Native Instrument DSP-Card!!!!??????

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Freddie H, Nov 16, 2006.

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  1. Freddie H

    Freddie H NI Product Owner

    Hi Native Instrument!

    A Suggestion to Native Instruments before the Release of Reaktor 6 or any other Instrument!
    All your Instruments are CPU-demanding except Kontakt 2!

    Why don’t you build a DSP card just for your CPU demanding Natives Products?

    You have already made Kore and Audio Kontrol! Why not make a Native Instrument DSP-Card to all your CPU-demanding products that work in the PCI-Express slot?

    Think about all the hugged possibilities with a NI-DSP-Card if it was available!!!
    That will Rock the Bandit!!!!

    The Best Regards

    Freddie H
  2. steff3

    steff3 Forum Member

    The problem with DSP cards (I think NI as always been on the CPU need a CPU card, not a DSP) is pretty simple in my eyes - development and integration cost lots of money and the 8 core CPUs are just around the corner.
    A DSP card is mainly a dongle with processing power and often very limited scalability. and the latency it introduces kills about most NI plugs (as they could no longer be played in realtime).

    Although resource demand is a concern I think DSP cards an thuslike are no solutions.

    just my opinion though
  3. darkentity

    darkentity New Member


    does the word NATIVE (instruments) means anything ? :p
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