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  1. Mick @ NI

    Mick @ NI Banaholic NI Team

    This thread provides information about Traktor Pro 3. It will be updated whenever new information becomes available.

    Please make sure that your installation is up to date.


    3.2.0 - 2019-07-01
    TRAKTOR PRO 3.2.0 comprises a set of features in the domain of harmonic mixing, which when used together open up a whole new world of harmonically matching songs.
    • ADDED Elastique 3.3.0 Time Stretching
      The Elastique time-stretching algorithms have been updated to the newest version 3.3.0. Your tracks will sound more present, and transients will maintain their definition when pitching up or down.
    • ADDED New Key Widget replacing former Key Lock button
      This new widget prominently provides the core features for harmonic mixing all in one place: Key Lock on/off, colored resulting key display, and semitone up/down controls. The new visual appearance can be toggled on/off in the preferences.
    • ADDED Semitone up/down key control in Key Widget
      When engaging Key Lock the Key Widget displays semitone up/down buttons, enabling you to pitch the track up down the track in musically-relevant steps.
    • ADDED Display of resulting key in Key Widget
      When engaging Key Lock the button displays the original key of the playing track in the notation of your choice. This enables you to find the next matching track easily be following the rules of harmonic mixing.
    • ADDED Display offset between resulting and original in Key Widget
      When engaging Key Lock the button below the resulting key displays the offset from the track's original key in steps of semitones. This enables you to avoid offsets that are too large, which may result in audio degradation.
    • ADDED Optionally display resulting key in Deck Header
      The resulting key can also be displayed in the deck header, by selecting the option "Resulting Key" in the Deck Header section of the "Track Decks" Preferences tab. This value also displays the resulting key without engaging key lock, by showing the closest full semitone along with the current offset in cents.
    • ADDED Highlight for tracks matching the MASTER deck's key
      When engaging Key Lock on the current Master Deck, all matching keys will be highlighted in the browser, enabling you to select the next matching song in your set. How exactly the keys are highlighted can be personalized in a preference setting.
    • ADDED Option to personalise highlighting of key color in browser
      A new preference option in the "Browser" tab of the preferences allows you to customize the way, matching keys will be highlighted in the key column of the browser.
    • ADDED Quantised semitone up/down controls on S4 MK3
      The new quantised semitone control provided by the Key Widget has been applied to the Key Control on the S4MK3. This way shift + right encoder on the S4 now snaps to the closest full semitone.
    • ADDED Display quantized resulting key on S4 MK3
      The way the resulting key is displayed on the S4 MK3 has also been aligned with the Key Widget on the UI of TRAKTOR PRO.
    • ADDED S4 MK3 headphone volume boost by +6dB
      This version of TRAKTOR asks you to update your S4MK3 to firmware 060, which features a boost of the S4's headphone volume by +6dB.
    • FIXED Sync offset when changing key offset
      Tracks no longer drift out of phase when changing the key offset on synced decks.
    • FIXED Engaging Key Lock does not reset Key Offset
      When engaging Key Lock, a potential key offset is now always reset to ensure that the track plays in the original key.
    • FIXED Disable key dropdown for locked tracks in Edit pane
      It is no longer possible to change the key of locked tracks in the Edit pane.
    • FIXED LE flavour always shows parallel waveforms
      The LE flavour of TRAKTOR now correctly allows users to disable parallel waveforms.
    • FIXED Last visible layout overwrites first layout in list after restart
      The last visible layout before shutting down the application no longer overwrites the first layout in the layout manager.
    • FIXED Advanced panel visibility not recalled after restart
      The visibility of the Advanced Panels is now correctly restored when restarting the application.
    • FIXED Runtime crashes (Win)
      Runtime crashes related to writing metadata tags occurring on Windows have been fixed.
    • FIXED Runtime crashes (Mac)
      Runtime crashes related to writing metadata tags occurring on macOS have been fixed.

    3.1.1 - 2019-02-22
    Traktor Pro 3.1.1 fixes an issue in version 3.1.0, which led to possible crashes on macOS.
    • FIXED Crash when saving metadata to MP3 files with empty Artist and Title fields
      This version no longer crashes when editing the Artist or Title field, when loading tracks with empty Artist or Title fields into deck, or when analysing such tracks.

    3.1.0 - 2019-02-21
    TRAKTOR PRO 3.1 sees the introduction of parallel waveforms, single-deck Preparation view, a “duplicate” option in the Layout Manager, overmapping for the S8 and D2, as well as tooltips, improvements to track analysis, a number of bugfixes and a new firmware version that allows the S4MK3 to be used as a standalone mixer.
    • ADDED Parallel Waveforms
      Two new deck size “Parallel Full” and “Parallel Slim” have been added, which optionally replace the side by side waveforms by stacked ones. The parallel options can be enabled for decks A & B and decks C & D separately in the preferences. A layout preset “Parallel” will be added to the user’s list layouts..
    • ADDED Single Deck View
      The number of visible decks can now be set to “1”, which provides a single deck view with the waveform spreading across the full width of the screen to be used for set preparation. A layout preset “Preparation” will be added to the user’s list of layouts.
    • ADDED Duplicate in Layout Manager
      A button allowing to duplicate an existing layout has been added to the Layout preferences.
    • ADDED Custom Mapping for S8 and D2
      Individual controls on the Kontrol S8 and the Kontrol D2 can now be custom mapped (over-mapped) via the Controller Manager.
    • ADDED Non-Destructive File Handling
      A set of options called “Tag writing mode” has been added to the File Management preferences to configure which types of metadata Traktor does write and does not write into the audio files.
    • ADDED Tooltips in Preferences and a toggle icon in Application Header
      Tooltips are now also available for all preferences panels. Tooltips can be switched on/off in the Global Settings preferences as well as the Global Section.
    • IMPROVED Insert new track to analysis queue
      A new un-analysed track loaded into a deck is now prioritized over an analysis queue running in the background.
    • FIXED S4: Switching Jog Mode affects Tension
      Switching between JOG and TT mode on S4MK3 will no longer affect the jog wheel’s tension.
    • FIXED S4: Haptic Nudges affect Sound during Forward Spins
      Haptic nudging will no longer affect sound of forward spins on the S4MK3.
    • FIXED D2/S8: Sample Pitch Control Broken
      The sample pitch control via the display knobs is functional again on KONTROL D2/S8.
    • FIXED Keyboard Shortcuts non-functional when exiting Preferences or dialogs
      The search string in the upper right corner of the browser pane has been grown bigger to improve its readability.
    • FIXED Search by KEY broken

      Search by KEY via the refined search dropdown is functional.
    • ADDED S4MK3 Standalone Mode
      S4MK3 can be used as standalone mixer without a computer connected with the latest firmware.
    • IMPROVED S4 MK3 HP Volume
      S4MK3’s headphone volume is increased by +6dB in HP-MIX center position with the latest firmware version.

    3.0.2 - 2018-12-06

    TRAKTOR PRO 3.0.2 is a maintenance update with some important bug fixes and some great new features for Pro 3, S4 and S2 users.
    • ADDED Custom Mapping for S4MK3 and S2MK3
      Individual controls on the S4MK3 and the S2MK3 can now be custom mapped (over-mapped) via the Controller Manager, in the same manner as it is possible for S4MK2 and S2MK2.
    • ADDED Touchless (CDJ) Mode for S4MK3
      The touch of the S4MK3 can now optionally be disabled in JOG mode by pressing the JOG button a second time.
    • ADDED Touchless (CDJ) Mode for S2MK3
      The touch of the S2MK3 jog wheel can now optionally be disabled in the S2MK3 preferences.
    • ADDED Fully Configurable Internal and External Mixer Modes
      In the Mixer Preferences, the Internal and External Mixer modes can now be individually configured in all their essential parts such as...
      • enable/disable the Master Volume control
      • fully bypass the internal EQ and Gain stages
      • bypass or enable the Mixer FX
      • enable/disable Auto Gain
      • choose the Limiter type
      • enable/disable the Limiter
      • choose the appropriate Headroom
      • apply or ignore the Headroom on the Channel Meters
    • ADDED Align S4MK3 Channel Meters to SW Meters
      The meters on the S4MK3 mixer channels are now aligned to the software channel meters independently from the headroom settings.
    • ADDED S4MK3 Tempo Reset in TT Mode
      The Tempo Reset function is now available in TT Mode on the S4MK3.
    • ADDED New Browser Column for "File Name"
      For supporting music management tasks, a new browser column has been added showing only the file name without the leasing file path.
    • ADDED Updated S4MK3 Firmware Check
      Version 3.0.2 now checks for the latest S4MK3 firmware, which is version 0.5.0.
    • ADDED TagLib 1.11.1 Support
      The version of the included TagLib library responsible for most metadata handling has been updated to version 1.11.1.
    • IMPROVED S4MK3 Key Lock Screen Widget
      The status of key lock is now better visualised in the S4MK3 screens via a clearly visible dot instead of a color shade.
    • IMPROVED Readability of Search
      The search string in the upper right corner of the browser pane has been grown bigger to improve its readability.
    • CHANGED Internal Mixer Headroom Default to -3dB
      The new default for Internal Mixer mode is now -3dB to ensure club standard levels on the main and the headphone output.
    • FIXED Sync Offset when Enabling Key Lock
      Sync is now perfectly maintained again when enabling key lock with Elastique 3.
    • FIXED S4MK3 Jog Touch Occasionally not Released
      The S4MK3 jog touch is now released under any circumstances when lifting off the hand.
    • FIXED Updated S2MK3 ASIO drivers
      The S2MK3 ASIO drivers have been slightly reworked and updated.
    • FIXED Audio Artefacts when SHIFT+Nudging the Jog Wheel on S4MK3
      The S4MK3 no longer produces audio artefacts when accidentally SHIFT+nudging the jog wheel.
    • FIXED LED not following backspin on S4MK3
      The LED now follows the motion of the backspin on the S4MK3 also when lifting off the hand.
    • FIXED Misleading Reset Visualisation on SYNCED deck
      The SYNC/Reset button on a synced deck now stays off when pressing SHIFT to visualise that there is no available command.
    • FIXED Misleading Tempo Lock Visualisation in TT Mode
      The Tempo Lock visualisation has been disabled in TT Mode, because this function is currently not available in TT Mode.
    • FIXED Haptic Ticks when adjusting Tension
      Haptic ticks are now muted when adjusting the tension in JOG Mode.
    • FIXED Wrong Naming of Mixer FX in Preferences
      The effects are now correctly named "Mixer FX" instead of "Channel FX" in the Controller Manager drop down menus .
    • FIXED Typo in S4MK3 Preferences
      The section header in the S4MK3 preferences is now correctly spelled "Jogwheel".

    3.0.1 - 2018-11-01

    TRAKTOR PRO 3.0.1 mainly serves to complete the support of the S4MK3 and its Haptic Drives. As version 3.0.0 already provided basic S4MK3 support, the change log of this version lists the additions achieved since then.
    • ADDED S4: Authentic Turntable Stop Behaviour
      In TT Mode stopping a track via SHIFT + PLAY, stops it with natural inertia. For stopping it instantly, press PLAY.
    • ADDED S4: Haptic Cue Points
      The Haptic Drive gives feedback when scrubbing over a HotCue or over the floating cue point. This feedback can be disabled in the preferences.
    • ADDED S4: Shift+Browse for Tree Browsing
      Holding Shift + Browse completes the ability to browse all sections of the browser via the hardware.
    • FIXED Autogain reset when switching Mixer Mode
      With this fix, manually adjusted Auto-gain values are now persistent when switching between Internal and External Mixer Mode.
    • FIXED Missing switch to Absolute Mode after successful DVS Calibration
      After successful DVS calibration the deck now automatically switches to Absolute tracking mode.
    • FIXED Meters don’t work for Stem/Remix decks
      The channel meters only monitored the FX Send bus of Stem and Remix Decks. They now show the full signal of the decks.
    • FIXED Track end warning flashing without track loaded
      The track end warning used to flash when no track was loaded into the deck. Now there is no warning if no track is loaded.
    • FIXED S4: Skipping to HotCues results in offset in stopped TT Mode
      Pressing a hot cue button on a stopped deck in TT mode will now skip precisely to the position of the hotcue marker.
    • FIXED S4: Switching from halted TT mode to JOG mode starts playback
      Switching to JOG mode while halting the spinning platter in TT mode, will not start playback anymore.
    • FIXED S4: Crossfader badly calibrated in "Sharp" Mode
      The crossfader is now perfectly calibrated also for “sharp” mode.
    • FIXED S4: Improved Manual JOG Tension Adjust
      The range of manual Jog tension has been increased to two full revolutions to allow for increased fine adjustments.
    • FIXED S2: Auto Config broken when installing ASIO driver
      The Audio Device and Output Routing settings are now properly auto configured whenever connecting the S2MK3.
    • FIXED S4+S2: Switch off GRID Led for Locked Tracks
      The GRID button switches off whenever a track has its Beatgrid/ BPM locked.
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    Updated for version 3.0.2
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    Mick @ NI Banaholic NI Team

    Update for 3.1.0
  4. Mick @ NI

    Mick @ NI Banaholic NI Team

    Updated for 3.1.1
  5. Mick @ NI

    Mick @ NI Banaholic NI Team

    Updated for Traktor 3.2.0
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