Notes sound different on playback in Maschine

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    I would like to apologize for my bad English in advance. It is not my native language.

    The problem I have is when I play notes on my keyboard, as well on the Maschine buttons itself, the notes sound good and in tune while playing them.
    Then, after it is recorded (1 pattern length) it plays back the sample suddenly in the wrong notes.
    However, when I look at the little keyboard on the screens left side, I can see that the computer received the right notes.
    Ex.: I put in note G, the computer shows note G is being pressed, it also makes a MIDI bar in note G, but Maschine plays note F.

    Note that when I play the sample I hear no wrong notes. Only when it's played back.
    It currently happens with Razor Ensemble, Digital Bass, Anapressure. I have also experienced it with different instruments.
    Does anyone know what the problem might be?

    Specs: Windows 7, i7 Core 2600, 8GB Ram, 64 bit. (I also run Maschine in 64 bit mode)