New Hard Drive, Reinstalling

Discussion in 'NATIVE ACCESS' started by Chensa, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Chensa

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    So, thankfully, I had just backed everything up before my drive crashed. I have a new one now and went through the steps of re-loading from back up.

    Kontakt required that I reinstall practically everything. So, ok. Done.

    However, I've been finding that although they've been reinstalled, it's not finding the samples. I'm guessing this may be a problem for a lot of them. The first I tried to use was Scarbee MM-Bass and all of the Wavs are missing. I've tried reinstalling with no luck.

    Next I tried to use Guitar Rig and it's telling me that the contents are no where to be found.

    Is there a one fix for all of these? Or am I going to have to go through everything as I find them?
  2. Chensa

    Chensa NI Product Owner

    As I suspected, it's completely effed up.
  3. Simchris

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    Suggest getting a RAID case, two drives in mirrored mode...

    reinstall sample libs to new drive, then relink. That is what i did. Peace of mind is priceless.
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  4. Michael Morris

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    If you using a DAW like Live 10 then usually you do have to repoint or reconnect the kontakt lib folders in quesiton. However once you have lpaded them you can resave the Daw project and it should from then open normally.