New Reaktor User Library Beta Version is live!

Discussion in 'REAKTOR' started by Keir @ NI, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. Keir @ NI

    Keir @ NI Community, man NI Team

    Dear Reaktor users,

    We are happy to announce the release of a beta version of our new Reaktor user library!

    We looked into all your major complaints and bug reports, and programmed it from scratch to greatly enhance the overall usability and design, and to make it ready for future updates and requirements. We'd also like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the long standing members of the Reaktor community for your continued support over the last few years.

    Again, please keep in mind that this still is a beta version, we will fine-tune minor things soon, fix some bugs and add more features in the future. Please feel free to add your comments or bug reports! With that in mind, here is some information on what's new:

    • The interface is now clearly structured and much more usable, with a grid overview with screenshots for browsing User Library files, plus an optimized detail view for your ensembles/items.
    • You can download files directly from the overview page, no need to go to the details page.
    • Categories have been streamlined and re-grouped into new top categories "Instruments, Effects, Other", plus tags depending on category. For now, we only re-used the tags from the previous library (and split some sub-categories into tags), with more tags to come. Feel free to check your uploads and update tags or categories, or suggest new tags in the forum!
    • Additional sorting options - e.g. "most downloaded" (or best rated) by "all time" or "last 3 months", make it possible to see what's an all time favourite or what's trending

    Upload form:

    • The upload limit is now 900 MB, if you need more, please tell us!
    • We removed the automatic version counter/numbering, after exchanging a file or updating a text field. So you can always and freely choose a version number (free text field). This also means you can update any description, tags etc., any time, without affecting a version number. And the "updated" information on the detail page will only be updated, if you replace the file (and not when you update a text etc.)
    • The tags are currently predefined based on the imported files, more tags to come, feel free to suggest new ones!
    • File naming: there is no renaming of files (adding an ID to the filnename) any more
    • When you want to replace a file, you simply replace it in the upload/edit form by deleting the previous and adding a new file, so your previous version will simply be not available any more.


    • The rating system has been completely overhauled and simplified, which makes it much more transparent: Now its a standard system, only displaying the average of all votes (1-5 stars), plus the number of votes. So there is no unpredictable background algorithm any more, which counted in the no of downloads and lead to unpredictable results
    • You can immediately rate a file after logging in on the details page (no need to download it first), and you can re-rate it at any time (reload the page)
    • Please note that the ratings may have slightly changed after importing the files from the previous User Library, this is due to the changed/simplified logic.

    Minor improvements:

    • Facebook share button
    • Newest comments are on top, not the end of the comment list
    • You can listen to sound examples in a sound player (no more mp3 direct links)

    Open issues, to be addressed later:

    • no help / info page yet
    • report bug to author is missing
    • no follow/email notification system

    The new library can be found here:

    We hope you'll enjoy the new library, and are waiting for your feedback.

    Best wishes,
    The Reaktor team.
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  2. Blaakk

    Blaakk NI Product Owner

    What an extremely nice surprise!! Looks awesome! :D
  3. Michael O'Hagan

    Michael O'Hagan NI Product Owner

    Thank you, this looks great.
  4. Jedinhopy

    Jedinhopy NI Product Owner

    I don't like this.
  5. herw

    herw NI Product Owner

    i like it because sometimes first impressions are not realistic ;)
  6. herw

    herw NI Product Owner

    but i don't like the overview: it should be like NI's website : wiping previews
  7. Paule

    Paule NI Product Owner

    There are a lot of optical changes. I've to learn - okay. Two lines as overview for a comment field is to small or I'm to old with my 58 years.
  8. Jedinhopy

    Jedinhopy NI Product Owner

    I can't sort comments by date.
  9. sowari

    sowari Moderator Moderator

    i miss the Hot 50 - at least that was all about downloads from recent times.

    i find the most aged and downloaded in the last three months depressing because of the large number that are still uploads from years and years ago.

    that Juno is just a re-skinned NI Ensemble - with the original Snaps - there are much better Juno 106 emulations. sorry about the rant.

    so i would like to see most rated and highest downloads in the last three months only apply to uploads in the last three months

    need to spend more time looking before i make more comments.

  10. salamanderanagram

    salamanderanagram NI Product Owner

    very glad to see this!

    i think the problems with 'most downloaded' could be overcome by taking into account how long stuff has been up. how many times has it been downloaded per day? that way, new ensembles could shoot to the top quickly if they proved popular, making the whole thing more dynamic (hopefully).
  11. ZooTooK

    ZooTooK NI Product Owner

    Thank you NI making the effort to update the UL!

    First impression is that it looks good. I like the possibility to download directly for the overview. Maybe it would be useful to be able to set how many ensembles to show on each page. Personally I prefer to as many as possible on one page and just scroll or search on the page. Yes, it takes longer time to load but it's fine for me and if there's an option...

    I think the 5 star rating is still flawed. It's nice to be able to edit your rating and 5 is less granular than 10 but what does it mean? Is 1 star pretty good and 5 is best ever in the whole library or is 1 useless and 5 just really good. And what are you rating - how useful they are for you or do you rate the build quality compared to others in the UL.

    The rating was the most criticized point and why some builders removed all their ensembles even. To spend hundreds of hours of your spare time and then get a 2 does hurt for most people. I really think a simple "like" vote would be sufficient. If you downloaded something and think it's good for some reason you can go back and tell - not grading or comparing, just tell you like it. Some will get liked to great extent and some to less. Now it's totally unclear if 1 star means good or bad.

    I also like to have the option to upload snapshots and sample maps to others ensembles. It would really add value to all the efforts already made and vitalize the treasure that the UL really is.

    Another idea would be for users to create lists of favorites, several lists in different categories, with links and reason why they are listed. It would make it easier to find interesting stuff.

    To be able to edit comments would be nice. Sometimes I get to fast to submit.
  12. arachnaut

    arachnaut NI Product Owner

    I have been trying to upload my ensembles with their sample maps included.

    The upload is very slow - about 100,000 bps. It is not always successful.

    I have succeeded in uploading one, but three further attempts have all failed, taking most of the day to get this far.

    One seemed to time out after a few hours at 32%, the others showed 100% after a few hours, but I could not publish the changes - the web page would not submit the change.

    I am still trying...
  13. Blaakk

    Blaakk NI Product Owner

    I really like the easy easier voting. Found this quite amusing....

    Vintage Synth.jpg

    There's bound to be teething problems.
  14. mpl

    mpl NI Product Owner

    I miss the total download count…once you get over 1000 it just says 1.5k i.e. round up/down but not the actual total
  15. mikkorenko

    mikkorenko New Member

    Hmm. It's quite shocking. I hope this new version UL is working well.

  16. Michael O'Hagan

    Michael O'Hagan NI Product Owner

    I like the fact that some ensembles say "Download Again", I often forget what I have downloaded and what I have not, I know the old UL did this as well, but its more clearly stated this way.

    I always wanted to see a subscribe to builder feature where I can subscribe to a builders profile and get an email when they upload or update something.
  17. arachnaut

    arachnaut NI Product Owner


    I see one reason - the 'SAVE & PUBLISH' submit button has a 'disabled' state that appears to be set while things are in a state of transition - such as when you are uploading an audio file sample. I think it might get stuck in that state in some situations.
  18. Paule

    Paule NI Product Owner

    There is a bug!
    Right mouse button on download, save as give me a html file never the ins/ens data.
    Please clean up - thank you.
  19. arachnaut

    arachnaut NI Product Owner

    I would like to suggest that RAR be allowed as an upload format (or FLAC, etc.) because this format compresses audio much better than ZIP.
  20. Quietschboy

    Quietschboy NI Product Owner

    Many, many thanks!
    The preview pictures are great. But the short description needs more room on overview page.
    I also miss the recently updated uploads. Maybe it would be possible to get informed about updates of favorite uploads?

    great work