​Offer as a plugin and an add-on (see description)

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    ​ I didn't find a particular forum to place this idea in, since it involves the way virtually all NI software is created and sold.

    ​It seems that NI has focused a lot of their new material around augmenting their Reaktor, Kontakt, and Guitar Rig players and the flagship software itself. There are still products that are released strictly as DAW plugins. However, they are either for one purpose or another and never cross over.

    ​This could be greatly simplified if NI were to release their non-flagship products as both plugins and extensions for GR, Kontakt, and/or Reaktor. This implies the possibility of functional overlap of this software between the engines. Synths could be played via Reaktor or Kontakt, for example, and perhaps so could sample packs. Effects, consequently, could be integrated into Guitar Rig, Kontakt, or Reaktor.

    ​Yes, it would require a lot of work, but it yields great rewards for the end user. It would not only further integrate NI's product line, but create further opportunities for sonic experimentation.