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Closed Music app Cover Art not displaying/importing

Discussion in 'Archive' started by J. Spencer, Sep 27, 2019.

  1. J. Spencer

    J. Spencer New Member

    Thankfully, the iTunes connection works. I can see my library (local music only, of course).

    However, after importing and analyzing a song from the Music App library, it's not showing the cover art that should go along with it. It's just blank. I confirmed that the song has artwork in the Music app.

    A few notes:

    1. I have iTunes Match cloud library. This song was downloaded from that Match, originating from my Promo Only subscription.
    2. File type downloads as MP3 and plays in Traktor (it was originally an MP3).
    3. I can only access this song through the iTunes node. If I try to load it from the Explorer node, I receive an error.
  2. Sander @ NI

    Sander @ NI NI Team Staff Member NI Team

    Hi, thank you for your report. If you drag the mp3 from Finder directly into a Deck does it show the artwork?

  3. J. Spencer

    J. Spencer New Member

    After digging deeper (and testing a few other things) this is an error or settings issue with the Catalina Music app. Here is a reddit thread showing I'm not alone in this issue. What's odd is that it shows the artwork in the Catalina Music app just fine, but if I Get Info in finder (or import to Traktor) it's absolutely not there.

    To make sure, I pulled a different mp3 file from elsewhere and found that I could import and drag from finder to a deck and the artwork is intact.

    If I find a setting for Catalina Music that's preventing it from downloading the artwork, I'll make sure to update here for future reference, but you can ignore this non-Bug. Thank you!
  4. kokernutz

    kokernutz NI Product Owner

    I stumbled upon this, too. Music purchased from the iTunes store since upgrading to Catalina does not have the album art embedded in the file, but it shows in the Music app. I'm hoping NI is able to import the art via the Sync Song Info functionality.