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    I just recieved my pair of D2s.

    My plan was (until yesterday) to replace my X1/MK2 and the F1 with those pieces.
    After reading the manual i seem to be unable to find some features and i am not sure if they just dont exist.

    - Editing the Beatgrid with the D2s Display is just awesome and something i always waited for.
    But how do i set/remap a new Grid/cue/load Marker?

    - the mentioned option to double and halve the BPM of a loaded track is somehow not working.
    Is this correct or only a "userfault" from my side?

    - May i toggle the global quant/snap somewhere?

    Compared to my F1 i badly miss some Remixdeck Features .. I am not sure if i was just unable to find them (even not in the Manual)

    - I am looking for a solution to turn OFF the Quant of a Remixdeck on the D2 directy like on the F1.

    - iS there a comparable way to edit seperate cells of the Remixdecks in general like on the F1 (Nudge, sync, keylock, change color, move, delete)?

    - is there an alternative on the D2 to stop/mute cells/rows compared to the lowerer small buttons on the F1?
    Using a second modifyer like the Shift button is not really a nice solution for me.

    - Is it possible to edit the dafault Volume of the Remixdeck-cells like on the F1?
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    Maybe my posts from the DJTT can help a bit. I hope NI fixed some of the issues in Traktor Pro 2.10. Note: This is not a review by DJTT, this is what i've postet some weeks ago in the DJTT-Forum.

    D2-Bonuses on the Remix-Decks:
    + Big (but just 8) Pads
    + Fx-Send-Amount
    + Display where you see details of the remix-samples
    + long Touchstrip to nudge the whole remix deck
    + better overview and access to the fx-section

    What the D2 lacks compared to the F1:
    - No slot-gain-functions
    - no individual temposettings !
    - no BPM at all (enable "remix deck can be tempo master in Traktor Settings has no use) -> I think this is a bug
    - no individual nudge :( (so you can't correct samples out of the grid nor can't I create interessting off beats on the fly) !
    - no sample-quick-overview-function (that shows you what sample on what page – without scrolling trough every page)
    - no function-overview
    - no sample type (play,
    trigger, loop) settings (only via App-GUI)
    - change sample-color (only via Software-GUI)
    Some of them are not dramatic, but yes the D2 (and D8) are (for my taste) not the ultimative remix
    decks controllers.

    The concept of the D2 is more luxury, more surface but lacks the brilliant concept of the F1 (every detail was really good thought out).:)
    The concept oft the D2 seems like developed by some iPhonefanboy-Teenagers (or by some marketing guys) in one long weekend. It seems more about chic and colorful simplicity without depth. This sounds a bit harsh, but com’on for this price... And NI can do better (F1, X1, Machine, A8&A10)
    It seems like a rushed product for the impatient, won’t-read-any-manual-or-study-the-device generation who wants to be a star-dj by tomorrow.

    The big win for me on the D2 are the (individual) Fx-Send-Knobs for the remixdecks, the FX-Sections, the longer touchstrip, a big rotary-knob for the BPM (so don’t have to worry about resetting like on faders and it’s more subtile) and the display.

    The Editmode is also a good thing. The Browsemode is not optimal in my opinion (not very flexible and the change of the sort-by-criteria is to slow). But the BPM-Half/Doulbe-Function isn't working (Bug! because the manual said it would).

    The D2 comes with some bugs.
    For me the big bug is:
    that the tsi for the NI-Kontrols with display (the D2 and also the S8) causes a problem with the shortcuts (no matter of mine or the default ones): if I open a second window in traktor („seach in playlists“, settings or an infowindow, and no matter how I close it, after that, the programm dosen’t reactivate the mainwindow and so the shortcuts didn’t work, until I click with the cursor
    somewhere in the Traktorwindow. (I have this problem on a mac).
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    I highly recommend the Kontrol F1 as best controller for the remix decks.

    Check out the manual and compare the functions to the midi-mappable remix deck-commands. Some of the functions are only possible with an F1 - specially the individual nudge function.

    In my opinion the F1 has the most practical and brilliant concept of all original NI-Traktor-Kontrols!:)

    You can switch really quick between decks with one controller (Shift+Encoder).
    If you wan't to control 2 remix deck at the same instance you really need 2 of them. And If you switch between two playing remix decks, then you have the problem with the values of your faders and filter knobs (there not relative encoders).

    If your not a heavy stem user buy 2 F1s.

    Maybe you know someone who hast one to test the unit.
    Or when you have practical experience with remix-decks read the F1 manual

    The second best thing imo for remix decks is the Midifighter Twister: some of the not midi mappable funcions are not possible (Natives fault), BUT you don't have the the problem with the values. Because you have 16 endless rotarys with push and visual feedback (also for the value), 6 function keys on the side (you can use them as modifiers), built in step sequencer (!) and so on.
    It's nothing for finger drumming - then you need a controller with pads.

    I'm using 2 D2s and when I plan to use remix decks, I add F1 for the detail settings that the D2 is lacking.
    At the moment (and not using stems right now) I try to avoid my 2 D2s until the shortcut bug is solved (as a mobile dj, I often use the "search in playlist" funcionallity - that's what blocks with the D2/S8 tsi the shortcuts). So at the moment I work with an DJM850 (built in sound card) + 2 X1s or as a small setup Xone K2 + 2 X1s.
    But it's a shame for the 2 expensive D2s :thumbsdown:
    I start to regret buying D2s. Maybe the best set up is one my setup as mentioned above and for stems the midi fighter twister.
    I can't see the stems but I have visual feedback - what I think, for occasionally unsing stems is good enough.

    One big thing Native screwed up with the remix decks is:
    in internal mixing mode, you can pre listen individual remix slots while the others playing (so you can prepare your pitch, nudge, filters etc. before you throw it at the crowd).
    In external mixing mode this isn't possible (not even with the original NI Soundcards (Audio10) and as I hear also not with the S8 (but it definitly works with my S4 mk1).
    The absurd thing is, the F1 and also the Trakor GUI hat designated buttons for it... (if heard it was possible with the earlier versions of Traktor).:eek:o_O
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    +sigh+ thanks Andif8 ..
    With that review by DJTT just confirmed everything i already thought.

    - They look and feel like a professional deck-controller and are perfect to add them to a clubmixer with integrated soundcard if you have 2 of them
    - You may use the D2s quite good to replace a pair of X1s or primary deck controllers.
    - The D2 helps you at least a bit get your view OFF the laptop-screen and thats IMHO a thing that looks quite dumb for the audience in any club.
    - You may shoot some parts of your premade remixdecks very nicely and even without changing the layout on the laptop screen.
    - If you plan to CREATE or Edit your own Remixsets you better prefer the good old F1, because its just impossible with the D2 with the current delivered mapping from NI. I hope this might change with V3.x.x

    Lets hope the best for the future..
    I really dont feel like i bought some crap, but something i dont need if i work in a club with some HID supported CDJs.
    A PAIR of D2 now replace one or two X1(mk2) but not the F1 if you like the remixsets.
    If there will be no better implementation for creating/editing the remixdecks i will just sell them next year to someone who primary needs some great deck controllers.
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    What i've postet above is not a review by DJTT !!!
    It's what i've postet some weeks ago in the DJTT-Forum.
  5. Masterbit_Tf

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    ah .. okay... A misunderstanding from my side.. in this case -> thanks for posting it there.
    It came with the info i needed!
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    I just got a used D2 - wish I'd seen this post first :)

    It's still pretty good, will probably get an F1 too for comparison or to use alongside.

    Is there anything the D2 can do that the F1 or X1 can't?

    Is there anyway to do Freeze on a track deck with the X1 or F1?