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Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by dj_smex, Mar 20, 2016.

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    A stems audio recorder, like the current audio recorder but with the option to select either decks or remix deck slots to be rooted to one of the four audio tracks. This will enable DJs to record custom stems from multiple remix decks in real time to a single stem track to use in a live set.
    By including the option to root any deck to one of the four audio tracks, it allows for scratch tracks, vocals and more from regular track decks, external audio inputs, other stems and remix decks. Stem decks would work like remix decks, in that you can select any stem to be rooted to any of the four audio recorder tracks.
    This further bluring the line between DJs and Producers and opening the dorr to DJ produced stems.
    If the option of record arming each of the four audio tracks was to be included, it would double as a multi-track recorder, allowing the separate takes of each track. This would push the audio recorder from a simple tape deck to a four-track recorder with support for stem recordings.