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Discussion in 'FM8' started by splinetime, Apr 9, 2018.

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    I bought into Komplete Utimate 11. I have been test driving the different synths. Hit the FM8 No rating/color thing. Have read the other posts regarding.

    The lack of a star rating is huge. Some said, oh not a big deal.... yes it is. I have used Adobe bridge with star ratings, I use omnisphere and the star rating with great purpose. A dumbed down browser that is not being addressed is a real indicator of apathetic coding. For the bucks I've paid I expect issues to be addressed, not made.
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  2. schrage musik

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    What a splendidly petulant-sounding post. It really ISN'T a big deal. There was no star rating when you paid your 'bucks' and the fact that you paid those bucks does not entitle you to something that wasn't there at the time of purchase. I wonder, if you paid to join a club, are you the sort who would instantly start stamping your feet and demanding rule-changes?

    FM8 was conceived at a time before the popularity of star ratings. There is no 'apathetic coding', simply following a design that was deemed acceptable at the time.

    If you really desperately need star ratings (how very iPod), it's simple to do what I've done for all of my synths without this device (the vast majority of them btw - hard and soft). Just build a database. Sure, it involves a bit of effort but, in return, it gives you flexibility and that effort is far more productive than whining and demanding.

    Welcome to the forum btw. Very productive first post.
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  3. Kymeia

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    I think you are forgetting, as it was so long ago, that FM8 was one of the first to incorporate a Kore based browser so it did have star ratings and colour coding back when it was conceived (way before Omnisphere incidentally), although it was always easier to do this in Kore itself than FM8, it was possible to save patches with ratings and colour. Which is why it is still there as a sorting system, but no longer possible to change or add them, which is really pointless. It's just been taken out in order to bring it into line with their current system but ended up a bit of a mess. I do think NI should sort it but it's probably way down on their bucket list of things to do, if there at all, if FM8 is even there at all as well, which is a pity. I wouldn't have a fit about it but it is stupid.
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  4. JBlongz

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    It’s a big deal for me too...but not enough to stop using it. I love Omnisphere and Serum for this. It’s unfortunate that NI doesn’t see the usefulness, or perhaps it causes bugs/performance hits in their database structure. With so many presets available now between stock sounds, expansions, and other products of NKS, it gets really difficult to find what you want. Spectrasonics new this, because they have the same experience and made sure to keep the 5 start rating. Unbelievable useful and unfortunate that NI does not feel the same way.