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Nord Lead patches

Discussion in 'REAKTOR' started by beyarecords, Oct 10, 2002.

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  1. beyarecords

    beyarecords NI Product Owner

    I am thinking of purchasing reaktor and have been told that nord lead patches, if that is the correct terminology, have been created using reaktor. Could you please confirm whether this is true and where I can get them from?

    I had a nord lead 1 but sold it some time ago, there were some factory sounds which I used on the machine which I need to get hold of now so any help in this direction would be most appreciated.


  2. Romulus

    Romulus Forum Member

    go to the nord lead book online

    it's on the net somewhere, i made a cymbal synth, bass drum
    synth, etc from them, easy to translate to reaktor--
    also synth secrets column in sound on sound magazine has a lot of
    patches for nord lead and nord modular-- it's on the net too.

    the guy that made the leslie, flangomat and some other cool effects
    hooked me onto it (thru his posts and ensembles in the library)--
    big ups to him

    good luck,

  3. KidQuaalude@email.com

    KidQuaalude@email.com NI Product Owner

    There is a Nord Lead v1/2 patch in the user library called Norderator and (as an ex Nord user myself) it ain't too bad... ;)
  4. beyarecords

    beyarecords NI Product Owner


    Does the Norderator come with any presets? I am specifically after three sounds from the nord 1 which are sub, fluff and echo pad.
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