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NI, can we please get a clear answer.

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by Valen G, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. Valen G

    Valen G NI Product Owner

    Hi everyone.

    I'm making this thread to hopefully get a response from the Traktor Developers or a real corporate answer from someone in NI. I would like everyone to pitch in as well, I would love to hear everyone's input.

    I absolutely love the fact that I can use any soundcard with out the use of a "club kit," I love the fact that (to me anyways) it has become a much more stable program than Serato, and I love the timecode response on both CDJs and DVS above anything on the market. HOWEVER, the industry has always catered to Serato, and now with the increasing introduction of midi controllers and mixers with integrated cue pads, it is apparent that there is little room for anyone with another program to come into a venue and DJ. Added on top of the fact that the NI team seems not care too much about Traktor users. I may be dead wrong, but there are no actual useful updates on traktor since the parallel waveforms.

    Let me give you plenty of examples. In South Florida (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach; my area), various *reputable* venues have swapped their previous gear for the following: DJM S9, Rane Twelves, DDJ SZ2, and the DDJ 1000SRT. What do all of these have in common? Serato only. Sure, we can download the audio drivers and the midi files. But there is a drawback with each one (except the S9).

    DJM S9 - No Issue. Audio Driver & Midi file, you're good to go.
    Rane 12's - Motorized Platter not supported on Traktor. And the latency if the platter worked would be horrible.
    DDJ SZ2 - Works fine with Midi file & audio driver. BUT horrible jock wheel response time. Even setting the latency all the way down. No issues if using it with serato
    DDJ 1000SRT - Audio Driver works with Traktor. You can't find the Midi file anywhere. And the jock wheel response is the best & closest I've ever felt to a cdj....ON SERATO. It will probably be horrible latency on Traktor

    It seems like every year, we are getting more and more left behind. Everything continues to be developed for Serato and we're left with the scraps. It seems that is becoming increasingly more difficult to stay on the Traktor platform within every few months. Even djs that used to represent your brand are jumping ship and moving to Serato. Also, let me clarify. Bringing a Traktor Midi controller, or any non-industry standard equipment, to a venue that already has the current club standard is not a good option. Not only is this super unprofessional, it is also a horrible look.

    NI, CAN WE PLEASE get an update as to how the company will deal with this? Will the company be able to start striking deals with Pioneer and other brands to be compatible with current club standard equipment? Will the company finally start listening to DJ that work in the open format industry?

    P.S. some of you may not understand this yet because you may be taking your gear out to venues which do not supply gear, or because you are doing this as a mobile gig.
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2019
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  2. man-tk

    man-tk NI Product Owner

    sit down and wait
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  3. Scratch-E Con

    Scratch-E Con NI Product Owner

    We have waited long enough.

    I totally agree with the OP.
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  4. andyfoz

    andyfoz NI Product Owner

    like it or lump it is the advice im afraid.
  5. resorte

    resorte NI Product Owner

    I'm a working open format club DJ and bring my midi controller for traktor everywhere. It is a pain in the ass to lug around and people used to scoff about it years ago more than they do now. Every single week, I see serato DJs struggling in one way or another, usually something wrong with the club's provided gear, or they are never sure which version of the gear they will have when they show up. I honestly feel lucky to be able to pull up anywhere anytime and know I'm good to go no matter what.
  6. Ves

    Ves NI Product Owner

    Small note, the S9 isn't Serato only even though it was released that way. It also fully supports rekordbox.
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