Move the Move, Cue and Grid buttons back to the left in advanced view

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Nikal Might, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. Nikal Might

    Nikal Might NI Product Owner

    I don't have a controller, have used Traktor for years and am used to using the mouse when I am setting the beatgrid for tunes.

    Moving the Move/Cue/Grid buttons to the right has made the workflow really awkward. It has moved them far away from the most common cue points that I use. I normally use the first one to set the grid marker, use the grid controls to fine tune the grid and make sure it is bang on the beat(ie not where Traktor thinks it is) and then use the move controls to move 8 or 16 bars to the right and set some more cue points like that. Everything was close together and was easy. Now I have to get RSI moving the mouse to the right and back again to get to the lefthand cue points which is virtually impossible in a live mix where I might want to do things on the fly.

    I am not happy with this at all. You've managed to add some welcome additional new features and sabotaged the most important features that made Traktor workflow pleasant and easy to use:rolleyes::mad:
  2. Jumeirah Sound System

    Jumeirah Sound System NI Product Owner

    The whole track prep / cue workflow needs to be simplified and reworked. It's crazy you have to click between Grid, Cue and Move to access what should be single click functions.
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