Non-blocking ASIO operations

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by fredguile, Apr 14, 2019.

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    Using Traktor on Windows 10 with a Rane SL3 audio interface. Albeit its age it's a very sturdy soundcard working flawlessly in Traktor: with ASIO buffer set to 240 samples, I get absolutely no glitch and pristine sound.

    One caveat with this interface is that ASIO operations (like setting up input/outputs) are quite slow and executed on the main thread (I guess it's how the ASIO driver is made). So this is blocking Traktor's UI at startup for about 10-20 seconds, also when you change audio settings (Traktor interfaces don't suffer from that, certainly due to more elaborated ASIO drivers).

    Could possibly Traktor Pro 3 handle these operations on a separate thread to not block UI? (like for instance, Bitwig is doing that, Serato DJ I'd also assume so). It sounds like a pretty big feature request, but it would address some tech debt on Traktor (possibly also for other NI products like Maschine).