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NI folder cluster fudge

Discussion in 'KORE' started by grimley, Apr 27, 2010.

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  1. grimley

    grimley New Member

    Just had to get this off my chest. What the hell is up with the Native Instruments default folder organization?
    I mean seriously, I have dozens of NI folders all over the place from choosing default settings for installations (Mac OSX by the way). Why not one main NI parent folder with sub folders below. Then there is "Service Center". Of course it's not called NI Service center. Just "Service Center" sitting in the app folder ... that's helpful ... it sounds like it might be a Mac system thing or something.
    Of course this rant started because tonight Kore2 prompted me for my Kore content folder. Content folder... what the hell is that? So I browse and I find another NI sounds folder in my documents folder. Or maybe it means the sample content folder? So I choose the sample content one and it works and works and then crashes Ableton. So I start Kore2 standalone. This time it asks for the installation folder. Is it asking for the program folder under Applications, the sample content folder, the sounds folder? Who the f**k knows? I pick the sample content folder again and off it goes. Then it gives an error about Pro 53 sounds folder? WTF? I give up. I could go on about the mess I have with Reaktor folders but I don't have the strength. Now of course someone is going to tell me that I have poor organizational skills or something. But why the hell should I need to tidy this sh1t up? Can't the installers just be smart?
  2. dburnz

    dburnz Forum Member


    It's not you. I am in the same boat, as are many others. I have same-named folders in several places, and nested "shared content" folders, most of which are empty. I did try to use custom locations for data when installing, to spare my C: drive. But, mostly I let the installers do what they wanted.

    I've only used NI stuff starting with Komplete 5, then Kore and Komplete 6. The folder mess is amazing.

    ew hinted in another thread that NI may come up with a solution for this. I hope so, because I like a neat efficient folder structure.

  3. ew

    ew Moderator Moderator

    The shared content/sounds folders that are empty are for user content. Why separate folders for user and factory content? The factory content folder gets overwritten by updates, which is why it's also write protected as far as the apps are concerned..

  4. dburnz

    dburnz Forum Member

    Thanks, ew! :)
  5. Funky D

    Funky D Forum Member

    I can see the concern with user content, but what about the Absynth factory content? Kore KSD and plugin files? NI isn't the only company to clutter up the "Common Files" directory, but I believe a Komplete + Kore 2 install takes up close to a gig on the C: drive, even when you tell the installers to install elsewhere.

    edit: I should add, I know I can move the Absynth content, but why should I have to? If I tell it to install on my D: drive, it means I want the damn thing on my D: drive!
  6. losan

    losan Forum Member

    I have to agree with grimleyj,
    let's take some examples with a Komplete 6 upgrade I did lately,
    (including following updates) on Vista 64bit.

    After that I noticed I have the NI Service Center also installed in the x64
    program directory (though I already have it in the x86 program directory, and it's not an 64bit application) - then started, it showed me I hadn't activated Kore player ? (I have the full Kore version).
    Moving it into the x86 directory solved that.

    Absynth 5: I decided to install it into the x86 program directoy, no prob, but the installer nonetheless installs the samples/library/shared sounds to the common files for x64 applications.
    I don't want to have two factory directories in Kore 2 (factory/x64 factory), so
    I had to move things manually, since the installer don't give you an option
    (of course I had to adjust the paths inside Abs 5).

    Soundpacks: prior installers took care of the 'Kore 2 Sample Content' path automatically, with the latest packs you now have to be careful, not to use the default path by the installer, otherwise your samples will be installed somewhere else.

    Guitar Rig 4: the factory presets are now in the shared user content !

    Just some examples, but it shows, that it's not so easy to keep track with NI's installations sometimes...

    To sum it up: Why not providing installers, where you can exactly choose every path needed by an application, which describe exactly, what will be installed at every path (samples, sounds, etc...)
    Also, imho, every readme should include a short summary of the default installation paths (if not changed by the user).

    It might save the moderators here some time, and get NI some more satiesfied users, if no one had to worry about installation questions/issues.

    just my 2 cents
  7. a1mixman

    a1mixman NI Product Owner

    I agree 100%. I am struggling with this right now.
  8. JavaJ

    JavaJ NI Product Owner

    I agree with all of this. I moved to Mac and the K5 installation was a mess- there is no reason for this and is absurd that after all this time- a consolidated approach was not taken by NI. It surely can't be that difficult to create a systematic approach to all of NI's product installation- other companies seem to do that. AND updates.
    Man- needed to get that off my chest. I am feeling burned by these music companies- where is the love for your customer?
  9. asseca

    asseca NI Product Owner

    It is indeed extremely difficult to find all the NI files, I have now moved the NI documents folder, NI Common Files folder and the NI settings folder as sub-folders into the NI apps folder, and placed hardlinks to these 3 folders ... this fools NI in thinking all 3 folders are still in the same hard-to-find locations.

    I have placed the NI apps folder in D:\VstPrograms ... i.e. outside the standard "Program Files" folder, avoiding most security issues. K2, K3, K4, Battery samples and "Kore 2 Sample Content" are now on H-Drive ...

    THis way there is much less NI junk on the C-Drive when I have to restore windows (C-drive) from a mirror-backup-image ...
  10. granted

    granted Account Suspended

    NIk kUCKs BigK TimeK

    I have to add a stronger agreement since everyone is being so polite. NI your file, folder, and content management KUCKs.

    kUCKs - Kore kUCKs 2
    kUCKs - Komplete kUCKs 6
    kUCKs - Absynth kUCKs 5
    kUCKs - Kontak kUCKs 4
    kUCKs - Guitark Rigk kUCKs 4
    kUCKs - MassiveK kUCKs
    kUCKs - ReaKtorK KUCKs KUCKs KUCKs

    I have NI FilesK all over my fracKing Komputer. Are you Kpeople fraKing moronKs?



    :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
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