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Most Requested Features

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by D-One, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. Mr36

    Mr36 NI Product Owner

    I've requested and suggested this several times in the past and think it would be a very useful workflow enhancement: many users will load a kit in one Group, create a Pattern and variations, but then want the arranging flexibility of having the different elements e.g., kicks, snares, hats in different Groups.

    Complications would come with how a Group would be split to multiple Groups e.g., splitting a Group into 16 will likely not often be wanted and including multiple Sounds in one of the splits (e.g., open and closed hats) would be wanted, but these could be solved with some flexible settings.

    In the meantime, what I often do after creating something within a single Group that I want to be split is to just duplicate it with Patterns, then erase Sounds per duplicated Group e.g., erase all Sounds except the kick in the duplicated Group designated for the kick etc. It's rough around the edges even for a workaround, but it does the trick and it probably takes longer to describe doing this than to actually do it too.
  2. Psyearth5

    Psyearth5 NI Product Owner

    Definitely your suggestion is great but think outside of box, every DAW can do that but with Maschine is different story and users are adapting and in that common workflow that we all doing, on that path a improvement need to be done. It is easy to write a new Daw and call it Maschine 3...this is a specific our thing and question is how we can be more creative and have a real control over the sound so Split patern and stuf like that are nessery for other Daw's, for Maschine as instruments we need less repetition possibility in workflow. I think that costume chords to pads are most important feature for everyone, composers and live performers to quickly find and control melodies on those 12 pads. I was shocked when I started with MK3 and realising that there is no split pattern or free out of grid position for patterns and my friends are still like Ableton is better but i really like Maschine, it's specific and can give great result. It is not for everyone but it is for every Music Genre and beyond so How to improve it workflow for all Maschine users, compose, perform a dreamer or just a hobi ? Copy and paste is fantastic in Maschine, much better than other DAW's because it is simpler and some things are more complicated so there we can make two groups of features, do we want to simplify whole process or we want a more possibility for complexity? If you can assign a different chords to your preference you basically can do a lot more than just "Chord's" new solutions, a creative, more creative in different way....or the Music will be played by AI
  3. skhm

    skhm NI Product Owner

    The list needs some updates. ‘Change pad colour from the hardware’ is possible on my maschine.
    Also, you can already split a pattern in less than 5 seconds.
    Merge patterns is needed badly, though
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  4. JakeJmusic

    JakeJmusic New Member

    I'm sorry, where can you split pattern. i've never seen that feature done before.
  5. skhm

    skhm NI Product Owner

    Jake, there is no split function, but you can quickly split a pattern anyway you want by pasting a pattern and then trim those new patterns.
    Say you have a 4 bar pattern and you want to split it in 4 equal parts. First paste the 4 bar pattern 4 times and then change the start and end points of those newly pasted patterns. I dont see how an actual split function could be quicker/more convenient
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2020
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  6. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    It was already marked as implemented but apparently I forgot to remove it from the regular list so it was there twice, I've corrected it, thanks!

    Copying something and editing both the copy and the original is not Splitting tho, Split would mean a one-button/click function, also, dont you think it would be weird to have Merge and not have Split?
    I do agree that editing Pattern end/start is indeed a rather fast workaround for most scenarios but with larger patterns or with heavy arranging the time adds up; I think what people want is a behavior similar to a DAW "clip" split.

    It could be a little bit more convenient, manually doing everything feels outdated for software in today's age, a 1-second operation is better than a 5-second one. When the new arranger is released Split will be arguably a lot more necessary than now assuming patterns or equivalent are freely movable on a linear way, so we can split, copy, move etc... For these reasons, I believe Split should remain on the list for now.

    It could work in many different ways, here are just a few ways I imagine a simple Split:
    Split with a mouse pointer tool. (software)
    Split at playhead position. (hardware)
    Split into 2 equal parts/patterns. (SW and HW)
    Split by a configurable measure - using your example it would be split by 1 bar, so 4 patterns with one click. (Not super useful for most people)

    Keep in mind Split is there as a general request, it has no details, it could be smart enough to do all sorts of stuff, one example would be Split all patterns and leave the first pattern-split in the current Section and place the second pattern-split in the next Section, the use case could be a fill/transition or Splitting a whole Section into 2 unique ones, with a single operation. If you have 10 groups editing all the start/end gets a bit annoying.


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    Last edited: Jul 4, 2020
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  7. skhm

    skhm NI Product Owner

    Yes I agree. Although keep in mind you only have 64 patterns per pad. If one starts to slice and dice like you did in the GIF, ypu will reach your pattern limit quickly. On top of that, there is no purge unused pattern feature.
    Thanks for clarifying, though! And nice GIF skills.

    I think for NI, the biggest challenge is to keep things simple and at the same time having it do lot’s of cool stuff
  8. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    No problem. :thumbsup:
    I dont know how many patterns per group is the max but it's definitively not 64, I quickly tried duping one over and over and gave up at 370, so it's probably 999(?), not sure.

    Personally I would only use it sparsely, I keep my Patterns to the minimum possible so I remember what each does/is.
    I do see a lot of people using insane amounts of both patterns and sections, usually, people who work with 1 or 2 bar pattern/sections, I have no idea how they remember which one does what tho.
  9. skhm

    skhm NI Product Owner

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  10. Jeremy E Shaw

    Jeremy E Shaw NI Product Owner

    2 requested features, 1 of which I know has already been mentioned:

    -AFTERTOUCH inside maschine2!!! This would be big for me!! : )
    -more arp options inside the MK3's built-in arpeggiator. More preset patterns! This is just a personal thing, and not really that huge.
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  11. von Klamke

    von Klamke NI Product Owner

    One simple and small (i think) feature: to randomize order of presets. Preferably in both Maschine and Komplete Kontrol software.
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  12. JakeJmusic

    JakeJmusic New Member

    Very good point, never thought of it like that.
  13. Danny Taino

    Danny Taino New Member

    Work flow issue.

    Why must I switch out of browser mode to record a pattern when assigning a sound. It's a bit of a creative flow buzzkill to have to press pad mode and then record the pattern when the idea is already at my fingertips. Am I doing something wrong? Less button presses is always good in my book :)

    Sorry for posting here, but it seems I don't have the ability to create a new post as a new forum account holder. I'm a noob.
  14. Jaheid19

    Jaheid19 NI Product Owner

    Can you add "Follow Feature" for the piano roll in the Maschine Jam? Gets difficult having to navigate through all the different pages on the hardware.
  15. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    Wheres the thread for that? Does it have positive feedback?
  16. E-Chi

    E-Chi New Member

    so I am currently on a hackintosh system, and Native access needs to be loaded every startup just because of this strange native access behavior...
    NI support team don't give a damn, they "do not support hackintosh systems"...
    D-One Do you have this issue? My NI software and plugins always start in demo mode if I don't load NI Access first at every startup.

    Another thing. I'm still waiting for an option for a Master Tune function that changes all samples and NKS format plugins (if possible) to the Master tune of the project.

    Another really annoying thing:
    Every time I connect my same hardware drumcomputers / synthesizers I need to redial the settings of the MIDI settings when I start Maschine software.
  17. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    When i click the link it says the page does not exist, paste your issue here or preferably start a thread about it and i'll try to help you out.
    That's a normal response from support since they dont have a hackintosh to test and verify issues.

    Master tunning is a rare request, if most massively requested things don't happen don't count on that hapenning soon either, in your shoes i would find an alternative solution, maybe a low latency audio tuner plugin on the master.

    Are you talking about the on/off ports in Preferences > MIDI? Maschine should remmeber those.
  18. E-Chi

    E-Chi New Member

    Cable issue:
    I currently use a extended cable:
    As the included cable is not long enough.
    It works perfectly, but there is 1 issue. When opening Maschine, my controller lights up and shows everything perfectly. But the buttons don't work. When I power cycle the Maschine MK3 it works perfectly. I'm not sure if this is software related.

    MIDI issue:
    Every time I open Maschine, I need to repeat my choices for my Hardware synthesizers MIDI IN/OUT settings. This is annoying and can be fixed.

    Registration issue:
    I already contacted NI support for this. (check my previous threads about this) I Need to open NI access every single time on my computer so my NI related stuff doesn't start in DEMO mode. I have plugins from a variety of companies, and none have this kind of behavior. Only those of NI.

    I use an hackintosh build, this is probably the reason. What does the NI Software check to know if I'm on a "new computer" or just on the same "system"? I really want to get this fixed, as this is also very annoying.


    What I wanted to ask you is about the Registration issue.
    As I see in your description you have a hackintosh build too.

    About the master tuning. I only use the drumkits from Maschine and record my analog synthesizers. And if using VSTi synthesizers/sampled instruments. I downtune the synthesizer/sampled instruments to the tuning I use. Though this consumes some time...

    The MIDI issue should be something they should fix too, as it is really annoying to set the MIDI settings every time I open Maschine.
  19. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    That's a lot of stuff at once, so I'll focus on the one I have the most experience with.
    I had this problem too, with previous versions of macOS, nowadays it happens very, very rarely with Catalina, about once every 2/3 months.

    Native Access stores license files on your computer, those files store info about your CPU (amongst other system things), if that info changes for any reason NA recognizes the system as a "new computer" thus requires launching NA again to rescan the licenses. In my case, it happens because I have my CPU overclocked and macOS does not understand overclocks since it's not natively supported so it reports a difference of 1mhz once in a while and a 1mhz difference is enough to cause everything to revert to demo mode. The license files responsible for this crap are specifically the .Ras3 files... So AFAIK the only solution is to upgrade to Catalina or tweak your overclock in case you have one... If you open a thread I can post more details but I don't want to derail this thread since this is completely off topic. NA is the only software I own that has this issue and I use a huge range of software from Audio, to Video, photography, Illustration Graphic design, 3D, Programing, etc...

    Bunching up all your problems is not a good idea, focus on one thing at a time.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2020
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  20. org

    org New Member

    Performance Recording / Multitrack audio recording

    Hi D-one and everyone,
    This is my first message and I cannot create a new suggestion. If anyone finds it interesting and wishes to create it, I thank them.

    An important feature in Perfomance Recording could be included in Maschine but especially in Maschine+ (standalone with 3 audio in).
    It is the recording of his live performance, including external instruments, in multitrack audio (direct to disk on SD card).
    To simplify, 1 track for each group. Mono or stereo WAV files. Choice of recording with FX / dynamic or 100% dry (for later mixing).

    Currently it is necessary to use an external recorder or another daw for this. it can be complicated and interrupt the workflow.

    Many artists alone or in groups will be able to use Maschine+ as their main production AND recording tool. This function does not exist on Akai MPC ...​
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2020