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New Retina Macbook Pro - USB3.0 Compatible?

Discussion in 'General DJ Discussion' started by makar1, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. guilherme.alf

    guilherme.alf New Member

    Man, if Behringer can, I suppose that NI can too.

    It's 90% driver issue, otherwise we'll see a recall's nightmare of audio interfaces :D
  2. Dj Lipo

    Dj Lipo Forum Member

    Power must be able ... If there's going to happen with the UDB 3.0 Traktor is going to end? And I think they'll have to hurry because these are the computers that are selling and people are buying ... And something will have to do if they want to continue selling their products ...
  3. DJMarkBrown

    DJMarkBrown New Member

    just got word from Allen & Heath that their K2 works just fine with the new MacBook Airs, considering getting that as a replacement for my a4 and x1 as it has a built in sound card...
  4. vincelin

    vincelin Forum Member

    So, some interesting news...

    My retina Macbook Pro arrived today. Was pretty unenthusiastic about giving it a try with my S2.

    Powered up my macbook and checked the OS X which happens to be 10.7.4 (11E2068) and installed Traktor Pro 2.5.

    Plug in my S2 and give Traktor a go. Low and behold, the sound works fine! I do notice that the "!" triangle does blink repeatedly.

    Also, there is a apple software update (firmware) waiting for me in the size of 1.1gb, which claims to fix some USB 3.0 problems. Looks like this same update was for the non-retina MBPs as well.

    Anyhow, thought I would share my findings. I wouldn't say that it is 100% compatible, but if you get a retina MBP hold off on the firmware update until furher word from NI to address the potential issues with their testing.

    CLIFF NOTES: If you bought a retina macbook pro, don't update the firmware. Even though you have 10.7.4, the S2 will still work for the most part.

    In my opinion, I think NI will be able to resolve the issue with a driver hopefully.
  5. Dj Lipo

    Dj Lipo Forum Member

    Hi, I tried what you say I formatted the new MBP and I have not updated and if I go the audio Dj 8: D But mine is certainly that is what drivers faya then the Audio 8 or updating the MBP ? Can you tell me what you can not upgrade to go and can at least update the other things? Thanks: D
  6. LarsStudio

    LarsStudio NI Product Owner

    Not that anyone will care,

    but 13 inch is the perfect size when playing out.

    Most booths are way too small.

    If I can make a full turn, without bumping into something,

    I call it luxury
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2012
  7. taxablefern

    taxablefern New Member

    I just got one too and it doesn't work. I am going to ****ing die.... I bought this just for use with my s4 and no change of latency does anything. The software just seems to skip when I use the s4 as a soundcard. With the computer as a sound card though, everything is fine and the s4 still works as a controller.

    PLEASE FIX THIS NI! I can't deal with this much longer.

    Wish I had read this before updating...
  8. Dj Lipo

    Dj Lipo Forum Member

    I have yegado to read later and I've formatted my MBP and I have not updated and if I go with the Audio DJ 8 ... What happens is that by failing to update the MBP ahy things you can not upgrade to new versions such as the Imovie or Iphoto or Itunes ... I hope anyway that with the release of Mac OS X Lion Mountaion Drivers take out a new MBP that solve these probleas that have passed ...
  9. djzeno

    djzeno New Member

  10. feedserotonin

    feedserotonin Forum Member

    Does anyone know if it's possible to install the IOUSB kext files from 10.7.3 to use in 10.7.4? Would this be a viable temporary fix?
  11. Dj Lipo

    Dj Lipo Forum Member

    Me with my new MBP I had to stay in version 10.7.3 for the Audio 8 to work correctly, if I update to 10.7.4 at the same time that comes with an update for the USB 3.0 is when I get error and the music does not sound ... I think with the output of the Mountain Lion is the 10.8 has to get new drivers since the latest drivers for the cards are only up to 10.7 mac ... Wishing yegue day 19 to bring up the Mountain Lion and eyo solve the problem this ... I hope ... Because it is a lot of people already have this problem ...
  12. krisferrin

    krisferrin New Member

    Today I upgraded to Mountain Lion Dev Preview 4 (12A239) on my mid 2011 MBP 13" and started to experience the same problems that you guys are having with USB 3.0 which leads me to believe the problem may not lay with the USB 3.0 but rather the new variants of the operating system shipped with the new Macbook Pros. I contacted NI, i'll let you know when i get a response!
  13. malonmano

    malonmano Account Suspended

    usb 3 is usb 2 and usb 1... its all backwards compatable. this has always been the case, like firewire 800 is also firewire 400...

    ppl need to realise this is an NI related issue... buying a usb 3 laptop is perfect... its what u need.. that is why usb 2 is being phased out...
  14. zephry

    zephry NI Product Owner

    So if mac and 3.0 dev cant even seem to keep their drivers working to be backwards compatible. NI should be able to fix their problem. ?NI is having the same problem everyone is... 3.0 is not reverting to the 2.0 data flow. Which is needed for audio streaming over usb.
    So you plug in external soundcard and things go poopy.

    Since when has anyone except the developer of usb standards had anything to do with usb drivers? NI does however use the standard given for 2.0 to work but this is a standard set by someone else (buffalo tech?). For Firewire the 800 device is what works correct? Not the firewire port itself? The device is made to work. NI already made and sold the devices. For that example the developers of firewire have kept things working. not the makers of the devices that use firewire.

    So if these developers decide to put out a driver that recognizes a 2.0 device that needs audio streaming and willl switch to and from 3.0/2.0 data flow. Audio streaming will work. Keep in mind it is not a priorty since the mass population can use all their hardrives and usb devices just fine. Very few complaints will arise about streaming audio compared to all the happy customers that can use any device they own in a 3.0 port.

    Not trying to bash you. But NI is not the 3.0 developer. 3.0 sends/recieves data without depending on the software (traktor) to sort it.
    3.0 uses more connections within the cable and port to sort ready/not ready data. so the transfer is a blast of data all at once (fast).
    This behavior has to be stopped to use audio streaming. But reverted back when the external soundcard is unplugged.
    I dont know of any port that enable and disables actual connections.

    I have seen a couple of soundcards that have been made for and work with 3.0 for audio streaming. But that solution is new hardware. Yeah a 3.0 only s4 or audio8? Buy all new equipment for a new port and cable. Just the fact that someone is making new devices is a sign that this is not an easy fix. my guess is that the device actually has circuitry inside to accomadate a 3.0 data flow. maybe using the extra connection of a 3.0 cable as it should? Something a 2.0 device cannot do. It does not have.

    I do agree saying NI please put out software that disables 3.0 ports!

    I have been researching this for over a year now as I thought 3.0 was going to be the answer to latency and wanted the latest and greatest.
  15. mwn11

    mwn11 New Member

    Why are there reports that serato works fine on the new usb 3 macs aswell as the pioneer controllers. Serato have previously updated their drivers to accomodate usb 3. If serato can do it, why cant NI?
  16. feedserotonin

    feedserotonin Forum Member

    I have an update for everyone. I'm using a Retina MacBook Pro running 10.7.4 and the Rig Kontrol 3 is working perfectly as far as I can tell.

    I copied the IOUSBFamily kext file from another MacBook Pro running 10.7.3 and using Kext Wizard I installed the file.

    Now, my USB 3.0 WD Passport hard drive is only capable of speeds up to 480Mb/s now but it still works properly. This of course is still a temporary fix until Apple can release an update so USB 2.0 AND 3.0 devices can both work in the same port, but I have to say, this is a huge step.
  17. mwn11

    mwn11 New Member

    Any chance to post a tutorial on how to do this? and where to get the file?
  18. djzeno

    djzeno New Member


    zephry, I understand you feel strongly that it is on someone other than NI to fix this issue. However, if your competition doesn't have the problem (read: Serato), then it reflects poorly on your brand image.

    Most (if not all by now) laptops that are being released have usb 3.0, and in the case of the macbooks, 3.0 ports only. For me personally, everything else I own works just fine with these ports, except my Audio 8. So, stating that usb 3.0 is 'broken' is not accurate in this context.

    I'm not trying to bash you or call you out, but the forums are filled with posts related to this matter. NI will have to address the issue, as this is a direct problem for their customers.
  19. feedserotonin

    feedserotonin Forum Member

    It's not too difficult really, once you get the file. I was lucky enough that my brother's MacBook Pro was running 10.7.3 so I got the file.

    Here's a link to the Kext File

    Here's where to download the Kext Wizard

    1) Launch Kext Wizard
    2) Select the Installation tab
    3) Click Browse and select the Kext file from the folder it was downloaded to
    4) Check mark "backup kexts that will be replaced" This option will place a folder on your desktop of the USB 3.0 compatible Kext
    5) Be sure the System/Library/Extentions folder is selected as the destination
    6) Click Install and wait for the message saying it has completed
    7) reboot your system

    I hope this helps and let me know if you have questions.
    Just my opinion, everyone needs to stop bashing on Native Instruments, it's clearly not their fault. This is 100% on Apple and Intel for driver incompatibility.

    EDIT: Just an FYI, this will cause all USB 3.0 devices run at USB 2.0 speeds. If you want to run your USB 3.0 devices at native speed, just reinstall the backup'd Kext file. It is a bit inconvenient but the best current solution.
  20. mwn11

    mwn11 New Member


    I think i love you. Thanks so much! Works like a charm.

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