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Official update status - Maschine – Current: 2.14.7

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Thomas @ NI, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. Thomas @ NI

    Thomas @ NI Administrator

    This thread provides information about upcoming patches for MASCHINE. It will be updated whenever new information becomes available.

    Please make sure that your installation is up to date.
    2.14.7 - 2021-12-21
    • FIXED Loud audio glitch when launching MASCHINE on Windows
    • FIXED Crash when automating parameters from MASCHINE Jam
    • FIXED Lag with Accessibility speech announcements

    2.14.6 - 2021-12-09
    • ADDED Support for recently released & upcoming NI VST3 plug-ins (Massive, Massive X, Guitar Rig, Effects Series, Replika, Raum, RCs, VCs and more)
    • ADDED Windows 11 compatibility
    • ADDED macOS Monterey compatibility on Intel-based Macs, and M1 computers (using Rosetta 2)
    • FIXED Pressing ‘Escape’ discards ‘Save Changes’ dialogue (instead of quitting application and losing changes) on Windows
    • FIXED When Accessibility is enabled in MASCHINE, SHIFT + 4D encoder from KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboards announces volume changes

    2.14.5 - 2021-10-07
    • FIXED Control over Logic Pro from KOMPLETE KONTROL & MASCHINE hardware intermittently unavailable

    2.14.3 - 2021-08-24
    • FIXED When a VST3 plug-in notified Maschine/KK about changed parameter mappings the application could crash sometimes

    2.14.2 - 2021-07-29
    • FIXED Crash when expanding dropdown in Export Audio dialogue box
    • FIXED Crash when automating Effect parameters
    • FIXED Arp parameters 'Offset' and 'Range' (introduced in MASCHINE 2.14) have incorrect default values when opening projects created in older versions of MASCHINE
    • FIXED pal.db file is created in system folder instead of user folder on macOS
    • FIXED Quick Browse does not work after loading Drum Synth, Bass Synth, or Poly Synth from Slot menu
    • IMPROVED 'Drumsynth' renamed to 'Drum Synth'

    2.14.1 - 2021-07-02
    • FIXED an issue where browser items marked as favourite disappeared after the latest update

    2.14 - 2021-07-01
    After installing from Native Access, please ensure that any external storage devices containing content are connected when launching MASCHINE for the first time
    • ADDED Poly Synth - based on Pro 53
      Factory Library also updated to add presets
    • ADDED Multi-selection of Clips in software
    • ADDED Change scenes via MIDI from MASCHINE MK3 (configure via SETTINGS > MIDI Tab)
    • ADDED Host Kontakt VST3 (please note: it is not currently possible to host VST3 versions of the recently released FX plug-ins)
    • ADDED Apple Silicon support:
      - MASCHINE (standalone application) can be used on Apple Silicon machines when Rosetta 2 is installed (available from App Store)
      - MASCHINE plug-in can be used in DAWs that have been launched using Rosetta (right-click on DAW application in Finder > Get Info > Open using Rosetta)
    • ADDED Additional Arpeggiator parameters: Retrigger, Repeat, Offset, Inversion and Range (available from MASCHINE MK3, MK2, Studio and KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series MK2 controllers)
    • ADDED Save presets from MASCHINE MK3
    • CHANGED File paths in preferences are now shown in the standard POSIX format instead of the old Mac HFS format (i.e. slashes instead of colons) on macOS
    • CHANGED Browser tag ‘Urban’ has been changed to ‘Hip Hop’ for MASCHINE Projects and Groups
    • CHANGED ‘Enabled’ / ‘Disabled’ have been changed to ‘On’ / ‘Off’
    • FIXED Audio crackles when sampling (introduced in MASCHINE 2.13)
    • FIXED Clunky scrolling when using a MacBook trackpad
    • FIXED Super 8 missing background image on controllers

    Maschine Factory Library
    1.3.8 — 2021-07-01

    • ADDED 250 Sounds for Poly Synth and 1 INIT preset
    • FIXED Zones for some samples that would otherwise not play correctly
    • IMPROVED Unified tagging for internal engines Bass Synth, Drum Synth, Poly Synth
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  2. Thomas @ NI

    Thomas @ NI Administrator

    Older change logs:

    2.13 - 2021-03-09

    • Ableton Live 11 integration from MASCHINE controllers is not officially supported yet. Official integration scripts will be released in a future update
    • ADDED Big Sur compatibility on Intel-based Macs. Please note the following:
    Using MASCHINE MK2, Studio or Mikro MK2 may cause CPU spikes which can lead to freezes. [Please follow this article for updates]

    MASCHINE is not yet supported on Apple Silicon based Macs. Even though it can be installed from Native Access on these computers, there is a small possibility of data loss within MASCHINE between sessions, meaning that Project settings, loaded Instruments & Parameters may intermittently be lost when re-opening a saved project in Logic. We are working with Apple to resolve the issue. [Please see this article for updates]

    • ADDED Clip navigation via 4-D encoder on MASCHINE MK3
    • ADDED Navigation between Patterns and Clips on MASCHINE MK3
    • ADDED Naming system when copying or duplicating Clips, Patterns and Scenes
    • ADDED Replacing a loop loaded in the Audio Module will also update all other Clips containing this loaded loop
    • ADDED Initial feature set of MASCHINE software Accessibility for Visually Impaired users from KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series MK2 keyboards
    Please see the [KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series MK2 MASCHINE Accessibility Manual] for more information
    • IMPROVED Background Content Scan performance
    • FIXED Crash when entering Arp Edit from A-Series / M32 keyboards
    • FIXED User edited tags not saved
    • FIXED Slight jitter/shifting of events when adjusting Clip Start
    • FIXED Waveform color not updated correctly
    • FIXED Dragging an item from the browser shows one more item than actually dragged
    • FIXED Saved items not shown in Browser if a scan is running in the background
    • FIXED Clip events dimmed in in Gate Mode for Audio Loops on the hardware
    • FIXED Samples with special unicode characters not recognised on Windows
    • FIXED Browsing by tags is slow on Hardware when a selecting a Character Tag
    • FIXED Sound page not refreshed when selecting Sampling Stretch - Settings on the hardware
    • FIXED Crash when selecting (+) Group with arrow keys after creating an Audio Clip
    • FIXED newly added samples cannot be favorited

    2.12.1 — 2020-10-15
    • FIXED Copying and pasting notes via the hardware inserts them at the wrong position
    • FIXED Variation page unavailable on MASCHINE Studio (now accessible using SHIFT + Note)
    • FIXED Crash after editing automation in Clip
    • IMPROVED Computer keyboard shortcuts for Clip modulation events
      - "CMD + A" (macOS) / "CTRL + A" (Windows) = select all Clip modulation events
      - "Backspace" (macOS) / "Delete" (Windows) = delete selected Clip modulation events

    2.12.0 - 2020-09-30
    • ADDED Clips in Song Mode
      Clips are unique elements that can be added on top of or used without Patterns. They introduce new way of working with MASCHINE in a traditional timeline based workflow, as well as augmenting the existing Pattern workflow to add variations to your arrangement more easily. Please find more details on how to use Clips in our Addendum of the Maschine Manual.
    • ADDED The "Double" function from hardware controllers is now available in the software
      This function can now be found in the context (right click) menu and via the key commands "CMD + SHIFT + D" on macOS or "CTRL + SHIFT + D" on Windows. Note: Software keyboard shortcuts might not work as expected when using MASCHINE as a plug-in.
    • ADDED VST3 support for Super 8 R2
      We are now supporting Super 8 R2 as a first VST3 plug-in. Please note that other VST3 plug-ins are not yet supported with this release.
    • ADDED By holding SHIFT you can now move Scenes, Patterns and Sections from the Hardware (MASCHINE+, MK3 and STUDIO)
    • IMPROVED Clip and Pattern boundaries are extended for event insertion when needed
    • FIXED An issue where a library scan would affect the "last modified" dates of files in the user library
    • FIXED An issue on Windows where Maschine would freeze when switching Group or Sound with 3rd Party UI
    • FIXED An issue where Note Events in Patterns could not be resized to the left
    • FIXED An issue where Position and Start of Patterns were reset when loading a new Group / Kit without "+Patterns" enabled
    • FIXED An issue where Piano Roll and Pad Mode were not aligned on the HW screens
    • FIXED An issue the Scene Page Bank would not refresh correctly after undoing a Scene duplication
    • FIXED An issue where the waveform remained static on the controller screen when zooming
    • FIXED An issue where the first beat was skipped when live looping

    2.11.0 - 2020-08-20

    Introducing background scanning for content Products

    Scanning of content products (Kontakt and Reaktor libraries, Expansions, Presets and Samples) now occurs in the background, allowing both applications to be used immediately when launched.
    A running scan is indicated by a spinning / loading icon on the library tabs as well as in the preference page. Manual re-scanning is also not possible while an automatic scan is in progress.

    • VST and AU scanning still requires a restart and present a scan dialogue
    • Some interactions such as editing tags or using the search bar may not be possible while a scan is running
    • CHANGED In the Song View, the default for the loop state was changed from "on" to "off"
    • IMPROVED Minor aesthetic changes to the info bar on the hardware color displays
    • FIXED Sampling mode not working as expected
    • FIXED Using MASCHINE as a plug-in with missing content creates a grey rectangle when loading a project in a host application
    • FIXED Files with "#" in the name can't be dragged and dropped
    • FIXED Incorrect behaviour of ERASE + PAD if the Pattern start is not 1:1:1
    • FIXED Copy / Paste not working as expected if the Pattern start is not 1:1:1
    • FIXED Piano Roll and note Length combinations on JAM causing the controller to become unresponsive
    • FIXED Mod Pack VST freezes Application
    • FIXED An issue where notes were placed at the 1:1:1 marker when having "Quantize" enabled and using Auto-Growing Patterns
    • FIXED An issue where the internal compressor of MASCHINE showed an unusual meter behaviour
    • FIXED An issue where the waveform color in the Sampling tab was not updated correctly when changing the color of a Sound

    2.10.1 - 2020-03-26

    • FIXED An issue where the first note was not quantized correctly when recording a pattern
    • FIXED An issue where Erase from hardware controllers did not work as expected when using Start-Offset
    • FIXED An issue where the LEDs on the Touchstrip would show the focussed scene instead of the scene played back
    • FIXED An issue where KOMPLETE KONTROL A-Series controllers would freeze when no group is focussed

    2.10.0 - 2020-03-11
    • ADDED Auto-Growing Patterns
      Upon creating a new Pattern, the length no longer needs to be defined in advance (still can be, but is optional). You can record into a Pattern as long as you like and after you are done recording, any silence at the end will automatically be trimmed to the nearest Bar (quantization can be adjusted via grid settings). After recording you can define the Start of your Pattern and Length, to pick the take or part of your recording that you liked best. This feature can be disabled in the preferences.
    • ADDED Pattern Start Position
      You can now define a Start-Offset for each Pattern. The above mentioned play range (set via Start and Length) can be freely moved throughout the Pattern via the Position marker from HW-Controllers or by dragging the loop range left and right in the Software.
    • ADDED Pattern Play Position indicated on the LED Touchstrip for MASCHINE MK3 and MASCHINE MIKRO MK3 (when Touchstrip is not used otherwise)
    • FIXED a problem where Multi-Outputs of MASCHINE 2 were not working correctly in Pro Tools
    • FIXED a crash when loading Meteoric Rise: Tomahawk Kit and creating a Pattern
    • FIXED a crash/error message "project could not be saved" when switching between Audio-Module and Sampler
    • FIXED a crash when opening projects from the "Open recent" tab in the file menu

    Patch status explanation
    • specification - the changes to the software are defined, including details of new features and the list of fixes.
    • in development - the code of the software is being worked on by the developers.
    • beta testing - the new version is checked by a testing group for functionality, stability and compatibility.
    • final testing - the update goes through a final series of standardized tests prior to release.
    2.9.2 - 2020-01-24
    • FIXED Intermittent crash during scanning of PACE signed plug-ins
    • FIXED MASCHINE MIKRO MK3 sends no MIDI from transport buttons in Host Transport Control mode

    2.9.1 - 2019-12-10
    • FIXED Some NKS plug-ins not showing in the Browser
    • FIXED Loading a Reaktor preset with JAM and MASCHINE MIKRO MK3 freezes the software
    • FIXED Muted groups change colour whilst scrolling

    2.8.7 - 2019-10-02
    Note: It has not been possible to record automation from NI hardware controllers in Logic Pro X since version 10.4.5. Apple have confirmed that the issue will be fixed in a future update to Logic Pro X.
    • FIXED Audio Unit plug-ins can be hosted correctly

    2.8.6 - 2019-09-19
    • ADDED Controller Editor support for MASCHINE MIKRO MK3
    • ADDED visual feedback for modulated parameters on MASCHINE MK3 and Studio
    • ADDED reorganise Groups and Sounds using SHIFT in PAD MODE on MASCHINE MK3
    • ADDED set Pattern, Sound, Group and Scene colors from MASCHINE MK3 and Studio
    • IMPROVED playhead focus follows when switching between Ideas and Arranger views
    • FIXED pads switch to Pad Mode when BROWSER is pressed on MASCHINE MIKRO MK3
    • FIXED MIDI input device settings not saved
    • FIXED intermittent Sounds.com folder startup scan issues
    • FIXED "Percussion Kettle" drumsynth sound fades after a few loops

    2.8.5 - 2019-08-08

    • FIXED Some Audio Unit (AU) effects saved in a project or group by previous Maschine versions, failed to load in Maschine 2.8.4
    • KNOWN ISSUE Presets and groups for some Audio Unit (AU) effects saved in 2.8.4 only may not load in future versions of Maschine

    2.8.4 - 2019-07-18
    Note: In the most recent update of Logic Pro X (10.4.6) it is not possible to record automation from NI hardware controllers. The issue is not related to this software update, and we will release a fix shortly.
    • FIXED Audio Unit plug-ins can be hosted correctly
    • FIXED MASCHINE Jam no longer crashes when using snapshots
    • FIXED It is possible to Cancel / Save / Discard from MASCHINE MK2 and MK1 hardware
    • FIXED Preferences > "Ignore All" now works as expected
    • FIXED All Aux channels in Mixer are now visible

    2.8.3 - 2019-06-20
    Note: In the most recent update of Logic Pro X (10.4.5) it is not possible to record automation from NI hardware controllers. The issue is not related to this software update, and we will release a fix shortly.
    • ADDED Sounds.com integration - "Releases" can now be synced and downloaded content will display the original artwork
    • IMPROVED Sample Dragging - drag and drop a sample into the waveform area of the Sampler to load it
    • IMPROVED Trigger Audio Loops - press a pad to trigger sound from an Audio Plug-In without the transport running
    • IMPROVED Product Scanning & Remapping
      -Hang on startup fixed
      -Scanning & remapping speed increased
      -Stability improvements
      -There is an "Update" button to migrate former "Sub-Sub-Type" tags to "Character" tags in the user library
    • FIXED MIDI Sync Settings were not being saved correctly
    • FIXED Auditioning a single slice multiple times would result in polyphonic playback even if only one voice is active
    • FIXED Engine in Audio Plug-In would stay on stretch engine after importing sample
    • FIXED Group header UI had incorrect UI design. Names of selected Groups were unreadable
    • FIXED Drum Synths sounded different since version 2.8.0
    • FIXED Maschine was crashing when KK S-Series was connected to the computer
    • FIXED Maschine was crashing when loading a group with a JAM controller plugged in
    • FIXED Loading a Sample via the Files tab in the Browser wasn't stopping audio preview
    • FIXED Content on an external drive was scanned every time on app startup after connecting the drive
    • FIXED User samples were not being grouped by vendor correctly
    • FIXED the Audio Plug-In KPI View was showing the timeline in seconds instead of beats
    • FIXED Samples with edited vendor were placed in the 'Other' vendor category in the product tile view
    • FIXED It was possible that the Sounds.com directory could be scanned twice on startup
    • FIXED Newly installed products from Native Access were not being loaded into Maschine
    • FIXED On Windows, if the OS user name contained Multibyte characters, samples synced from sounds.com would not be tagged properly
    • FIXED Library path would not display Arabic Multibyte characters

    2.8.2 - 2019-03-28

    Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

    2.8.1 — 2019-03-06
    Maintenance release.
    • ADDED Support for KOMPLETE KONTROL M32 Hardware
    • FIXED Hardware Integration Agent losing contact to controllers when hosted in 3rd party DAWs
    • FIXED An issue where a popup would report "invalid Plugin ID" when a Plugin was not found
    • IMPROVED Stability improvements for using NKS sync via Sounds.com

    2.8.0 — 2019-02-21

    • ADDED Sounds.com Integration
      Browse on Sounds.com, create your own collections of loops and one-shots, and sync the collections with MASCHINE. To make use of this feature, you must enable the "Download to All NI Apps" feature on the Sounds.com website. This can be found in your account settings, which can be accessed at this URL: https://sounds.com/account/overview
    • CHANGED There is now a single button for toggling the Browser between the Factory and User Libraries
    • CHANGED Samples are now cataloged in separate Loops and One-shots tabs in the Browser
      For this version, all User Samples will be located in the One-shots tab of the Browser, regardless of whether they're tagged as Loops or One Shots.
    • IMPROVED Instruments, Loops, and One-Shots in the Factory Library will have their tags updated to the new NKS 1.5 format
    • ADDED Previews of loops selected in the Browser will be played in sync with the current project
      When a loop is selected with Prehear turned on, it will begin playing immediately in-sync with the project if transport is running. If a loop preview starts part-way through the loop, the loop will play once more for its full length to ensure you get to hear the entire loop once in context with your project.
    • IMPROVED Filters and product selections will be remembered when switching between content types and Factory/User Libraries in the Browser
    • ADDED Browser content synchronization between multiple running instances
      When running multiple instances of MASCHINE, either as Standalone and/or as a plug-in, updates to the Library will be synced across the instances. For example, if you delete a sample from your User Library in one instance, the sample will no longer be present in the other instances. Similarly, if you save a preset in one instance, that preset will then be available in the other instances, too.
    • ADDED Setting of Sample Start and End points from MASCHINE MIKRO MK3
      Fine adjustments can be made by holding SHIFT while rotating the encoder.
    • ADDED When Browsing with A-Series keyboards, you can now jump quickly to the results list by holding SHIFT and pushing right on the 4D Encoder
    • ADDED When Browsing with A-Series keyboards, you can fast scroll through the Browser results list by holding SHIFT and twisting the 4D Encoder
    • ADDED Mute and Solo Sounds & Groups from A-Series keyboards
      Sounds are muted in TRACK mode while Groups are muted in IDEAS.
    • ADDED Adjust Pattern Length with A-Series keyboards
      Press the 4D Encoder on a Pattern in IDEAS. Twist for 1 bar increments, or hold SHIFT and twist for finer increments. Press again to set.
    • ADDED Clear patterns from A-Series keyboards by holding SHIFT and pressing STOP
    • IMPROVED Authorization system upgraded to RAS3
      Existing RAS2 serial numbers will authenticate in the new RAS3 system automatically.
    • IMPROVED The LED feedback of the Pad Input Mode buttons has been improved for MASCHINE MIKRO MK3
    • IMPROVED Edits made to samples in the Factory Libraries will be saved to the Standard User Directory
    • FIXED MASCHINE would crash when connecting or disconnecting a microphone to the MASCHINE MK3
    • FIXED Pad Sensitivity was not saved for MIKRO MK3
    • FIXED Brightness slider would do nothing on MIKRO MK3
    • FIXED Could not change sounds while Browsing with Prehear disabled on MIKRO MK3
    • FIXED Pressing Undo on MASCHINE MK3 after recording a take now clears the waveform from display
    • FIXED Lit state of several buttons would appear stuck on MASCHINE MK2
    • FIXED KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series would show incorrect Lightguide state for some plug-ins

    2.7.10 - 2018-10-25
    Hotfix release:
    • FIXED No destructive time stretch controls on controller screens
    • FIXED KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series MK2 LEDs would blink when controlling Logic Pro X
    • FIXED Crash at startup on some systems when system output device name has Japanese characters
    • FIXED Tapping unselected pads while Prehear is on would select the pads

    2.7.9 - 2018-10-22

    New in Maschine 2.7.9
    • ADDED Support for KOMPLETE KONTROL A-Series hardware
    • ADDED MASCHINE MIKRO MK3: ability to set focused parameter from the software
    • ADDED Edit Tab to Audio plug-in
      Like the Sampler plug-in, you can now perform destructive audio edits to loops loaded into the Audio plug-in via the new Edit tab.
    • ADDED Usable Play Range for Audio plug-in
      In the Edit tab of the Audio plug-in, there are now Playable Range Start and End markers which can be used to isolate only a portion of the loaded audio file that you wish to loop. The timeline along the top of the waveform now shows musical units rather than samples.
    • ADDED Items can now be dragged from the Browser to external locations
    Fixed Issues:
    • FIXED Audio plug-in waveforms on the hardware Pattern screens didn't update when changing the Pattern Length
    • FIXED Edit tools could appear in the Sampler plug-in even with no sample loaded
    • FIXED When the Section page was pinned on MASCHINE MK3 or STUDIO, pressing and releasing DUPLICATE would incorrectly recall the Scene page

    Maschine 2.7.8 - 2018-09-13
    • ADDED Support for KOMPLETE KONTROL S88 MK2
    • ADDED Support for the new MASCHINE MIKRO MK3 Hardware
    • IMPROVED WASAPI performance in Windows 10
    • FIXED WASAPI playback wouldn't work on Surface One with internal speakers
    • FIXED Incorrect Font Size on wavedisplay in software UI
    • FIXED Potential crash in Audio plug-in when using high sample rates
    • KNOWN ISSUE When using the MASCHINE MIKRO MK3 in Step mode, it is not possible to enter steps if the browser results list is being displayed on the screen
    Maschine Factory Library 1.3.2 - 2018-07-25
    • ADDED Previews for Kits and Sounds

    Maschine 2.7.7 - 2018-07-25
    • ADDED Previews for Group Kits and Sounds
      All Kits and Sounds in the MASCHINE Factory Library now have previews. In order to make them work, you will need to update your Factory Library to version 1.3.2 or newer via NATIVE ACCESS.
    • ADDED "Formant" engine to Audio plug-in
      When transposing the pitch of a loop in the Audio plug-in, the new "Formant" mode will attempt to preserve the formants which can help keep vocals sounding natural. It can help prevent the cartoonish sounds that can occur when transposing up or down.
    • IMPROVED Audio plug-in Loop recording workflow
      The Audio plug-in now stops any previous Take it was playing when recording to a new Take or new Pattern. This prevents hearing the previous Take playing back while trying to record the new Take.
    • IMPROVED Tempo embedded in Audio recordings
      MASCHINE now writes both the Tempo and Loop tags to recordings made with Loop mode. Tempo is written into recordings made in Sync mode. These recordings will therefore always be in sync with the project when loading them into an Audio plug-in.
    • IMPROVED Bouncing and Exporting of Audio
      When you drag a bounced audio file from the Pattern Editor dragger to a Sound Slot or Group, MASCHINE will now load this into an Audio plug-in instead of a Sampler. Additionally, when Bouncing or Exporting loop content from MASCHINE, the Loop tag and Project Tempo will now be written into the files. MASCHINE will read this tempo when later loading this file into the Audio plug-in.
    • CHANGED Pattern Editor workflows
      The number of tools available in the software for editing the Patterns has been reduced due to redundant functionality. Instead of an arrow, a pencil, and an eraser, there is now just a pencil tool which can be toggled on and off. When the pencil is off, the mouse will behave as it did when using the arrow tool (and the mouse will look like a normal arrow in this mode). When the pencil is on, this enables the same pencil/paint functionality as before (and the mouse will look like a pencil when in this mode).
    • IMPROVED Pattern Editor Keycommands
      -W = toggle between "Group View" and "Keyboard View"
      -S = toggle "Sampling View" on/off
      -E = toggle "Pencil/Paint" on/off
    • IMPROVED Count-in Recording
      Can now engage count-in recording from the software while the playhead is moving via Command + Shift + Space (Mac) or Ctrl + Shift + Space (Windows).
    • IMPROVED The "Always Use Latest Version of NI Plug-ins" preference now also applies to projects
      If a project was saved using older versions of plug-ins, such as older versions of REAKTOR or KONTAKT, the newest installed versions will be used when loading the project while this preference enabled. If the preference is off, MASCHINE will attempt to load using the versions originally used when creating the project. Additionally, if only newer versions of the required plug-ins are installed on the system, the newer versions will be used even if this preference is turned off.
    • CHANGED MIDI Change and Scene/Section Retrigger locations
      MIDI Change (where you assign MIDI messages for changing Scenes, Sections, and Locks) is now accessed through the Edit menu. Scene & Section Retrigger options are now found at the bottom of the the Perform Grid drop-down menu. The "gear" icon in the Global Header where these options used to be accessed has now been removed.
    • FIXED Cubase, and possibly some other hosts, could crash when unloading MASCHINE from a track or when quitting
    • FIXED Crash/hang when changing Audio Interface to ASIO and back to WASAPI
    • FIXED QuickBrowse is not working when pressing the magnifying glass button on the hardware
    • FIXED Audio might not play when switching between Loop mode and Gate mode if there are overlapping MIDI notes
    • FIXED Applying Randomizer disables Audio plug-in for the Pattern
    • FIXED Reverb isn't working at certain sample rates
    • FIXED Single Scene Export is slightly too long
    • FIXED Enabling/Disabling MIDI Ports via MK3 Settings page didn't take effect until opening and closing the Preferences in the software
    • FIXED One of two MASCHINE instances crashing when turning on a connected MASCHINE MK3
    • FIXED Resizing a selection of multiple notes would depend on speed of mouse movement
    • FIXED Displaying the Sampling area would create an undo step
    • FIXED Mouse could sometimes freeze when deleting automation lines via double-click
    • FIXED Automation handles would sometimes freeze when dragging with the select tool
    • FIXED Selected type tags would overlap with the "Types" label when collapsed
    • FIXED When copying note events via Alt + mouse drag, the currently selected note event could sometimes appear behind overlapping notes
    • FIXED Contrast setting in software preferences for Maschine MK2/Mikro MK2 controller was broken
    • FIXED Exported audio loops would sometimes be slightly too long
    • FIXED Audio plug-in would sometimes stop playing when switching between Loop and Gate mode during playback, especially if the Pattern contains overlapping notes
    • FIXED On MASCHINE MK2, the "Browse" screen would look incorrect when pressing "Shift"

    2.7.6 - 2018-04-24
    The "+PATTERN" and "+ROUTING" toggle buttons are not available when loading Groups from the MASCHINE MK1 and MK2 controllers

    2.7.5 - 2018-04-20
    FIXED Re-pitch speed problem

    Fixed a bug where the Re-pitch engine plays at the wrong speed when there is a sample rate mis-match between the Audio Interface and the audio file loaded in the Audio plug-in

    2.7.4 - 2018-04-18
    ADDED “Target” parameter to the Loop recording mode of the Sampling Page

    This parameter determines what should be done with a new recording when the recording is complete. “Take” simply adds the new recording to the Take list of the current plug-in, “Sound” puts the new recording into an Audio plug-in in the next unoccupied Sound Slot (useful for layering the recording with whatever else is in the current Pattern, like a guitar looper pedal), and “Pattern” puts the new recording into an Audio plug-in in the next unoccupied Sound Slot AND additionally creates a new Pattern where only this loop is being played (useful for capturing different versions of a part and quickly reviewing them by switching Patterns).

    ADDED "Looper" workflow to MASCHINE JAM
    This feature automates the use of the new Target parameter for fast sampling and layering. Holding the IN 1 button enables this new Loop Recording mode (it’s also helpful to pin this mode on by holding IN 1 and pressing the SONG button). While this new Loop Recording mode is active, pressing an existing Pattern will trigger a recording of a new loop which is then added as a new Sound in the existing Pattern; doing this repeatedly allows you to quickly layer recordings on top of each other. Alternatively, pressing an empty Pattern button will trigger a recording and will then place that recording in a new Sound Slot AND a new Pattern will be created where only the new loop is playing back. When pressing the IN 1 button, External Input 1 is selected as the source for the recording. Pressing GRP while in the Loop Recording mode will select the focused Group as the source. Pressing MST will select MASCHINE’s Master output as the source (for resampling what is currently playing).

    ADDED Footswitch control of Sampling
    When in the Sampling page or when the Loop Recording mode is enabled on MASCHINE JAM, a connected footswitch can be used to control recording. Pressing the footswitch will arm a recording according to the current settings. Pressing the footswitch again before recording has actually started will cancel the recording. If recording is in progress, pressing the footswitch once will stop the recording—double-pressing will abort the recording (any recorded audio to that point will be discarded). If the recording is complete, holding the footswitch down for a few moments will trigger Undo so you can try another take.

    IMPROVED Automatic tempo detection of the Audio plug-in
    The algorithm now chooses a tempo that’s closest to your current project tempo. For example, if your project tempo is 170 BPM and you load a loop which should be 174 BPM, MASCHINE will now set the Source Tempo as 174 BPM instead of 87 BPM as it did previously.

    ADDED “Re-pitch” engine mode to the Audio plug-in
    This engine simply retunes/repitches the loop (like speeding up or slowing down a record) to make it conform to the Project tempo. This mode requires significantly less CPU power than the default mode, but you will not be able to retune the loop at all (any pitches programmed in Gate mode will be ignored—only the timing of the programmed notes will be used to gate the playing audio).

    ADDED Ableton Live DAW Integration for MASCHINE MK3
    Mixer and basic DAW Control. Access Ableton Live Mixer via MASCHINE MK3 hardware: Volume, Pan, Mute / Solo / Arm states are visible on screens. Also access essential controls: Play / Stop / Record / Session record, Clip Navigation, Launch & Record, Quantize, Undo / Redo, Automation Toggle, Tap Tempo, and Loop Toggle.

    IMPROVED Recorded Takes are now saved and recalled as part of the Project

    ADDED Automatic external audio recording latency compensation
    This compensation will be in effect when recording from an External Input and with the Monitoring parameter turned Off. The system currently works based upon the overall latency reported by the selected audio interface.

    REMOVED Right-click removal of Events in the Pattern Editor
    In this version, the normal context menu is now opened on right-click. Events can still be deleted using a double-click as well as using the "Paint" and "Erase" tools.

    CHANGED Right-click behavior in the Arranger
    In this version, right-click no longer removes Patterns from Scenes. It now opens a context menu with many useful options for arranging.

    IMPROVED Behavior and cursor icons for resizing Events in the Pattern Editor
    The active area for resizing Events is also increased.

    FIXED Prelisten controls would disappear on the Samples tab of the User Library

    FIXED It wasn’t possible to Quick Edit notes on the MASCHINE JAM

    FIXED Recording Settings would remain disabled if you cancel the recording during the waiting period before recording actually starts

    FIXED The BPM and Swing values in the header would not update their values when loading a new Project

    FIXED Duplicate would actually duplicate note events even if none were selected

    Version 2.7.3 - 2018-04-05
    Audio Plug-in Improvements.

    • ADDED The ability to enable and disable Audio plug-in playback per Pattern when in LOOP mode. Double-clicking the waveform will toggle playback for the selected Pattern. Alternatively, the loops can be enabled or disabled via the STEP page on the hardware controllers
    • ADDED A LOOP recording mode to the Record tab, and the Record tab is now available for both Sampler and Audio plug-ins. When choosing the new LOOP mode, the start of recording will be quantized to the start of the Pattern. Furthermore, when the recording is complete, the loop will automatically be loaded into an Audio plug-in and will immediately begin playback

    MASCHINE MK3 Improvements.

    • ADDED Event Editing on MASCHINE MK3 with 4-Directional Encoder. Select, nudge, pitch-shift and change the length of notes with the 4-Directional Encoder in the events window (on hardware screens)
    • ADDED Apple Logic DAW Integration for MASCHINE MK3 - Mixer and basic DAW Control. Access Logic Mixer via MASCHINE MK3 hardware (Volume, Pan, Mute / Solo states are visible on screens). Access Essential Controls: Play / Stop / Record, Quantize, Undo / Redo, Automation Toggle, Tap Tempo, and Loop Toggle


    • ADDED Ideas View on MASCHINE MK3 and MASCHINE Studio
    • CHANGED It is now possible to record events directly in the EVENTS Page (MASCHINE MK3 and MASCHINE Studio)
    • ADDED Additional Scales from KOMPLETE KONTROL into MASCHINE
    • ADDED Loading of PerformFX at the end of a Group plug-in chain
    • FIXED An issue that broke Pattern Duplicate on the MASCHINE MIKRO
    • FIXED An issue where the MASCHINE Transport Loop would influence Ideas View playback when hosted in a DAW
    • FIXED A crash that could occur when zooming horizontally in the Arranger with special characters in Section names
    • FIXED Controller hanging when accessing side-chain parameters (PLUG-IN page)
    • FIXED Issues regarding renaming Scenes and Sections
    • REMOVED 32-bit versions of standalone application and plug-in
    • ADDED Velocity Curves to Controller Editor for MASCHINE MK3
    • REMOVED The modal dialog at startup that suggests to download sound preview files from Native Access. The preview files are still available for installation in Native Access
    • CHANGED Clear Auto now removes Automation Events from the focus Pattern rather than Automation Parameters
    • CHANGED KOMPLETE KONTROL MK2: Pressing CLEAR also removes Automation Events (PATTERN page)

    Version 2.7.2 - 2017-12-21

    • Fixed an issue on the KOMPLETE KONTROL MK2 where the screens could become unresponsive after adjusting the Source parameters of an Audio plug-in.
    Version 2.7.1 - 2017-12-18
    • Fixed an issue where PATTERN+DUPLICATE and SCENE+DUPLICATE on MASCHINE MK3 would duplicate Sounds rather than the intended Patterns or Scenes

    • Fixed an issue that could cause the KOMPLETE KONTROL MK2 screens to respond slowly to user input

    • Fixed an issue which had unintentionally blocked the operability of Instrument previews in the User Library
    Version 2.7.0 - 2017-12-14

    “Audio” plug-in:

    This new plug-in is used for synchronized playback of an audio loop in a Pattern. It will apply time-stretching in real-time to ensure that the loop plays in sync with your Project, even if you change the Project Tempo while playing. Each Audio plug-in can play only one audio loop at a time, but multiple Audio plug-ins can be loaded in order to layer multiple loops together.

    Attempting to load a sample into an empty Sound Slot will result in that sample being loaded into an Audio plug-in if that sample has been tagged with "Loops". You can also select the Audio plug-in directly, then load any sample file into it. It is also possible to change the Sampler to an Audio plug-in and vice versa -- the audio sample will remain in the Sound Slot even as you change the plug-in type.

    Upon loading into the Audio plug-in, MASCHINE will attempt to determine the length and tempo of the audio loop by assuming that the loop is cut to a proper length (like 4 bars long). If needed, the detected length and tempo can be edited so the audio loop plays properly in sync.

    The Audio plug-in has two modes:
    LOOP is the default setting where the loaded loop will play continuously whenever there is an active Pattern in the Group. You can see the audio waveform in the Pattern Editor to understand how the loop aligns with the Pattern.

    GATE is similar to the LOOP mode where the loaded loop will play continuously. However, the loop will only be audible in locations where you place Notes in the Pattern. Furthermore, the pitch of the loop will be transposed based on the Note's pitch (e.g. Note C3 will play the sample at its original pitch, while C4 plays the sample one octave higher than normal).

    MASCHINE MK3 Improvements (Requires FW 1.4.1):
    • Route the Line Outputs to the Headphones from within the software or from the hardware
    • Increased pad sensitivity
    • Adjust screen, button and pad brightness directly from the hardware
    • Adjust audio interface and MIDI settings directly from the hardware
    • Adjust pad sensitivity control directly from the hardware
    • Fixed a velocity issue that could occur when hitting multiple pads at a time (Requires FW 1.4.1)
    • Fixed an issue where multiple events would be generated for one hit on the pads (Requires FW 1.4.1)

    Additional improvements and fixes:
    • The File > Export menu option now allows exporting Scenes from the Ideas View

    • You can now perform a “vertical zoom” on the contents of the Pattern editor, essentially doubling the height of the lanes for each Sound Slot or Note, by double-clicking on the vertical scroll bar in the Pattern Editor or by turning knob 7 when viewing the Pattern Editor on MASCHINE STUDIO and MK3 controllers. The zoom is independent between software and hardware. You can also set the default Sound Lane Height in the preferences.

    • Fixed an issue where the Flanger did not save/restore Source setting
    Version 2.6.11 - 2017-11-28
    MK3 - Phones and Line Output routing options, adjusting HW preferences directly from the hardware and pad performance optimisation (Requires FW 1.4.1).
    • ADDED Route the Line Outputs to the Headphones from within the software or from the hardware
    • ADDED Increased pad sensitivity
    • ADDED Adjust screen, button and pad brightness directly from the hardware
    • ADDED Adjust audio interface and MIDI settings directly from the hardware
    • ADDED Adjust pad sensitivity control directly from the hardware
    • FIXED Velocity issues when hitting multiple pads at a time (Requires FW 1.4.1)
    • FIXED Multiple events for one hit on the pads (Requires FW 1.4.1)
    Version 2.6.10 - 2017-10-25
    Hotfix update
    • ADDED Ableton Live template scripts
    • FIXED Group input and MIDI routing errors
    • FIXED General stability for MASCHINE MK3 and KOMPLETE

    Version 2.6.9 - 2017-09-28


    • Support for the new MASCHINE MK3 Hardware
    • Support for KOMPLETE KONTROL S49 and S61 MK2 hardware
    • Revised User Interface for MASCHINE STUDIO and MASCHINE MK3

    • Bass Synth user presets are now written with the correct tag for browsing
    • Switching to midi mode on MASCHINE JAM while using the Smart Strip could lead to hanging notes
    • Navigation to the "+" in the plug-in chain is now possible via the pads on MASCHINE MIKRO
    • In some cases the Randomizer didn't fully respect the set scale
    • Audio level meters were incorrectly being shown on the Duplicate page of MASCHINE STUDIO
    • A potential freeze which could sometimes occur when trying to delete Scene Bank 1
    • A crash which could occur when repeatedly right-clicking on the “+” button in the Mixer view
    • On STUDIO, it was possible to navigate to Page Bank 0 which caused cosmetic issues
    • An issue where some new MASCHINE Expansion Packs would not respect their activation when MASCHINE was running in 32-bit mode
    • On Windows, there was an issue syncing the time signature between the MASCHINE plug-in and its host application

    Version 2.6.8 - 2017-08-21
    New in Maschine 2.6.8:
    • Bass Synth for MASCHINE
    • This is MASCHINE's first internal synthesizer. You can find all the important parameters for shaping your sound on the first parameter page. On the 2nd page, you can find the glide parameter, which works especially well if you modulate it.
    • On MASCHINE JAM, the upper row of the PIANO ROLL is where you program glides similar to a well known bass synthesizer with internal sequencer. This only works for the Bass Synth.
    • Isomorphic keyboard layout for MASCHINE JAM
    • MASCHINE JAM now offers an alternative layout to play melodies. It is more intuitive and can be learned easily. Simply touch the encoder while in KEYBOARD mode to expose the on-screen overlay and set the PAD LAYOUT parameter to "ISOMORPH”.

    Fixed Issues:
    • MASCHINE crashed in rare cases while saving a project
    • MASCHINE JAM could freeze when switching instances while using the smart strips
    • MASCHINE JAM PERFORM FX potentially stayed engaged when changing group focus while using PERFORM FX
    • In some cases the Randomizer did not respect the set scale

    Version 2.6.7 Hotfix - 2017-07-19
    • FIXED an issue where, when loading a project, it was possible that not all samples would load and no error message about the missing samples would be shown.

    Version 2.6.6 - 2017-07-03

    Ideas View Improvements Release.
    • ADDED Drag-to-Reorder/Duplicate Scenes in Ideas View
      You can drag Scenes left or right to re-order them at the top of the Ideas View. This is purely a visual feature which does not affect the current Arrangement. You can also hold ALT (or CTRL on PC) to perform a drag-and-duplicate to quickly make new instances of Scenes before experimenting with new Pattern combinations.
    • ADDED Drag-to-Reorder/Duplicate Groups in Ideas View
      As in the Arranger view, it's now possible to drag the Groups left and right in the Ideas view to re-order them. Furthermore, by holding ALT (or CTRL on PC), you can drag-and-duplicate Groups to quickly make additional layers or secondary Groups for sound experimentation.
    • ADDED Drag-and-drop content onto Groups in Ideas View
      As in the Arranger view, it's now possible to load new content from the Browser onto Groups in the Ideas View. Simply drag the content onto the Group name at the bottom of the Ideas View.
    • ADDED Set Macro in Software
      Simply right-click on the name of a control (the text below the knob, switch, or menu) and choose 'Create Master/Group/Sound Macro' to add a Macro control to the Master, Group, or Sound level, or choose 'Remove Master/Group/Sound Macro' to remove the control from the current Macro list.
    • ADDED 'Manage Products…' option in the File menu
      Use this to launch Native Access in order to install a new KONTAKT NKS library or instrument. After authorization and installation, the new product will be available for use in MASCHINE's Browser.
    • FIXED Pressing up on keyboard while focused on an empty cell in the top row of the Ideas view would create a Pattern
    • FIXED When pinning the DUPLICATE or AUTO page on JAM, this would also cause the view to toggle between Ideas and Arranger
    • FIXED SHIFT+SCENE did not toggle Ideas/Arranger views when the Duplicate page was pinned on
    • FIXED Dragging MIDI export from the Pattern Editor into a new Pattern
    • FIXED Playhead would not always wrap to beginning of Scene until host playback was started
    • FIXED Scale Type was not retained when dragging an Instrument/Sound/Sample to the '+' in the Arranger View
    • FIXED Events erased via ERASE+GROUP were still being played back
    • FIXED The wrong sample would sometimes be loaded when dragging in new samples from the Files tab of the Browser
    • KNOWN ISSUE Loading items with ENTER in the Browser Results List
      When MASCHINE is hosted as a plug-in, it is not possible to load items from the Browser Results List using ENTER on the computer keyboard.
    • KNOWN ISSUE The focus-follow is broken when mixing 32/64bit plugins
      MASCHINE and KOMPLETE KONTROL focus-follow features do not support combined 32bit/64bit plug-ins in a session. Both MASCHINE and KOMPLETE KONTROL plug-in instances must be 64bit for the focus-follow features to work correctly.
    • KNOWN ISSUE Resizing issues on dual screen
      REAKTOR window cannot be resized if MASCHINE is being used in a dual screen setup where the primary window is larger than the secondary window.
    • KNOWN ISSUE MASCHINE cannot be installed on case-sensitive file systems
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