Move actual tracks of a playlist?

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    This is my first post so apologies now in case I do anything wrong!

    I'm still using Traktor 3 (I know, but I like it!)...

    I have a very large music collection, all wavs I have recorded from my vinyl collection. It is too large to keep on my laptop so it sits happily on my hard drive while I'm at home (along with a back up copy in another country :D)

    When I play out, I move the tracks I have ready in my playlist on to my laptop but at the moment I do this one at a time. As I'm playing quite regularly at the moment this takes up a lot of my time!

    My questions...

    1. Is there an easier way I can move all the (actual) tracks of a specific playlist from my hard drive into a folder on my desktop?

    2. Can I then tell Traktor to look at this new folder and retain all the beat grid and track name info etc?

    3. Is any information saved with the actual wav files (like an id3 for mp3's) or is it all stored in the collection.nml file?

    Thanks - I had a good look round the forum but couldn't find answers specific to my needs.

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    Ha... I've just answered my own question after months of trying... Typical. Thread can be closed.