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My new S4 MK3 vs my old S5.

Discussion in 'KONTROL S2 / KONTROL S3 / KONTROL S4' started by kokernutz, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. kokernutz

    kokernutz NI Product Owner

    Well I just got my S4 MK3 yesterday and used it for a few hours last night.

    At first I was all "hell no!" with the loss of the screens and my screen mods. Immediate thoughts:
    1. Still not entirely used to the new button layout. I kept hitting the 8th pad instead of pressing play, now located on the opposite side of the deck.
    2. Non-mirrored layout is fine.
    3. I had to increase the size of the browser font and remove some columns so I could browse for songs on the laptop.
    4. Loading a track into a deck should dismiss/toggle the "view" mode... I can hopefully tweak the mapping to do that.
    5. The "samples" mode is interesting. Having a track loaded on A and a remix deck on C, you can have deck A be in focus, click samples, and be able to trigger the samples in the remix deck but still be on deck A.
    6. Dedicated MixerFX controls is nice.
    7. The screen on the S5 was nice when it came to using the regular FX. Still not used to having to look at the laptop.
    8. I feel the preview button should toggle the preview, and you shouldn't need to hold it down. That way advancing through the preview could be more one-handed. Currently you would need to click to preview, then spin the encoder to advance through the track. You could do it with one hand but it's awkward.
    9. Something similar for the favorites button. You should be able to click once to advance to the next favorites folder or press-and-turn encoder to navigate through them all quickly.
    10. It SOUNDS much better.
    I will be making some screen mods for it:
    1. Camelot key
    2. Tempo % offset
    3. Cue point names
  2. micropizza

    micropizza NI Product Owner

    Would donate money if you could make the remix decks & screens behave as on the S5/S8!
    They really are useless on this S4 Mk3, and I'm back to staring at a laptop choosing songs when the screens could have the list of tracks like on the S5/S8.

    Unfortunately I'm thinking of selling mine due to the bad implementation of the screens and going back to my S5 (despite them ceasing production), the S4 Mk3 feels like a step backwards in usability to me.
  3. AcidAlex303

    AcidAlex303 NI Product Owner

    How does it sound better?

    Have you check the output volume against the S5? A lot of people complaining that’s it’s really quiet.