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Native access komplete download too slow

Discussion in 'NATIVE ACCESS' started by Thava Alagu, Jul 27, 2018.

  1. Thava Alagu

    Thava Alagu New Member

    I have been downloading Komplete for more than 24 hours now, and still it is not complete. The download speeds are inconsistent.

    There are couple of problems --- The windows 10 have problems with opening .iso which Native access uses,
    so I first figured out, i have to use native access and wait for the component products "Failed" message.
    Then go to the .iso, manually mount it and install it. That is something I can live with.
    How ever, the inconsistent download times is killing me. Is there any alternate ways or direct download locations available ?

    I am downloading from India and I tried using VPN to connect from different geo locations, nothing helped.
    I have high speed connection which works fine with other servers, so I am sure the problem is not with my ISP.

    Help Please!
  2. m911

    m911 New Member

    I just bought Komplete 11 and I'm having the same issue, download speeds have been averaging about 150k all day. I hope they improve, I haven't been able to install much so far.
  3. m911

    m911 New Member

    it's 2am here in oregon... now I'm getting 3m. sorry for the wasted space. clearly this is intermittent.
  4. halftone

    halftone NI Product Owner

    I just installed all of Komplete 11 from Native Access. You must remember it is a very,very large download. I asked it to download all at 11:30 pm and by the time I awoke the next morning it was done. 3 of the items said install failed. I exited Native Access, re-entered , and clicked install all and the other 3 installed within a half hour.

    I preferred Service Centre to NA. However when NA works it works reasonably well.
  5. imneo

    imneo New Member

    While any other download works fine, NI does not


    NI speed is less than 10Mbps
    That is not fun when you need to download gigabytes of files...

  6. m911

    m911 New Member

    download speed actually bottoms out completely during daytime hours for me, When there's no activity like that for several moments, the "downloading" status changes to Resume, or Try again, I can't remember, but it then requires me to manually restart it. I've downloaded most of what I want for now (except for the big Kontakt Factory Library of 23gigs), I'll be replacing my daw PC in the next week or two, So I'll have all this to do over again.

    (edit: actually, looking thru NA I can see that I've also not downloaded other packs that I also want but can't be bothered with like Abbey Road, Middle East, Session Strings, Studio Drummer, The Grandeur, The Maverick, the Scarbee packs and Session Guitarist) that's another 68 gigs or so!)

    The best time for me is after midnight (pacific coast time) it's a lot better then, but still not good. Several days of stop and go downloading to get your software should definitely be addressed, and as soon as possible.

    I see quite a few NI employees on here lately (/waves :D) I wonder why they won't weigh in on this?
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2019
  7. Jon Watte

    Jon Watte NI Product Owner

    Just pay for Akamai caching/ service, Native! It's high quality bandwidth and much cheaper than something like s3.
  8. Robert_G

    Robert_G New Member

    Just bought Komplete 12 yesterday....Started out superfast for the first 15 gigs or so, and 24 hours later....I'm not even close to done.
    My internet test speed is around 200 Mbits per second....and right now I'm downloading NA at about 5 gigs per hour....dead slow.
  9. Keetz Henare

    Keetz Henare New Member

    I have Komplete 11 that is taking forever to download. I have 75 left and I started at 1 pm and it is now 7:30 pm
    They say the actual product is great, but this part of the process is flawed. Any ideas or suggestions? That have not been posted?
  10. benzianium2

    benzianium2 New Member

    I also had to reinstall Komplete 11 and re-download the entire archive of about 75 products. I've been on it for over 5 days. It's just annoying!
    Others really do it better, NI!

    The most annoying thing is that often nothing works for minutes, then data trickles in. For about 30GB each about 3 to 5 hours are estimated - that doesn't work!

    Update: Image added...

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    Last edited: Jul 27, 2019
  11. m911

    m911 New Member

    this is my experience three times now.

    this thread has been around for (hey look at that) it's the one year anniversary. Ni employees have been around too. We're receiving now the infamous NI reply: Not Interested
  12. benzianium2

    benzianium2 New Member

    My downloads are now available. I needed a total of 3 days and nights... An interesting observation I think I made. If I used a VPN with location Germany, the download went faster with large packages with fewer interruptions. But this is only a guess. Nevertheless, NI's current download experience is not worthy of the company. Too bad!