My wishes for a Traktor Audio 2 mk3

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    My wishes for a successor to Traktor Audio 2 mk2

    - coaxial SPDIF support, and 8 channel (4 stereo pair) output and input. Physical size is still same and there is still 2x 3.5mm output connectors. For both connectors the following modes can be chosen: 1. stereo out (analog), 2. stereo in (analog), 3. spdif 4 channel out, 4. spdif 4 channel in. So each connector routs either one stereo signal or 1-2 SPDIF signals. Signal format can be changed from Traktor Audio Control software. So now you can for example do 4-deck mixing with Pioneer DJM-900 with highest audio quality because it has SPDIF channel inputs.

    - USB connector is changed from mini-USB to USB type-C. Audio interface is class compliant and works with anything (windows, macos, ipad, android, linux) without installing drivers (unless you need more advanced functionality like changing signal output type from normal audio to spdif or vice versa).

    Unfortunately this is still a fairytale product but I hope it will be released soon =)
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    Changed the topic title + text to reflect that this is your wish list, and not a released product.