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NOOB Advice needed. Sorry! Please help!!

Discussion in 'KONTROL X1' started by TheLowEnd, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. TheLowEnd

    TheLowEnd New Member

    Hey y'all, thanks for having me. I'm very very close to pulling the trigger on some Traktor products for the first time and really need some advice. Please excuse my noobs nature, but I've tried loads of google searches and can't find the specific answer to my specific query. Please help!

    I've been DJing for years but the old romantic in me has always DJd with old skool analogue vinyl but I really love all the possibilities that Traktor has to offer.

    So the proposed set-up I'm looking at is this;
    2x Stanton STR8-150 with control vinyl.
    Traktor Kontrol mixer Z2
    1x Traktor Kontrol X1. This, I think will satisfy the old skool in me with the control vinyl as well as being able to play analogue vinyl seamlessly and giving me a host of new tricks and not to mention the practicality of all those digital tracks.

    However, what I need advice with is this, I've seen a cool vid of Felix Da House Cat demo-ing some Traktor gear, namely the Kontrol X1
    Here's the link to the webpage with the video; https://www.digitaldjmusic.com/products/native-instruments-traktor-kontrol-x1-mk2

    And it shows Felix ( with the X1 ) mixing in just the riff of a Nialls Rogers track and then later adding the vocal. This is right up my street and I want to do this too! However, on various online vendor sites there's no mention of being able to do this on the X1. Is this not done with the 'STEMS' functionality of the D2? Or is this because he's also using a high end Traktor mixer? I guess long story long, will I be able to do this with the set up I've mentioned above?

    Thank you so much in advance for your help.

  2. TroyMichael

    TroyMichael Forum Member

    Love that video and felix. I am pretty sure that video came out long before stems. He using a pioneer mixer 4 channel. really all you need to do this is 2 X's, a 4 channel mixer and some skills.

    You cold so it with your setup too ..but you likely better off with a true four channel mixer. vs the Z2.
  3. TheLowEnd

    TheLowEnd New Member

    Hey Troy, thanks for the reply. Cool man, I really want to have a stab at something like this. Can't really stretch to a 4 channel mixer unfortunately, as the z2 and an X1 is just about the top of my budget. Hopefully I'll be able to work out how to do it on this set up though.
    Thanks for your help, appreciate it.