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Own recorded vocal samples cannot be located after being edited

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Quasar _-*-_, Nov 10, 2019 at 10:50 PM.

  1. Quasar _-*-_

    Quasar _-*-_ New Member

    Hello everybody,

    since some time (maybe last update? not sure) I have the problem with recorded samples from my mic. Maybe I am too stupid, maybe it is a bug, I'm not sure.

    So here's my problem:

    I record a vocal sample, in the editor it appears eg as "20191110T220000". When I save the group in which this sample is at this moment, there is no problem reopening the group.

    But when I edit this sample, each step of editing changes the name of the sample, eg pressing "normalize" changes the name into "20191110T220000 - 1", making another edit changes to "... - 2" and so on. These changed files are obviously not saved. When I restart machine, it says "Missing Sample" and in the windows browser there is only the first recorded version of the wav file to be found.

    I do not use this function very often, so I cant tell, since when it doesn't work right anymore, but I reopened some older stuff and had no problems with that.

    Maybe someone can help?
  2. Blindeddie

    Blindeddie NI Product Owner

    This is one of those “why do they do it like this” situations... when you record and edit your own samples, you HAVE to select “Save with Samples” or they don’t get saved. Plain old “Save” saves the project (or group) with pointers to temp files that don’t get saved when you close out...(not what you would expect, right?). Unfortunately you may have lost those edited samples for good...and I feel your pain!!! :mad:


  3. b-r@nno

    b-r@nno NI Product Owner

    yes, handling of "non maschine/komplete audiofiles" is one of the weakest points of maschine sw right now IMO. not only the "missing samples" is a pain. about 80% of time when i am using own recorded samples and beein creative with them (you all know: slicing, pattern generating, moving stuff around, deleting unused records and so on) i get the "project could not be safed" error....

    hope they look at this in the future. i can't stand "the fear" i feel when using samples. every single time i press "safe" i am under stress that these error pops up...
  4. René must be Unique

    René must be Unique NI Product Owner

    The number after the sample name indicates the number of changes you have made.
    And is therefore used as an indicator.
    This indicator is not saved when saving the sample.
    As soon as you want to go back to one of the previous adjustments while editing the sample, you can step back with Ctrl + Z.
    In that case you see the number behind the sampling decrease by one.
    As soon as you save the sample it will be saved with the original name without the number.

  5. D-One

    D-One Moderator Moderator

    Not really, you must have done something that interfered with how Maschine handles the files. I rarely use Save With Samples and never had a problem.

    They do get saved with a normal save and it does not require "save with samples", however, Maschine organizes the files and removes any unused wav's when you close the application, this can include removing the number after the name (meaning it deletes stuff and renames other stuff but anything in use should remain on the HD)... So, if you're messing with the files on the file browser or something before closing Maschine you can potentially break the method.
    Some stuff goes to the "Recordings" folder and edits can go to the "Samples" folder... it's sort of confusing to be honest.

    Save with samples is a good strategy to avoid future problems or to load projects n another computer but it also dupes the files on the library which can be annoying for people who organize their stuff.

    For more info on how Maschine handles samples read here:
    (Paths are for mac but it should be obvious what the equivalent is for Windows)

    For folks who sample a lot, I recommend immediately renaming your recordings, otherwise, your library will get filled with wavs with stupid number names like 20191111T131759.wav and if something happens to the wav it makes it hard to find. The number is date string but bunched up like that it's pretty unreadable.
    (20191111T131759 = date: 2019-11-11 time: 13:17)


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    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019 at 2:36 PM
  6. Steve Mosher

    Steve Mosher NI Product Owner

    I gave up sampling in Maschine due to it being a pain in the a$$. ie: This very reason. To be quite simple its stupid.
  7. Quasar _-*-_

    Quasar _-*-_ New Member

    Sorry for replying not instantly, but I appreciate your help. My problem is solved by Blindeddies advice.

    As I said, I edited recorded samples before and it did work. When I choose "Save with samples", the changes are saved, if I only choose "Save", they are not saved. Propably I did that correctly before and forgot about it, I can't see inconsistant software behaviour as mentioned by b-r@nno. Neither I can confirm D-Ones description.
    When I press "Save", close Maschine and reopen, all edits have gone and I get an "Missing Sample" message. When I open the group with the edited Sample while Maschine is still running, it opens with the changes. But closing Maschine resets the vocal sample.
    I think the reason is, that the file Maschine is searching for has the index of number of edits, like xxxxxxxxTxxxxxx - 3 (thats what the software says it is searching for, and this file doesnt exist)

    So, thank you Blindeddie!