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    I want to be able to open more than one instance of maschine without another DAW. I know you can open up more than one in a DAW so why not outside? I have 2 generations of maschine controllers and it would be nice to have one on the side for playing over a song or for mixing songs together. Or have two instances open in traktor. It seams like this should be really easy.
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    I also own two Maschine controllers (MK1 & MK2), I’m on a Mac and i’ve found two solutions for what you trying to achieve.

    Just run two instances of Maschine standalone! Duplicate the Maschine application and rename the copy to "Maschine1" or something like that. Open both applications (original and copy) and you have two instances of Maschine running, which could be assigned to different controllers.

    It's important to understand, which settings are saved on projectlevel and which are part of the general preferences. These two instances are able to load different projects, but they share the same preferences!

    E.g., Midisync settings (master, slave or no sync) and available Midiports, audiointerface and available in/outputs are part of the preferences,
    while Midi routing (in/out) and audio routing (in/out) are saved on project- respectively on grouplevel.

    It’s possible to temporary change the preference settings per instance, but when quitting both only the settings of the instance closed at last are saved.

    Syncing those two instances with eachother via midiclock is possible, but fiddly. And you lose transportcontrol on one.
    Syncing both instances to a midiclock generated elsewhere (e.g. Traktors masterclock) is easy, but keep in mind that you lose transportcontrol on both instances and if you reset (restart) the master, both slaves (instances) will restart too. This might be obvious, but it limits the opportunity to have two independent Maschine instances (acting like two independent decks) while being synced to Traktor or anything else.

    Another way to assign two controllers to Maschine stand alone is using a vst-host plugin like Blue Cat Audio Patchwork.
    You load the vst-host plugin into the first instance of Maschine, and the second instance into the vst-host plugin.
    And again, now you’re able to assign your different controllers to the two instances of Maschine (Stand alone and plugin instance inside of the vst-host).

    Cpu-overload issues aside, this works pretty well.
    The plugin instance of Maschine acts exactly the same, as you were loading it into any other host/daw.

    The Patchwork vst allows up to eight stereo outputs, so you’re able to route eight groups of the Maschine plugin to eight different pads inside the Stand alone instance.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks !
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    And for windows 10 does it possible too ?