NI: We, the Users request a FORMAL statement about Reaktor 6!

Discussion in 'REAKTOR' started by ashwaganda, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. ZooTooK

    ZooTooK NI Product Owner

    I'm affraid this reflects the PR policy NI had over the years. This is how they work...

    Together with link posted by Sowari previously I'm pretty confident developments has started. BUT knowing how large and mid sized companies work 9 months is a long time and the decision to develop R6 might have been changed. On the other hand I can't expect R6 take 12 months - it's based on +10 year old code. Lot's of stuff has probably to be remade - and then some Core adaptation of legacy stuff all the new features and the Win 7 and OSX puma or what ever Mac guys use. And then some major testing as lots of major changes is made! I'm not expeting anything first 2 quarters.... so if NI is still silent after the summer I'm starting to get worried.

    But a simple confirmation that work is in progress would be very welcome! This forum could then focus on helping new users, share knowledge and inspire each other to make fantastic tools and make music!


    I think the "major release" strategy is becomming dated. Look at the DAW Reaper - there is new version every second week. No big news but also no major test cycles, users can influence and request some features now and then, bugs and annoying things are fixed along the way. But it's perfectly possible to stay with one release for a year... if you don't like to upgrade all the time.... but you certainly know what's going on. No 5 years silence :p
  2. Chet Singer

    Chet Singer NI Product Owner

    That sounds like Reaper’s developers are engaged in Lean Software Development ( I’m currently a developer in a Lean shop, and we also get improvements and fixes out the door every two weeks. I’ve been creating software for almost 30 years, and in all that time I’ve never seen a methodology that produces such responsiveness.
  3. Klinke

    Klinke Account Suspended

    plus 1
    (i cant find the plus button atm on my new notebook :))

    some things..Thomas from NI posted in 3.September 09, that Reaktor6 won't come out in '09. It's not a year wasn't posted in March.
    (i was a 100% greenhorn at that time)

    It was in a thread(and there were some like that back then) about when R6 will come out. So Mr. XY...u are late. The Hellfire cooled down and is heating up again...naturally.

    I personally think NI will/should make an announcement in the next 6 weeks.
    (The year has just begun and i think its ok when they wait 'til end February for R6 release news.

    They searched longer for a R6 developer/coder. I cant find it now...looks they found one.

    Another point...but i think it makes a big difference,
    is that Mr. Schmitt is no longer head of NI. Since beginning 09 they have Daniel Haver(who is no music geek like someone posted here...he is a pure business-man) and this ex-DJ as leaders(oh maschine, Traktor and this DJ contoller come out..why oh why..The DJ knows why and especially Daniel Haver...if he has some fingers to count ;). He does)

    That could mean Stephan Schmitt had alot..i mean alot.. time for developement and most important...thinking... in the last year and now.

    He gave us a nice Christmas present...where he stated that he worked alot on it last year and most important(his words), he played it..used it.

    This shows me, he has not stopped working in Reaktor area. Is still interested in developing new things.


    But i haven't waited 2-3 years for a new its different and i can understand all people and want to say THX to Rachmiel, that he made the thread.
    And asks.

    --No answer is also an answer--...i like that.

    edit: Maybe Stephan became a bit sad in '08, when he realized that Reaktor developement has not rolled forward and he has not enough time to work on it effectivly...So he gave his leadposition go back to the roots. And work on R6. But that takes time and thats way R6 isn't out yet.
    - a sudden theory in my mind...
  4. ashwaganda

    ashwaganda Forum Member

    > Thomas from NI posted in 3.September 09, that Reaktor6 won't come out in '09. It's not a year wasn't posted in March.

    you're right! apologies. i misread the date 03/09 as march 9th instead of september 3rd. thanks for the correction. (if i could change the original posting i would, but it's no longer editable.) so that means it's been 4.5 months, not 10 months.
  5. herw

    herw NI Product Owner


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  6. Thomas @ NI

    Thomas @ NI Administrator NI Team

    I have already confirmed here on the forum some time ago that a new version of Reaktor is in development. I should probably have made a sticky out of it but I thought that word would get around among all of you anyway.

    So again, Reaktor is still an important platform for NI - something which should be evident from recent releases like Spiral and The Finger, and from Stephan Schmitt's free Chao-Osc ensemble - and a dedicated team of people is working on it continuously.

    As to how far along the new version is, and whether it will be Reaktor 6, or Reaktor 5.5, or Reaktor Pro, that's not something I can tell you at this point, also because the whole process is too fluid and too much intertwined with other ongoing development projects.

    So it's important to understand that Reaktor development is part of a much larger and complex overall development roadmap within NI. This also means that no kind of mudslinging towards the Reaktor team will have any bearing on the development process whatsoever. It will only poison the athmosphere in the forum and drag the community down. I don't want to let this happen so I kindly ask everyone to keep the discussion constructive from here on.

    As I said in another thread, we have something UL-related starting up in March that many of you will appreciate. Its success will greatly depend on community participation, so I hope we can all keep the spirit up until I am able to share more info about the next upcoming version of Reaktor.
  7. ashwaganda

    ashwaganda Forum Member

    > I have already confirmed here on the forum some time ago that a new version of Reaktor is in development.

    hooray hoorah, hooray hoorah!


    i (we) really appreciate it.

    that's all i personally wanted/needed to know: NI's official stance vis-a-vis the next version of reaktor. i'm not interested in mudslinging; that would be like dumping trash in my own sandbox ... which doesn't sound too appealing.

    back to work on my reaktor g'Litchers. i'm nearing completion of g5, a real wildMann. :)


    MATAKAO NI Product Owner

    Thank you thomas for the info, but Can you tell us future release date for R6: 2010, 2011, 2012 ? in Prediction ...
    I think it should not be a state secret as well. It would be nice pour tout le monde. Best regards.

  9. yj777

    yj777 Forum Member

    Thank you for the info Thomas.
    Will it be possible for you to keep the users informed without having to resort to create threads such as this one?
    Keeping your customers informed about your developments is good PR and standard practice in the music software industry.

  10. Poster

    Poster NI Product Owner

    while I highly appreciate the comments I would still like to know what we're looking at.. can be a very rough estimate; 2010 or later..?
  11. Klinke

    Klinke Account Suspended

    Thx Herw. I forgot to look there. I meant the thread in the forum...that i see also now.
    Thx Thomas for the info.
  12. ew

    ew Moderator Moderator

    Mind if I handle this one, Rick (and Phil)?

    The content of the thread for the most part is fine IMO. Threats of boycotts and the like are fine as well. However, what I personally will jump on are personal attacks and/or disrespectful treatment of other forum members. Since this is the NI forums, this stretches out to include company employees.

    Complain all you want; as long as you keep it civil, it's a good and productive thing. Throw civility out the window and the thread gets locked.

  13. ashwaganda

    ashwaganda Forum Member

    > However, what I personally will jump on are personal attacks and/or disrespectful treatment of other forum members. Since this is the NI forums, this stretches out to include company employees.

    good one, eric. :) i'm with you: mutual respect is a wonderful thing.
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  14. fluxitation

    fluxitation NI Product Owner

    +1 rachMiel

    Thanks Thomas!

    Now I can sleep again and dream about Reaktor6, have not slept for almost 5 years!
    :p ;)
  15. Moujik

    Moujik NI Product Owner

    I'm think I'm actually more disappointed after Thomas' announcement... at least when they weren't saying anything, there was a chance we might suddenly get an announcement R6 was all finished & being released at the end of March. This ^ seems to be saying "yeah, we're working on stuff in general, it might lead to something vaguely Reaktor related, or maybe some other product line..."

    Or maybe I'm just in a bad mood cos I've got a cold :(
  16. ashwaganda

    ashwaganda Forum Member

    > have not slept for almost 5 years!

    cool! all that time to build things ... and watch tv/movies ... and read ... :)
  17. spencerTron

    spencerTron NI Product Owner

    on the other hand, I've enjoyed owning an expensive peice ofsoftware which has remained upto date and the 'latest' version, for so many years. (it meets most my needs everytime...yes I know our needs do differ)
    Rather than forking out every year (like Logic etc)

    When r6 does arrive (and any bugs are fixed) I hope it's another bunch of years till they move on.
  18. big920

    big920 NI Product Owner

    Thomas thank you for the reconfirmation. I hope this thread will remain mostly positive, and I look forward to the March date. Oh and one more time to all at NI, thank you for Reaktor, I do appreciate all the hard work over the years, as do most of the community I am sure.
  19. ashwaganda

    ashwaganda Forum Member

    NI/Thomas, another request:

    how about regular reports on how reaktor 6 development is going? say, once a month, a short message to this forum letting us know that progress is being made (or not being made). with, perhaps, an ongoing estimate of how far away the release date seems to be.

    i don't think it would take much effort on your part to do this, and i think it would be a major step in keeping users patient about the next reaktor release.

    please consider it. :)
  20. Horuschild

    Horuschild NI Product Owner

    this tells us nothing that we didn't already know or suspect as a logical conclusion, to me it doesn't really say anything at all. Thats ok its what I expected. I'll be quite now.
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