NI asking for ID to process order?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Sleepycoaster, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. Sleepycoaster

    Sleepycoaster New Member

    I bought Komplete Ultimate yesterday and received an email today saying my purchase had an authorization error. They want a scan of my ID to confirm my identity. Has anyone else been asked to provide this before a download gets authorized?
  2. Paule

    Paule NI Product Owner

    Yes, same here while updating Reaktor 6 Blocks to version 1.3.
    Download okay authorization broken.
    At least I have to unistall (in this case delete) all Blocks and install a special Blocks version
  3. Nick Max

    Nick Max New Member

    It happen to me today June 26, 2019. I'm verified customer and had purchased before from the site total over $2500.
    I live in Toronto, Canada.

    I am outraged by this requirement. Customer service agent cancelled order when I refused to send them copy of my id.

    I will NOT send it for three reasons:
    1. It is online business. Millions of companies and trillions of dollars are processed every day without asking for ID. It's not even supposed to work like that. They are putting us back in 70's when you had to provide id with your cheque.

    2. My own privacy. If NA site gets' hacked (and it happens even to the banks), what then? Hacker would have my confirmed id, date of birth, driver's licence number, credit card number etc. How do I know that NA rep won't pass that info to 3rd party?

    3. NA is disrespectful towards - verified and so far, loyal customer. However that loyalty already changed.

    I just wrote my complain to the main office hoping they'll stop this practice and maybe even discrimination on some level.
  4. Paule

    Paule NI Product Owner

    Send a pm to Matt @ NI please
  5. Nick Max

    Nick Max New Member

    I got your message. Thank you. I"m just not sure how that works. If you can forward my reply to person in charge NI, I don't mind. In fact I'd appreciate it very much. In any case thanks for your help.
  6. Paule

    Paule NI Product Owner

    Type in searching field (upper right corner) Matt @ NI - and enter
    click on the red name this pic appears
    okay this is the german text. start a conversation (is like send a pm)
  7. Matt @ NI

    Matt @ NI Support Team NI Team

    Hey guys,

    Paule I can simply reply publicly on threads - you can tag me for sure (even though I usually see the post anyway) but we don't have to do this via PM ;) This sort of information can especially be useful for other customers.

    Regarding the ID check, this is a requirement when orders are not processed automatically and put on hold for ID check by our payment provider. This is particularly the case on bigger orders or when the information provided is not matching the one from the payment method. Unfortunately, in such a case, your order would not be processed if you are not able to provide a matching form of identification.

    This doesn't really have much to do with loyalty I'm afraid - It's a necessary step to ensure the orders are valid and we absolutely make sure that the payment details and identification provided are safe.
  8. MO$

    MO$ NI Product Owner

    I went to guitar center and I believe it was komplete eight but it for cash on Friday take it home and couldn’t use it till Monday and which when I called customer service they need to authorize komplete eight because certain ones off the conveyor line didn’t get automatically authorized so I had to call guitar center they call guitar center give my receipt number etc. etc. sometime later in that night it was finally fixed sometimes it’s a hassle And the explanation may not make sense except in the case if you’re using credit cards
    In my case
    It frustrated me because I put $500 down for 18+ DVD’s that do nothing till I Sat on the phone The following Monday for hours
    but it was never explained to me and guitar center that this may happen They just took my cash and I walked out
    if Native instruments knows certain komplete 8’s aren’t authorized in the factory
    they would warn people that sell them in brick and mortar’s Not the case
    These things come up I’ve owned three different MK1 /MK2 / MKStudio and each one Had loose knobs right out the box My first two MK’s clicked and we’re on responsive at times I was told I need to mail them in which is completely asinine if I Bought it at guitar Center
    But once again they took my cash
    my only option to address it is to mail it to them sit around and not have what i already paid $500 Two times and the MKstudio $1000 f
    completely frustrated by all of it so I passed
    just didn’t use the knobs To avoid further damage I also avoid their equipment now I buy offbrand and just use the software
  9. Nick Max

    Nick Max New Member


    I'm certain that information I provided is correct and up to date. Whatever case may be on side of your provider, asking for ID is not right. If any information is missing, the bank should deny transaction - not you! In past 5 years, 90% of my shopping and purchases are done online. In so many transactions I never had to provide id to anyone.

    According to your CS rep "The only payment details that we are able to view is the name on the transaction". So, what are they checking against?
    OR "your ID is some what similar to when a cashier requests for your physical ID in a retail store " - for past 25 years nobody ever asked me for an id in the store! Besides, you will be retaining a digital copy of my id vs quick visual check. That digital copy is a subject for further misuse by hackers or manolevent employee of yours.

    Billing and shipping address are the same. Name for receiver and name on the credit card are same.
    Transaction was approved by bank (so no wrong numbers there). Phone number is correct. What is the problem???

    What about my previous purchases with NI? Those were approved. What changed in the meantime is my phone number and address. So are you saying that your payment provider is checking and comparing data from those transactions? This is not good my friends. Very disappointing, disrespectful and confusing!
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  10. Angela Schleihauf

    Angela Schleihauf New Member

    Same here while trying to purchase Komplete 12 Ultimate. My order was ultimately refused. I will be registering a formal complaint, but in the meantime would like to warn future customer of this shady practice.
  11. Royal Tee

    Royal Tee NI Product Owner

    Let me ask you this seriously..
    Do you think they (Hackers, Gov't, Boogieman) don't already have your info or can't get it with a few keystrokes??

    Also me:
    Do I send my ID out online...pffft, hell to the naw!
  12. Simchris

    Simchris NI Product Owner

    For those who do not understand ecommece, when billing info, security code, AVS, do not match what banking network returns, the merchant is not obligated to accept order. With most, PCI DSS compliance requires verification to accept order and for some seller protection insurance. Apple developer program has same requirement. Food delivery services bringing alcohol to your home take photo of ID. If you are unhappy with any of this, buy from a reseller like Sweetwater in US or similar in your country. Fraud is daily issue in this business, hence the requirement.