention is to save local storage by saving directly to SoundCloud then it won't happen.

    11 would be solved if you used Maschine as a plugin inside of a DAW; templates.

    Your improvements for the Jam sound like they would completely change the price point of the product line. :rolleyes:
  19. E-Chi

    E-Chi New Member

    Ever used Maschine as plugin in another DAW?
    1 interface stacked with lines is more then enough for me to keep my head together.
    Well that can be just me of course.

    The fader 1 costs 600 EUR,
    if they can make a fader 1 equivalent with the current possibilities of the Maschine Jam for 600 EUR. Call it a Maschine Jam X or whatever.
  20. HammyHavoc

    HammyHavoc NI Product Owner

    All day, every day. Works great; use a template and the routing becomes a non-issue. I'm not alone in doing this, if you want a household name off the top of my head, it also works great for Harry Gregson-Williams.

    To be honest, it doesn't make sense to reinvent the wheel. The Jam and Fader 1 already exist, if that's what people want then it makes more sense to do a partnership to integrate it in some logical way with Maschine, though I don't see that happening. The Jam is the red-headed step-child for NI (I know this having been one myself... :eek::rolleyes::D) and doesn't get anywhere near as much love or attention as it should so that it can live up to its capability as a human bei— piece of hardware. I'm not disagreeing that it would be cool if a new Jam were to be a thing that delivered all that and more, even at a new price point, just saying that the chances of it happening are almost nil when the existing Jam is really quite neglected in terms of development on the software front. There would sooner be a new Maschine or KK than a new Jam I'm sure because that's probably what makes the most sense for NI as a business, though I would love to be proven wrong.

    With all that said, if I wanted to use the Fader 1 instead of the Jam, or even as well as, I'd just do it through my DAW. :confused: The solutions are here today— and have been since a good few yesterdays ago. Complex though it may be to get your head around, once it's all setup in your template, you need never really think about it again, especially if you're using the Maschine like a piece of outboard gear like we used to use MPCs in the 00s on top of Pro Tools. Just think of it as an external sequencer, just like you'd find in the world of Eurorack or a lot of synths. Maschine is not a DAW, it's a controller-based sequencer and sampler with a lot of crossover into DAW territory, just like an MPC, but it is most-assuredly not a DAW, ergo, if you want to undertake complex tasks, you are going to need a DAW. That's why you can use it as a plugin.

    Slick, one-stop-shops don't really happen with audio software or audio hardware, hence the endless "gear treadmill" where you're always finding some weak point in your workflow and having to make up for it somehow with another piece of gear or another piece of software. No piece of gear or hardware can be all things to all people.
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2020