Naming and Colors for Snapshots

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    As a musician (mainly keyboardist) using Maschine Studio as the central hub to my live setup, I have found the newly added snapshots and External Lock screen extremely useful as a sort of 'master patch selector' where I can have all my synth plugins muted/soloed per each song in my set. Before I would use short Scenes that would send a volume mute via each sound slot modulation. Basically i don't have time between each song to load up a new project so that has been my work-around solution that has been working out ok. Although the new Snapshot/Ext Lock screen still feels sort of like more or less a work-around, being able to freeze each song's volume/solo/mute/modulation setting is a fantastic addition when wanting to get creative in a live/jam session and not worry about saving over the original starting point, so I am very happy about that.

    So my feature suggestion- to add colors and naming ability to the snapshots. Not the worst thing in the world to have to remember which slot is what, but that would make things much nicer/easier when looking at 16 white Ext Lock pads. It would also be great if those could be re-arranged so in my instance, if our setlist changed i could move around my snapshots.

    and while I'm here... can't wait for NI to add a tempo map / time signature lane or at least have each scene have an option to follow a master scene / tempo or individual scene tempo / time signature option. I love using Maschine standalone and would rather not have to slave to a daw if i need tempo/time signature changes.
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