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    Apple just released Logic Pro 10.5 for MacOS 10.15. We found out that Massive X, Crush Pack, Mod Pack, Replika, and Replika XT will crash.

    Our teams are currently working on a fix, and we hope to have this out to you as soon as we can!

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Old ver-cannot switch midi keyboard to on

Discussion in 'MASSIVE + MASSIVE X' started by epilepstronaut, Feb 5, 2020.

  1. epilepstronaut

    epilepstronaut New Member

    This was never a problem in the past.

    When I set up my MIDI device, my Arturia 49 key controller is listed. When I click 'off' and the two options for on or off pop up, I click on obviously. Nothing happens. It stays off and I therefore I can't use the program as intended. Restart, system restore, reinstall, nothing changes this. I click the 'off' button, click on, but it doesn't change to on.

    Yet another AKAI midi controller thats a bunch of sliders and knobs basically will switch to on no problems, MIDI learn features work etc.

    What is the difference? Why does one work and not the other? I use this keyboard for everything else.

    Please help, I'm getting very frustrated!!

    thank you, much appreciated :)