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Discussion in 'TRAKTOR 3' started by nephera, Apr 30, 2010.

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  1. nephera

    nephera New Member

    Hai i need some help to get the headphones to work in que but i cant here comes some info
    My comp is a laptop
    SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio 4 in - 2 out = sound card

    Steelseries siberia v2 usb connection = headphones

    So here is the problem i have looked for solutions to get the headphones work in the traktor 3 but i cant find any solution

    When im at the soundcard setup i have 2 choices the headphones or the normal to the real audio.

    Even if i pick the headphones i only get the sound in the headphones and not outside and same if i do with the real audio(the regular audio card) ive tried to change some internal on the output routing but i only have 1 choice

    Left mono : speaker 1
    right : speaker 2

    And i only have those choices? anyone can help please:)
  2. DJ Phatso

    DJ Phatso NI Product Owner

    In Order to use the headphone previewing mode with Traktor your soundcard needs:

    - At least 4 Outputs
    - A driver that is used by music making programs called ASIO.

    You can see a few examples (in every price range) at this address:

    I would highly recommend getting such a soundcard.

    There is a way to "combine" integrated soundcard and your headphone and make Traktor believe you were using 1 soundcard, but results may vary as some soundcards don't like working with other hardware.

    If you want to try it:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.