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    I recently purchased the Z1 for use DJing my brother’s destination wedding on an iPad. Before that I was purely a vinyl DJ working on turntables. I was blown away at the functionality of the free iPad software—really, you guys are to be commended for giving Traktor DJ 2 away for free. Here’s a few thoughts for version 2.0 of the Z1 interface, or perhaps a new interface entirely, but focused on low-key portable DJing for iPad, in small setups for regular people who want to DJ a small gathering of friends on a vacation, not pros at the club.

    1. Add ability to charge iPad Pro from control surface. Seems like iPad application is sort of an afterthought if you can’t charge iPad Pro from it.

    2. Add Bluetooth speaker connectivity from the control surface, not the iPad. (Or allow the iPad to connect to a Bluetooth speaker, but still be controlled by the control surface, which it can’t do now.) Most people travel with Bluetooth speakers, not speakers with RCA inputs.

    3. Add a small control wheel so I can still backspin the track out of a transition, and maybe do a little light scratching and beat dropping.

    4. Reduce size of control surface significantly, thickness especially, but also other dimensions. Create something really small for iPad specific application, because I don’t have room in my luggage for an S2 or larger but still want a control wheel or two. Seems like you could reduce the size of all your control surfaces a lot—feels like a lot of empty or inefficiently used space inside this box. Make it small enough to use with an iPad on an airplane comfortably, and I’d bring it everywhere like my toothbrush. And regular people would see me using it and want to buy it, if it looks slick.

    5. Create a pro version of the iPad traktor DJ 2 software, charge money for it, and add more effects and looping. Or, allow an in-app purchase to add more effects and looping.

    6. Add USB-C rechargeable battery, and / or allow to be powered from external USB-C battery. Everybody brings a battery these days. Sometimes it’s hard to find a power outlet where you’re partying with friends, though, like at a picnic table at the hostel.

    Ok that’s it! Give the traveling iPad DJ some love!
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    Use a CCK3 adaptor. You could charge the iPad using the regular lightning connector on them. New iPad Pro with USB-C didn't need it anymore but these are still too new to suggest someone to go that route.

    Not problem from NI than Apple. It's not possible to use Bt audio aside Bt midi. It will require a full Bt controller with audio which (even for Apple) has some latency making it unreliable. Check Korg NanoStudio. It works for mixing (so-so) but it will not work never for scratching. You will need to load the songs inside the controller/player making the iDevice redundant (and the price skyrocket like the Denon Go Prime). Maybe you should take a look into it... tics most of the boxes you describe but it costs 1K.

    Do it with the screen. It's supposed to be the point of touch enable surface. For scratching maybe a S2mk3...

    Since NI has lay-off and drop the entire hardware division probabilities to new controllers are small ATM. Maybe NI is dealing with other brands (it seems they are going to outsource the hardware part) like m-audio and they can give support to dj2go2-like controllers. These seems fitting your needs.
    I advice you checking the Djay Pro compatibility controller list to find any fitting your needs. The app is subscription model but it gives a lot for the buck, including spotify support...

    Probably is what they want to since subscription model isn't very welcome in the dj field... but take a chair if you want MHO...


    Sorry to be so clear but experience taught me to "use what is available" instead "wait for others to release" (in fact I build my own things when those never happen or are pricey like denons) but the most important "stick yourself with truly essential". It will reduce the bill and increase the revenue...
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    The only thing I'm missing on the Z1 is the buttons for switching MixerFX, as in the latest generation of S2, S3, S4.