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Need advice

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Junker Jux, May 29, 2019.

  1. Junker Jux

    Junker Jux New Member

    Dear NI People,

    This is probably the gazillionth time you've been asked a question like this, but I'm looking for advice on what sort of DAW to choose to integrate with Komplete 12.

    It's been years since i last fidgeted around with a proper DAW (first PT, then Reaper), and in the meantime I've been making music on my iPad. Now, though, I want to return to a more expansive pc-based production environment, but I'm definitely no genius at the intricacies of DAW (or computers for that matter) which is why I'm looking for a sort of complete plug-and-play solution with possibilities to create both good-sounding electronic beats, good-sounding acoustic beats, and a range of synths/instruments to use. For this purpose, getting one of the Komplete 12 versions seems like an obvious choice. DAW wise, I'm currently undecided between Cubase and S1; Cubase seems to integrate nicely with NI-stuff (and has good midi editing possibilities), but it also seems fairly complicated for a tech idiot like me. Conversely, S1 seems more simple and intuitive, but as far as I can gather it integrates poorly with NI software.

    What i more specifically want to be able to do as easily as possible is:

    1) to put down midi beats with an external pad controller into the daw, tweak/automate/quantize/humanize the midi in the DAW and to trigger the various drum samples in Komplete 12 as output, preferably with each element of a drumkit (cymbal, SD, BD etc.) routed to different audio channels for individual effects. I would also like to be able to have multiple layers on the acoustic drums for dynamics. I don't like working with loops, but want to build up to the beats from scratch.

    2) To be able to do the same thing with synths/instruments; based on online demos, I'm sort of in love with the 49 MKII keyboard as it seems a great way to manage and control the various VST's in Komplete, but I'm aware that at least the transport controls don't work with S1.

    3) I also want to be able to track guitars/real instruments in whichever DAW i end up with.

    So: Am i right that Komplete 12 would be an awesome choice for my needs? And, if yes: which daw (Cubase/S1/another) would work best for the above, considering that I more than suck at intricate routings/midi programming/etc?

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
  2. AngelArs

    AngelArs New Member

    Sounds like you’re on a pc but have an iPad, correct?

    If your on a Mac just get Logic, you won’t regret it...
  3. Junker Jux

    Junker Jux New Member

    Yes, correct! And logic for PC isn't viable, is it? Thanks so much for your suggestion, though :)
  4. Paule

    Paule NI Product Owner

    Apple bought C-Lab yeeeears ago. So Logic is for macs only.
    I used Notator by C-Lab on Atari STE in the 90th and an old Cubase 7 on pc now. Mostly using Reaktor as standalone.
    I down own any Komplete.
  5. Goon

    Goon NI Product Owner

    The S49 mk2 will integrate nicely with Ableton Live.
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  6. Kostas1

    Kostas1 NI Product Owner

    So you're much into beat-making stuff. If you own a Mac, Logic is probably better, indeed. On PC, FL Studio had always good options for making beats and it's relatively easy to use.
    But between S1 and Cubase I'd point out that Cubase has true full VST3 support (they are making this format/tech themselves).
  7. caseyleesharp

    caseyleesharp NI Product Owner

    Pro Tools is great for editing and mixing, not so great for midi composition. Reaper is cool, but not great "out-of-the-box". It requires a lot of customization to create a good workflow. I currently use Reason 10 for my midi composition and then bounce the multitracks to mix in either Pro Tools or Reaper. Personally, I love Reason - mainly because that's what I learned midi on.

    It sounds like Cubase will be your best bet given your situation. Cubase is the current king when it comes to MIDI composition. Hans Zimmer and Zedd both use Cubase as well as many others. I don't mention names to prove that "Cubase is the best", but rather to show you that it is part of the pro industry. And since your on a PC I think it would be best for you. It also does great for audio recording and editing.

    I wouldn't worry about being intimidated by the DAW. Just because a car can go 200mph doesn't mean you have to drive it that fast. Same with a DAW. Cubase can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. But it's better to have extra features that you may need in the future rather than not have them and be looking for a different DAW again in a years time.