Moving playlist from hard drive problem

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    Hi there! Sorry if this has been covered but I've really looked hard and can't seem to find anyone with the same problem I'm having - I'm desperate now!

    I store my entire Traktor collection on my external hard drive. I only use wav's and some flacs.

    When I go out to play I prepare a playlist with all the tunes I may want to play that evening. I then highlight the entire list and drag into a folder on my desktop that is set up as a music folder in Traktor.

    When I disconnect my hard drive and load up Traktor, everything is missing apart from the playlist I want to use which is exactly what I want! So far so good...

    The problem arises when I want to reconnect my external hard drive. I remove the files from my desktop and load up Traktor again. It finds all the files in the playlist back in the original folder on my external hard drive as expected but it has lost all the cue points and tempo information for those files. So I now have everything as it was, apart from the playlist I took out with me.

    Even more annoying is that sometimes it remembers information for some tracks but not all of them. What is going on? Where is this information actually stored? Could it be something to do with adding the playlist to my collection or maybe writing tags (if possible with wav's)?

    I'm completely baffled and would really appreciate any advice from anyone!

    TraktorDJStudio 3.4 is the version I'm on...

    Thanks :D