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Novation Nocturn & Traktor3

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR 3' started by DXIII, Jun 2, 2008.

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  1. Argus225

    Argus225 Forum Member

    I'm having the same problem as most people here, only the speed dial works, but nothing learn-able and no MIDI mapping. I'd love to see this resolved.
  2. Geiz

    Geiz New Member

    Did u try updating to 3.3.2 or 3.4? solved my problems...
    (except for the fact that i cant use FS2 anymore :( )
  3. djfernandadiaz

    djfernandadiaz New Member

    I'm having the exact problem STILL with Traktor 3.4 and with both my MAC computers running OSX Tiger 10.4.11 & Leopard 10.5.4: can´t make the nocturn "learn" the controls....i was wishing the Traktor 3.4 update would solve my problem, but it seems that this is not going to happen......has anybody thaht uses MAC been able to solve the problem?
  4. Geiz

    Geiz New Member

    Learning stuff just doesnt work, you have to do it manually in traktor with the CC's or through the learn option in traktor itself. Learning the nocturn stuff through the hardware learn mode does not work
  5. djfernandadiaz

    djfernandadiaz New Member

    Thanks for the quick reply Geiz...after fighting with my Nocturn for many hours i have finally made it work...

    i used the automap settings i found in this thread (thanks Anothertraktordj & DXIII, i really don't know which of your settings made it work!)...

    but i still encounter a small problem despite having saved the settings: the "step" in the buttons always appear as "1" and it has to be "0" to work properly with traktor...

    also with Live, the first knob from left to right appears as CC#8, just like the fader, and it should be CC#0...

    so each time i turn on the computer for one of my gigs i have to reassign the "step" of the buttons in traktor and the first knob setting to CC#0 in Live (i use both programs together for my sets), which is a bit annoying......HOPE THIS PROBLEM CAN BE SOLVED SOON BY NOVATION AND NOT BY NATIVE INSTRUMENTS (WITH THE TRAKTOR 3.4 UPDATE...THANKS NI)!
  6. rmrpMatt

    rmrpMatt New Member

    Hey all,
    This thread has really helped me out with the tks and automap files given, thanks guys.

    Just became a member because I thought I might help you guys out. Not sure if these are meant to be public but get them while they're hot.


    2nd item from the top, new beta drivers for the Nocturn! The listed improvements include.

    Automap Universal 2.1.1234:

    - Added Pro Tools RTAS support for PC
    - Added option to disable Automap Toolbar
    - Fixed issue with plug-in presets in Pro Tools
    - Fixed issue with no parameters found in Pro Tools
    - Fixed issue with plug-ins in sub folders in Pro Tools
    - Fixed issue with automation in Logic
    - Added File->Save option

    Can't wait to try this out to see if it fixes any of these stability issues people are having.
  7. rmrpMatt

    rmrpMatt New Member


    I can confirm that the beta driver makes all the buttons and knobs light up correctly with Traktor 3.3
  8. bopstar

    bopstar New Member

    ez anothertraktordj,

    any chance of getting your automap file(s)?


    Sorry if this is a dumb question, I only just got my Nocturn, and I'm hacking away at using it and automap , but... can I have your different automaps open at the same time? ie ch mixer, loops, fx etc? Unless I'm being very dumb it seems like I can have one (and 1 midi channel) active at a time, or am I fundamentally missing something?

  9. DXIII

    DXIII NI Product Owner

    if you've assigner them to the channel's their marked up as,you swap between the channel.

    or you can ad more pages to a channel and go - + page.

    duno if im on you're track on that though!
    sorry for double posting:

    what i mean is 1 map = 1 midi ch in the auto map app.you can have all 16 midi ch open if you need them.

    But if you're after all the maps on 1 channel, i supposed you could add more pages to that channel and re-name the group so their all in the same group on 1 ch and just -+ through the pages.
  10. AnotherTraktorDJ

    AnotherTraktorDJ New Member


    Sorry for the delay in uploading my automap files folks.

    I spent a LONG LONG LONG time trying to perfect this setup for live use so if you do use these automap files and find them as indispensable as I do when playing live, please feel free to donate your *goodwill* to ca@codeaffinity.co.uk

    Anyway, here's how it's set up:

    Page 1.
    Mixer Section
    1) The crossfader is the crossfader
    2) The outer two knobs control channel gains
    3) The next ones in control main volumes
    3) The next ones in (at the top) are the deck seeking
    4) The next ones in control monitor volume and mix respectively
    5) The outer two pads control Play/Pause
    6) Next in are Tap buttons,
    7) Next in is Punch In
    8) Finally we have the Instant Cue.

    Page 2
    EQ Section
    1) The outer ones dont do anything
    2) The next in is Low EQ
    3) The next in is High EQ (because it's at the top and easier to remember!)
    4) The next one in Mid EQ
    5) Conveniently below each EQ Knob is it's corresponding Band Cut button which works like the Punch In buttons

    As you can see, this setup lets you seek, play monitor, instant cue, and EQ, just like the functions of a real mixer (ok, by real I mean a hardware mixer!).

    I've made it so that the buttons light up in the correct way to, ie. EQ Cut buttons light up as you press them and switch off when you let go.

    I've uploaded a zip file containing 1 .automap & 1 .mapping and the above setup for downloading here:

    http://www.codeaffinity.co.uk/misc/NovationControlMapbyCodeAffinity v1.0.zip

    When Automap works correctly, choose File -> Open and open the .automap file

    When you can't access the File menu and only have the option to "Import", Use the .mappings file.

    As you can tell Automap is a bit buggy and having two files at hand is useful when the controller stops randomly responding mid set!

    This setup works really well with the EKS-XP controllers and should work well when you use the Novation with other controlers too.



    Any questions let me know!
  11. coach_mcguirk

    coach_mcguirk New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm pretty new here - old fart who used to DJ for many years, got tired of it, but has been lured back in by the delights of Traktor.

    I've got myself an X-Session Pro, which I love, but I was thinking about picking up a Nocturn just to use for the effects (the X-Session hasn't *quite* got the number of knobs I'd like to be able to control the effects the way I like).

    As this thread has been quiet for a while, I thought I'd pop in and see how people have been getting on with the Nocturn and Traktor 3.4. I'm currently using an old iMac G5 with 10.4.11, but will be on a Macbook Pro soon enough with 10.5.

    Any thoughts or advice much appreciated.
  12. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    Good call, ive been looking at the Nocturn as would be perfect for what i need (small) but ive read the posts in here over and over and im just not convinced that i could trust it live, and i DJ 3 nites a week so its has to be performance critical.

    The Nocturn (whilst maybe not as functional) is a third of the price of the Faderfox DX2 (which im also considering).

    Cant remember who it was but somone posted in this thread that he would not use it in a live situation.
    Has anything changed/improved.
  13. djfernandadiaz

    djfernandadiaz New Member

    HI there, just wanted to let u know that after having lots of trouble trying to make the nocturn work when i just bought it, i downloaded one of the automap settings from this thread and it works ok now (on my macbook using 10.4). I control, simultanoulsy, Traktor 3.4 & Ableton Live (7) with the only problem that each time i play, i have to re-set the "step" of all 8 buttons from "1" to "0" (for the traktor control map) and reset the first knob from "CC#8" to "CC#1" (for the ableton control map)...even though i save these settings they just won't stay. It's a small problem that takes 1 minute to solve, a bit annoying....but when i have it all set up i can play for hours and the Nocturn works fine.

    BUT....now i've discovered that on my iMac (which operates on 10.5), the Nocturn has the same problem i had before on my Macbook: only the speed dial works and i can't make it learn anything, even though i use the same automap setting that works for me now on my Macbook.....DAMN!

    Well, at least i think this means that it's a problem with Leopard then?
  14. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    Crumbs. Thats great advice . I will be having 10.5 put on my Macbook Pro next week so i guess that the Nocturn just isnt gonna be viable for me.
    Even with 10.4 i dont think i want to be re-setting things when i setup at my gigs i have enough things to sort out like reminding the Club manager to turn the club lights and the air-con on.
    Im not lazy but i just want things to plug in and work so i suppose the extra money for a Faderfox will be worth it.

    cheers :)
  15. getafix

    getafix NI Product Owner

    hi there,
    Im also using a faderfox dj2 + nocturn (for fx etc) combo..i got it working alright (mac 10.4.11 + traktor 3.3) but im experiencing strange difficulties ie. suddenly some knobs on nocturn stop working for no reason... It usually works alright for an hour or so but then some knobs on nocturn stop working? anyone experiencing something similar?

    also, for some reason reason, i cant assign the buttons for 'hold' in the midi setup, just for toggle...
  16. djfernandadiaz

    djfernandadiaz New Member

    Just to keep up with my lateste experiences.....i had to let u know that after installing Traktor 3.4.1 i don't have to re-set as before (re-set the "step" of all 8 buttons from "1" to "0", for the traktor control map, and reset the first knob from "CC#8" to "CC#1" , for the ableton control map)....so at least everything is working smooth on my macbook with OSX 10.4....BUT on my iMac i can't get the Nocturn to worlk at all, not even with TRaktor 3.4.1....
  17. Alkmst

    Alkmst Forum Member

    My Issues, if anyone can help!
    Settings = Nocturn + Traktor 3.4 + Windows Vista

    I have tried most of the control maps and tks that are mentioned in the thread.

    Here are my issues and questions:

    Is there a way to assign a midi cc to the speed dial of nocturn so I can midi map it browse traktor playlists. (I know I will most likely have to check with Novation for this, but I am just asking here if someone knows)

    When mapping the other rotary knobs to the Tracktor midi browser up&down select functionality, it does not 'scroll' up and down properly (accurately). Is this an issue for others, if so has anyone resolved this?

    The buttons on the nocturn- I am not able to get Tracktor to turn the lights on and off on the buttons, even with the Midi output selected to LED and mapped to the buttons. It seems the only way is to map it using the automap software. Even then it is not 'toggling' the way it should, for example if I assign the cue/play to a button in Toggle mode, I have to hit the button twice to get my track to play, and this is with the automaps downloaded from this thread. Has anyone been able to get this to work?

    I am ready to throw this toy in my fireplace.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
  18. iamscoby

    iamscoby NI Product Owner

    DUDE! The issues you mention above are similar to some that I had, and I have managed to fix the lot! Re the Browser scroll problem, in Automap universal make sure the max and min values for the rotary you've mapped to List Scroll are set to 1 and 0 respectively. And set the Step to 1. Thanks to DX111 for that tip.

    Re needing to press buttons twice, try setting the step to 0. I'm not with any of my equipment at the moment so can't check, but if you PM me (I WILL FORGET OTHERWISE!), I will happily send you the files I have set up. You might not want to use them, but at least you'll see how I dealt with the problems? Let me know:D
  19. Alkmst

    Alkmst Forum Member

    No Luck, tried all combinations of 0 and 1s, the scroll is still inaccurate for me.
    I don't think the speed dial can send out midi messages, which totally sucks!
    Even the other 8 buttons, atleast Novation could have given the option to use them as Midi buttons or not.

    And the button lighting is so whacked, it does not work the way I want it ..

    And also the the response on this unit is in and out once in a while! I have to restart Traktor and the automap server.

    Very frustrating!

    I am ready to burn the Nocturn!
  20. DXIII

    DXIII NI Product Owner

    Are you using auto map driver version 2.1.1234.6? if so i found this didn't work correctly also.
    I have found a work around, if you roll back to auto map driver version 2.0.1188 and set your parameters for your rotary control to max 1 min 0 step 1, that should get it working, as i said it's a work around atm.

    Right on the nail there about the speed dial, hopefully they will implement this feature along with the bottom row of 8 buttons in the future.

    As for the trans buttons i have mine all set to hold, which works for me!

    don't burn it :eek:
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