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My top 3 feature requests

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by dee-bunk, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. dee-bunk

    dee-bunk New Member

    Here are my 3 most wanted Traktor festure requests.

    1. Link timing compensation/offset slider as midi has. (Maschine should have one too).
    There are timing issues in some constellations and there is a need to correct any sync issues.

    2. Browser history to toggle between the called playlists back and forth like every browser can. It must not have the complete history from a Traktor session. Last 10 in my opinion would be sufficient.

    3. Delete history Playlist direct in Traktor would be much faster to find the right file in the Finder/Explorer.
  2. NReek

    NReek NI Product Owner


    i disagree on the last bit of the second point.

    i like having all playlists there, and the chance of sort them in folders.

    however, one thing that could be useful, is to have traktor prompt the user when traktor is closed, whether that particular session has to be saved as history playlist or not.

    this way, the user can control whether the last set is relevant and has to be kept or if it’s a “working on collection” kind of set, that can be dismissed.

  3. dee-bunk

    dee-bunk New Member

    I am not shure that you understod my intension. There are sets where i use more than 12 favorits and in this case i am not a playlistc DJ. If you search for the next track and you change the playlist it might be a painfull clicking to come back to a playlist in that you have searched before. This can be done fast with a back and forth arrow or anything like that. Anyway this funktion was implemented in Traktor 3. But NI decided to remove this feature. I used it very often and i miss it. This is a time saver.
  4. radiokrishna

    radiokrishna NI Product Owner

    At least one Undo in the Browser. If you accidentally delete a track from the playlist, you can't undo it.