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Not even N.I. Tech support could answer this!

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by L L, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. L L

    L L New Member

    So here is my dilemma. I have been a vinyl DJ since I started and have had 1200's and a mixer for forever. A few years ago I added the digital side and integrated an S4 into my system. The S4 output runs through a dedicated channel on my DJM1000. My 3 turntables also occupy a channel each on the 1000. I purchased the timecode vinyl and scratch upgrade and figured that I could simply split the signal between the turntable and then run it to the S4 and the mixer from there. This is where the problem began. I have tried passive and active splitters in between the turntables and mixer/S4, but Traktor always shows the signal is low, it throws ground and skip errors and sometimes even runs backwards? I was hoping to find out if by integrating a scratch A6 into the system it may solve these issues. Therefore being able to play my turntables normally through my mixer by switching it straight through the A6, and also being able to use them and the timecode through the S4/Traktor to control the digital tracks, without having to swap cables constantly. I asked tech support many times about integrating an A6 and all I was told was "remove the splitters." Yes... of course I could do that, but then I lose the functionality of having my turntables being run directly to my mixer. I know and understand that I can switch the turntables straight through the S4 to use them as normal, but I don't want lose the ability to still be able to use them strictly through my mixer, without the S4 in the loop. However before I decide to spend the money on trying to integrate an A6 I would like to know some answers to some fundamental questions, to understand if this is a feasible solution. I asked tech support these many times, but all they did was refer me to the forums.

    I have attached a pdf document diagram of how I want to connect things, to assist in answering the following questions I posed:

    Is this even possible, at all??

    Will the audio and cue from the turntables when used through the S4/Traktor software still have the output through the headphone jack on the S4, not the A6 hardware?

    Will I be able to control the pass through switch for the A6 in the Traktor scratch software, or is it separate software that is for the A6?

    If I was to hook it up this way, where would I hook the ground for the turntables? To the A6, as it sends a line level signal to the mixer?

    Is this the best way to do it, or does anyone have any other suggestions? I have looked at and considered a plain old physical switch so that there is no "split" as such. Not sure how fussy the timecode stuff is and if that would cause issues?

    Surely someone has wanted to do this before me? Any input on this subject would be very much appreciated!

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  2. [chris b]

    [chris b] NI Product Owner

    Looking at that configuration diagram my guess is your setup won't work because I'm pretty sure Traktor can only use one USB audio device at a time.

    I've used RCA splitters before without a problem, that's really all multicore cables are. I've also piggy backed two separate Traktor scratch setups using only two decks. One DJ using two channels of the mixer, the other using another two, which allows for quick and frequent transitions between DJs hassle free.

    If the splitters don't work can you not just use the S4 is a passive midi controller mode?
  3. Dj Max-Matic

    Dj Max-Matic Forum Member

    are your drivers up to date?
  4. NReek

    NReek NI Product Owner

    your audio device in traktor should be the A6, then the S4 would be merely an additional controller to support the timecoded vinyls' operation, for cues, loops, etc. if that's the case, i think it would be easier to use an X1 for this task.

    however, if your plan was to use decks a and b controlled by turntables, c and d controlled by the S4, and each signal sent individaually to an external mixer, you wont be able with the A6 or the S4.

    the problem i see, if i understood you correctly, is that what you intend to do is to use traktor in a combination of internal and external mixer modes, and only one of them is possible.

    you will only be able have A & B controlled by timecode, and to send one channel's (C OR D) through an output from the A6 (i'm assuming it has 3 outputs).

    anyway, regarding the "normal" use of turntables, for "normal" non timecode vinyl while having them hooked to traktor, you should set the traktor's deck to "live input" instead of "scratch", it should work as a pass through for the vinyl signal. you find this under the letter of each deck, in a tiny arrow pointing down.
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  5. alec.tron

    alec.tron NI Product Owner

    Unfortunately I can't help you as I do not use S4 and am stuck in my little old school niche w just turntables, vinyl and a mixer :D
    And for me this is an anti-feature as well. I mentioned it to support - and they don't see it as an issue. Their defense is that the majority of users called for in-software switching ( and the additional AD/DA conversions which for me and many others concerned about signal routing & sound quality, is a big downside).
  6. sim667

    sim667 Member

    Tractor can only use audio device at a time. If you're on mac os x you could try aggregating an S4 and the A6 into one device (google how to do this).....
  7. lethal_pizzle

    lethal_pizzle NI Product Owner

    You would then lose the time code support
  8. djivobutnot

    djivobutnot NI Product Owner

    Just buy a pair of multicore cables. Problem solved. However, you can use only one audio device at a time, so you must choose between A6 and S4. Cheers!
  9. NReek

    NReek NI Product Owner

    long time since i last heard the term "multicore cable" :D

    it sounds way old school hehe