NI products native Apple Sillicon support?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 3vilRat, Apr 28, 2021.

  1. lephilb

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    Interesting thread to read. Thanks. For the moment I can still be positive as most of the vst's are working quiet pretty good under rosetta... only the Crush Pack modules that are graphically laggy ( moving the knobs is a bit slow and erratic ) ... does someone has that too.. ?
  2. vanb777

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    Does “full support for Apple Silicon across all of our current products” include Komplete 12? Or will these updates only be available to the latest 13+ versions?
  3. Matt @ NI

    Matt @ NI NI Team NI Team

    Most of the products included in Komplete 12 are also in Komplete 13.
    I'm guessing the only one that might not be ported to Silicon would be Guitar Rig 5 Pro (included in K12).
  4. merges

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    May I ask why NI didn't proceed with these updates, working closely with Apple's developer relations teams, knowing that this was coming for many, many months? Also, may I ask why there is no commitment at all to any kind of schedule?
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  5. JesterMgee

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    Prob because Apple users aren't more important than everyone else and NI don't set public schedules for anything or put an important focus on any specific area over another... There are many more balls to juggle than the mess Apple introduce every 12 months and it is well known that you cannot develop and fully test until after the OS is released as they can and do make changes right up to and even in the months after a release if a major issue is found which can break the time companies invest and they have to re-test things all over again.

    Sux to have to wait but as an Apple user this is something you must get use to since every developer is constantly playing catchup and will no sooner release compatibility before the next announcement and having to do it all again and unfortunately, NI have a LOT of products with a lot of aspects (hardware, software and driver levels) they would have to test and they still have to do the day to day stuff the rest of the userbase needs.
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