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    Hi all, Im sure there has been a post, but after 30 minutes of searching I cannot find, so please excuse what is probably a very simple question. I am learning to store data/audio in audio tables, but cannot figure out how to set my ramp oscillator with an amplitude equal to the length of the audio table (equal to 1sec @ 44.1k SR) to only run 1 cycle so I am not looping and overdubbing my original recording or haphazardly trying to time it with a manual gate. Attached is my rudimentary audio table for reference.

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    Hi Moonbot,
    this is definetely a CORE task ;)
    In Core it is much simpler to build (or use...!) a one shot ramp.
    Don´t be shy to touch Core - you´ll need it anyway. Promised :p
    Core makes things like this much more controllable and structurized. It is worth the effort to learn Core early.
    Cheers, Mark
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    In case anyone in the future finds this...It was not too difficult - Use the H envelope to gate the ramp oscillator - the H envelope has log time input so a value of 60 is equal to one second, once the H envelope ends, if set to a * module it will send a 0 and mute the ramp oscillator. Ramp should be in hi-res mode.
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    You can take the x or y ouput of the audio table ( which gives you the length of the audio table ) and multply with the ramp ouput , and put that in the read position