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Most Requested Features

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by D-One, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. bortraws

    bortraws New Member

    Maschine does have a lot of DAW like features. That's why I stated that it is gaining the identity of a DAW. But I agree it's certainly not a fully fledged DAW as it does lack other important features like you say.

    Being able to use plugins though is a DAW like feature in my opinion. No other Drum Machine software has this possibility as far as I know. And to use many different plugins on different sounds within Maschine, one simply needs Delay Compensation.

    I am certainly not asking or expecting Maschine to become a full DAW. I also don't need it to be as I record and produce in Pro Tools. Doesn't take away that I'd love more of the features mentioned in the list to see the light of day. I often start in Maschine creating the fundamental beat and shape the sounds within Maschine using plugins. I use Maschine as a plugin inside Pro Tools and record guitars, bass, vocals and other instruments like strings on top within Pro Tools.

    Anyway, I just hope NI are working on it :)

  2. oxident

    oxident NI Product Owner

    Aftertouch please?
  3. Haelu

    Haelu New Member

    MPE. Catch up NI...
  4. Toners

    Toners New Member

  5. Disco-in-my-punk

    Disco-in-my-punk NI Product Owner

    Hey D-One, Riddle me this... IDK how the "most requested features" is tallied (PRECISELY) but Would?...SHOULD?... Add user chords be on that list?
  6. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    Hello! "Custom Chords Sets & Scales" is on the list.
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  7. walerandei

    walerandei NI Product Owner

    NI Guys!!!!!!
    It was 3 years ago since we're asking for a way "to change TEMPO/BPM in each scene"!!! (in stand alone mode).


    It is a real musical feature (it is on the list).
    Not visual or interfase thing.
    Sequencers from 80's and 90's can do that. Maschine in 2019 still can`t do that.

    To use Maschine as VST inside a DAW it is not a solution. It is a headache!
    Please ... please ... please! Make me happy this year! :)
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  8. BobF3

    BobF3 NI Product Owner

    Provide full size (NOT full screen) UI when running as a plug. As an example, FLS does this quite well. I don't want to use FLS though :D
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  9. HammyHavoc

    HammyHavoc NI Product Owner

    Yep, the tiny UI on a high pixel density monitor is a complete pain in the arse. I find myself squinting at times despite my monitor being a 34". :oops::rolleyes: