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Novation Nocturn & Traktor3

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR 3' started by DXIII, Jun 2, 2008.

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  1. DXIII

    DXIII NI Product Owner

    Hi to all,
    Just had to let you all know, just brought the Novation Nocturn to control Traktor3.Sill mapping this up at the moment though but this is a Great bit of Kit to have for only a few quid.<<<All singing and dancing and all that>>>

    i'm very impressed with this little box of tricks.

    Vista,Trakor3.3,Xsession Pro, Nocturn
  2. raz21

    raz21 New Member

    let me know how you get on with mapping the nocturn as ive ordered one to
  3. vagrant

    vagrant New Member

    New Nocturn user - could use some help!

    I just got hold of mine today too. So far I can only get the speed dial
    to work though - anyone know what i might have missed?

    I just cant seem to get the learn function to work within the "Automap Universal" control map area. Most frustrating but i'm sure i'm just
    missing something obvious. (Especially as the speed dial seems to
    be able to communicate just fine!)

    In my traktor midi interfaces preferences box I can't seem to get
    the little "x" to stay selected next to the "Automap MIDI".
    I'm guessing this is because it's not a true midi instrument but
    uses the supplied software to send virtual midi signals..

    That may not be the issue though - i'll admit to being pretty clueless!

    I have also tried to use the learn function from within traktor's
    midi setup area but again, no dice. I tried matching the CC channel
    from within the midi setup - say on the cross fader - to the
    channel on the Automap Universal GUI, but no luck there either.

    My third (probably unfounded) suspicion is that maybe this is an
    OSX Leotard issue. I know that none of my bloomin hot keys will
    work - maybe this is a related issue?

    If any of you tech whizzmeisters manage to get your Nocturn up
    and running with traktor 3.3 i'd love to know how.

    As i say i've only just got hold of my Nocturn so i'm probably
    missing something really simple. Any help or ideas appreciated!

    Gonna go give it a whirl in Abletizer...

    Macbook Pro /OSX 10.5.3 / Traktor 3.3 / Motu Ultralite / Nocturn
    Got it to work with ableton nay probs. In case anyone's wondering..
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  4. DXIII

    DXIII NI Product Owner

    Mapping Novation Nocturn & Traktor3

    Mapping Novation Nocturn & Traktor3
    Firstly this is not a tutorial in anyway, as you can map the nocturn in pretty much anyway you like to suit your needs.
    And I’m no midi expert either, so after 48 hours of midi mind melt, mapping and re-mapping and copious amounts of kronenbourg to help me on my way, this is what i came up with so I hope its of some use.
    Once you’ve run the Automap installation disc, load up Traktor then Launch Automap go to Traktor preferences /midi interfaces and put (X) in Automap MIDI boxes (in and out) Double click. If its not in the list check Automap setting (left click Automap logo)what you are looking for is (MIDI output port) set to (Automap MIDI )and the same for (MIDI input port).Then select( MIDI channels)and tick the channels you want.( I ticked all 16)
    And if Automap MIDI still doesn’t show up in Traktor try download and install the latest updates, you can check for the latest updates from the Automap window.
    Once Traktor and Automap are up and running, the Automap does Automap Traktor but unfortunately it is all over the shop, and may be a tad awkward to use this way.
    So the way around this is to start from scratch re assigning all the controls, to do this go to Traktors preferences/MIDI Set up and Reset all the Assigned setting. Also delete the Automap, to do this hover over a control in the Automap window then press delete on your key board.
    So to set up the(X-Fader) for example, in Traktor, Select Midi page, Add X-Fader assign a CC value say CC0. !ONLY USE CC VALUES DO NOT USE NOTE! When setting up in Traktor.
    Then open up the Automap window select page 1, no need to put learn on, Highlight X-Fader then click on parameter, in the red bar at bottom of Automap window. (opens up CC values for nocturn) in the drop down list tick CC#0.also In the red bar at the bottom you will see MAX,MIN & STEP these are used for changing the parameters of said control IE..How many times you press a button...ON/OFF or ON stay ON and then OFF. They also change the stepping amount of a Rotory, very handy for EQ or FX.
    But for the X-Fader set MAX to 127, MIN to 0 & STEP to 1, the red bar should look like this
    Max: 127...Min: 0...Step: 1 & Parameter: CC#0 and X-Fader should work in Traktor.
    I hope this may help out in some way.
  5. vagrant

    vagrant New Member

    Thank you DXIII, i will give that a whirl. Looks like i was close - but
    matching the CC numbers didn't work for me. Perhaps because i was
    trying to use the learn function as well?

    Will follow your instructions step by step and see how it goeth.

  6. larryDEFunkt

    larryDEFunkt New Member

    Hi mate,

    Did you get it to work cos i am having the exact same problem and am a bit lost!

    any help would be appreciated!

    cheers :) :)
  7. lifespan

    lifespan New Member

    Yeah, i too have this prob, and i have Macbook Pro /OSX 10.5.3 / Traktor 3.3 / ESI Quatafire610 / Novation Nocturn

    I installed Windows XP SP2 on BootCamp partition on the same Macbook Pro and there it is working as expected in Traktor 3 and in Ableton Live, but in OSX Traktor 3.3 it is not listed under MIDI DEVICES in Audio MIDI devices util. And as "vagrant" said: In my traktor midi interfaces preferences box I can't seem to get the little "x" to stay selected next to the "Automap MIDI". But in Ableton Live 6.07 and 7.03 it is Working ok. Maybe someone had this issue sorted ?
  8. DXIII

    DXIII NI Product Owner

    Unfortunately i can’t really comment about Mac osx system as i use PC with Vista, but looking trough the forum it seems Mac 10.5.2 +10.5.3 may have issues with audio software & NI does not support these at the moment, it’s recommended to run 10.5.0 apparently.

    Vista sp1,T3.2,T3.3 T3.4 & Nocturn
  9. lifespan

    lifespan New Member

    Hey i have here Remote Sl 25, Korg Microkontrol working perfectly, i think this issue exclusive to Nocturn & Traktor
  10. DXIII

    DXIII NI Product Owner

    "exclusive to nocturn & Traktor"
    Traktor3.2 T3.3 & T3.4 + nocturn working on vista for me,
    weather the issue is Mac related,i don't know But theirs a sticky Regarding issues on Mac.

    sorry i can't help solve this one
  11. djfernandadiaz

    djfernandadiaz New Member

    DAMN I'M HAVING THE EXACT PROBLEM....OH NOO..! Has anyone been able to contact Novation about this? I've tried but the server is down...maybe somebody in England can call and make these people move their asses to get our stuff running properly! How can they make a controller that "looks" so Traktor-compatible and that doesn't work with traktor?
  12. DiscoPoelie

    DiscoPoelie NI Product Owner

    Do you guys mean that under 10.5.3 it isn't even possible to MIDI map the nocturn to traktor 3 functions?

    (As I was thinking to buy one too, but I'm running 10.5.3 ;))

    Has anyone tried the nocturn with the Traktor 3.4 Beta?

  13. DXIII

    DXIII NI Product Owner

    Well I’ve been on the blower to Novation Tech Support, trying to find some sort of useful information out that may help resolve you’re issues that some of you are experiencing with the (X)in Traktors preferences on Mac not staying put, or at least lead you in the right direction.
    They informed me “there are no reports to date”, but said they were aware of a separate similar incident, NOT NECESSARY RELATED TO NOCTURN, which was resolved by checking they had the latest necessary updates.
    And advised...1) Make sure you’re running latest updates to software
    2) Update to latest Automap Driver (In you’re case Mac, not the one on the disc)
    3) Don’t use learn (don’t need to)
    4) Don’t expect Automap to map it all out for you (that’s meant for plug-ins and such)
    5) Map the nocturn yourself (you should know how on that one)

    I hope this is useful & may get things working.

    PS. if it’s of any interest I suggested a set of additional platters that could just plug into the back of the nocturn mkII via 2xusb’s something like the xp10s if they make a mkII that is.

    oh i forgot but it just dawned on me,my x-session pro didn't show up in Traktor preferences once & a re install of the x-session pro corrected that
    weather that helps.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2008
  14. against nature

    against nature NI Product Owner

    Anyone need a Traktor 3.4 Automap file ?

    Hey , if anyone is interested in a Traktor Automap file i made today please see the attachment below.

    I couldn't get Traktor 3.3 to co-operate with the Nocturn but the latest 3.4 Beta seems to be fine...

    It features :

    High , Mid , Low EQ and Low Kill on the knobs


    Play , Cue Play , Cue Pause and Deck Gain on the buttons.

    These are mirrored on each side of the Crossfader.

    I tried to incorporate CDJ functionality especially in the sensitivity and response of the Cue Play button. (...took some work for that one !)

    I'm new to this sort of thing and to this Controller so hope you like it.

    Attached Files:

  15. DXIII

    DXIII NI Product Owner

    Nocturn AutoMap for T3.4 Beta.....4u 2 Try

    Traktor.3.4 Beta has some features that are useful with the nocturn light up buttons....

    Try this out, it has 6xMidi Automaps 4 ya all Tagged up.

    name ,channel & where to put em

    and the tks file for traktor 3.4 Beta.

    it has took some time & I'm still changing things to get them were i want them .... enjoy

    Attached Files:

  16. against nature

    against nature NI Product Owner

    little help

    hi dx

    can you please tell me how i can save the tks file as a unix executable file , mine saved as a document...im on mac
  17. DXIII

    DXIII NI Product Owner

    Hi against nature
    not sure how on that, not a mac user.------Try Google it

    Are you not able to load the tks file then.
  18. against nature

    against nature NI Product Owner

    Hi DX and all

    im just asking so i can repost mine with the tks file too...that was a good idea ! thanks

    ...after checking my tks file seems to load fine even as a document.

    so here goes mine again.

    extended to 2 pages with some added FX controls but still aimed at CDJ type functionality and mainly intended for use with and external mixer thru a soundcard.

    probably unfinished , possibly rubbish...enjoy y'all


    Attached Files:

  19. DXIII

    DXIII NI Product Owner

    Re:tks & DXIII T3.4 Beta.novation Automaps,tks + Excel Docs

    Your tks file is saved as a tks After you have compiled your midi or hotkey settings from within Taktor,and stored IN your documents usually within the Traktor3 folder or where you chose to store them.

    14.4.10 In the manual-Save Your Controller Settings

    Thats on PC anyway

    Mac may be different, i don't know: coz i don't have one.
    Here's a re-do,with some minor adjustments to setting

    6x Automaps : "Cue list""Fx"" List""Loops""M-Tempo""And "Mixer".
    2 & 4Deck

    tks: obviously- to make thinks easier

    2x Excel doc: A-B setting & C-D setting, done in Excel 2007

    Grids:marked in orange have not been assigned to Automap.

    EQ Kills: marked in orange have been assigned to tks,but not the Automap.

    As i have the EQ Kills set to keyboard
    But if you like to use them :assign them to the Automap on a new page.or Midi channel.

    have fun
  20. cutmoney

    cutmoney New Member

    Nocturn Issues with Traktor 3.4

    Okay, couple of question on the Nocturn that I'm having troubles with, I'd like to see what everyone else's experiences are. First of all, I'm running Mac OSX 10.5.3 with the Traktor 3.4 beta. Okay, my first problem that I've noticed is the fact that Automap Server doesn't seem to hold the automaps that I create and will loose the data after a few times. For instance, I deleted a few pages out of the Automap and renamed all of the controls, but then I opened Traktor and all the controls were back without labels, of course the knobs still work in T3 though since I didn't adjust any of the CC assignments in the automap. I've even tried saving the file and reopening it, but that doesn't seem to make a difference. Not to mention that sometimes I'll get an error that says "XML Parsing error: 'not well formed (invalid token)' at line 168".

    Okay, my next issue is with the buttons on the Nocturn. I've noticed that any commands that use "Toggle" or "Trigger" for the control type in Traktor just do not work right. For the most part, the controls that use "Hold" seem to usually work right, but not always. Let me give an example, if I setup a button on the Nocturn to trigger "Deck > Loop Set/In" and then set the type as either Hold or Toggle (doesn't matter), I have to press the Nocturn's button two times to activate the loop and two times to de-activate the loop. And, that's not the only command like that, I've found Deck Tempo Sync Master to be the same way and I'm sure there are others. Needless to say, it's quite annoying and renders the buttons pretty much worthless on commands like those. As far as I can tell, that's probably because the Nocturn uses all control changes (CC) rather than MIDI notes, but I may be wrong. Has anyone else had this problem, know how to solve it, or know whether the Nocturn or Traktor is causing the issue?

    Last is the MIDI feedback on the Nocturn. I have all of my FX setup using the four knobs and buttons on each side, one for each deck. Everything works perfectly while I'm using the controller. However, if I switch from using the controller to the computer/hot keys (or vice-versa), then it will take two presses of a key (or button) before the MIDI feedback will kick back in. For instance, let's say I'm using the computer to trigger FX and my MIDI feedback is working perfectly on the Nocturn. Now, if I switch to using the Nocturn to trigger FX and then back to the computer, I have to press the buttons on the computer 2 times before the MIDI feedback will start working on the controller again. Again, this is only an issue that affects the buttons on the Nocturn and not the knobs.

    So, please let me know if anyone else is experiencing the same issues, I love this controller but not being able to use the buttons properly kind of ruins the experience! Thanks!
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