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New EXS24 convert

Discussion in 'KONTAKT' started by dfloyd, Aug 16, 2002.

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  1. dfloyd

    dfloyd Forum Member

    Wow. this is fantastic. I love it, I love it. Thank you so much. THis along with giga support, what next?

    kind regards,
  2. LHall

    LHall NI Product Owner

    I was confused by the heading of your post. Are you a recent convert from EXS24 to Kontact? If so, I would love to hear more of your thoughts. I use the EXS24 and love it but I'm frustrated by the complete lack of modulation routings for things like layer cross-fading, etc. I use Logic on a PC and am also in Music City.
  3. sorenv

    sorenv NI Product Owner


    I am a recent convert. Please let me share my thoughts with you.

    First of all, the only thing I miss at all from EXS is it's 24db fat filter. I loved it and Kontakt has a lot of filtering options, many more than EXS, but not one with the fat filter's characteristic full bottom.

    EXS is a great workhorse sampler. Kontakt is a great workhorse and sound mangling sampler. Kontakt is soooo deep compared to EXS.

    A few highlights:

    The filters are great, I love NI's filters

    The Tone Machine and Time Machine are unlike anything out there and very easy to use. Any pitched loop can be played via the keyboard in different pitches without affecting tempo. Any sample can have a pitch "superimposed" upon it so you can play chords and melodies with, say, a laugh or a bark.

    The multiple output function in CubaseSX is great for using one Kontakt instance for a whole drumkit. In EXS I had to use several instances if I want to treat the different drums with different effects, which I always do.

    The modulation routings are great, very flexible compared to EXS though they are not like a totally free modulation matrix which would be very user-unfriendly anyway.

    The effects section is very interesting though not strictly necessary if you have VST effects in you sequencer but I have come to appreciate the fact that the effects can be an integral part of an instrument.

    The looping options are great (though I haven't found any use for them yet :eek:) ). You can have multiple loops and decide how many times one loop should repeat before moving on to the next.

    I have a few problems with the user interface compared to EXS though:

    There is no way to "dial in" specific values when you map samples across the keyboard. You can drag on the screen but if you, say, want to have a sample velocity switched from velocity 71-100 you have to use your mouse and it's not very precise. One half millimeter wrong and your values are 72-101 or something.

    There is not an effective way to make the same parameter change for a number of zones. When I, say, import Soundfonts they always seem to have looping activated but if I don't want that I have to do the same tedious operation for each zone. I have ideas to how that could be optimized but as it is, it is very time consuming.

    The file browser doesn't act like I am used to from Windows. If I have a folder with, say, 100 sample files and want to move to the ones starting with "s" I can't jump I have to move all the way down there.

    Conclusion: If all you want is a workhorse sampler then EXS24 is really good. If you want to explore sonic sculpting then Kontakt is a good product without sacrificing it's workhorse persona.

    Let me know if this helps.

    Kind regards,

  4. LHall

    LHall NI Product Owner

    Thanks for the info. I downloaded the Kontact demo, but when I tried opening it in Logic (4.6) it crashed Logic every time. Kind of surprising since I have the NI B4 and it works great in Logic. Has anyone had this problem?
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