New Orchestral Tools NKS compatible updates not appearing in KK

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  1. kerrysmith

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    Yesterday, I received 3 lovely emails that informed me that Orchestral Tools had updated 3 of my libraries (Metropolis ARK 1-3) and that one of the new features was NKS compatibility. So, I downloaded and installed the updates, launched Kontakt (5.8.1 R43) standalone to confirm that the Instruments were updated to the latest versions. Then I launched Komplete Kontrol (2.0.5 R143) and Re-Scanned for libraries.

    Alas, my newly-NKS'd libraries do not show up in the Library Instruments. Another of their products (Time MACRO) does, but it was released with NKS-compatibility included, not updated with it.

    I contacted the dev (OT, for short) and they think it's on NI, especially since OT does not even have a KK controller to test with. They think it has to do with Native Access doesn't recognize "updated" libraries. Indeed, their libraries in my Native Access portal show up as v1.0.0, instead of the v1.1 or v1.2 that they currently are.

    NI (or anyone) have a solution or workaround for this?

    KK S-61 v1
    Mac OS 10.12.6
    KK 2.0.5 software.
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  2. Uwe303

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    I guess komplete kontrol just not see the NKS files you could search then manually and then add that folder under preferences. But before I would check if there maybe is an entry under libarys for the instruments but I guess no.


    Or completely reinstall the 3 libraries could also help.
  3. Kymeia

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    If you installed through Native Access in the first place then you could try forcing it to reinstall using the updated installers by deleting the plist files for the libraries (they should be in Library/Preferences - do a search based on the name, fine the plist file and trash it) - this will make it appear to Native Access that the library is no longer installed. Then when you reinstall through Native Access browse to the updated installer.
  4. yuma

    yuma NI Product Owner

    I only knew to do for win. But if you are in Windows go in regestry, remove all keys for metropolis, than open native access. Will ASK you for location. Show the path, will installiert again. Open KK should work.
  5. kerrysmith

    kerrysmith NI Product Owner

    Thank you. This worked!