p r o g r a m c h i l d ....... announces commerce v1.4

Discussion in 'REAKTOR' started by claudek, Jun 2, 2004.

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  1. film nerd

    film nerd NI Product Owner


    The only extra stuff I'd recommend paying extra for is James Walker Hall's superb Amphitryon synth and Studio.....so much work has clearly gone into these and Studio is a whole new Reaktor environment...... More pertinenntly ,his free stuff ( 3x in particular ) is a class above the **** I found at Dash and so on.

    The user community , the sharing of creations and the free flow of info and creative tools is what makes Reaktor the unique creation it is , and this should never be lost.....lets hope the library remains that and doesn't become the place where inferior creations end up.

    I myself am very new to the technology and have learnt so much through looking at the range of tools possible in Reaktor , primarily through access to this vast resource.....Hardware buffs and other users envy us our library , and I suspect it's the reason some users bought the product rather than find a cracked version. Erosion of the ideals behind the free library will hurt us all , including Native Instruments itself.

    In an attempt not to end on such a doom-ridden note , 1650 free ensembles is still beyond the wildest dreams of musicians who don't have access to the almighty creation that is Reaktor......and I hope programchild gets lucky on the lottery. He's a suberb creator.
  2. doper deluxe

    doper deluxe NI Product Owner

    In theory I don't mind paying for ensembles, but I haven't yet and can't see it happening.
    I DO object strongly with people advertising in the user library, where does it end ?..I don't understand why NI is allowing it.

    I really appreciate the amount of work and creativity that many reaktor builders put into their work, but, if I had to pay for the ensembles I downloaded at $20 a shot, I wouldn't be able to afford the gear to run reaktor on.........actually I have a couple of boss se70's for sale, perhaps I should advertise them in the user library.
  3. John Nowak

    John Nowak Account Suspended

    That's a perfectly good rationale.
  4. dramsenik

    dramsenik NI Product Owner

    p r o g r a m c h i l d ,
    my 0.02 of course but i think that the way you could (should) advertise for commercial *ens in the user library is to include a readme.txt or anything else in all the *.zip you have contribute for free in this library.
    this way when a user download an *.ens you made then he can read that you are also doing some commercial and better stuff and he know where and how to get these.

    I don't think it's a bad idea and maybe other users here will agree with this ?

    OskaR's uprightbass player
  5. Plain Tom

    Plain Tom NI Product Owner

    doesn't eBay Germany offer PayPal acounts?
  6. a Knight of NI

    a Knight of NI NI Product Owner

    Re: paying

    I agree, though I don't have Studio - I use Logic Pro. Would I really get that much more with Studio? Just asking . . .
  7. MarkM

    MarkM NI Product Owner

    I notice the anti-pay comments were removed from Program Child's library advertisement.
  8. MarkM

    MarkM NI Product Owner

    I was wondering whether or not NI would be libel for any problems with refunds and disatified customers buying ensembles from their site?
  9. herw

    herw NI Product Owner

    no - only v1.4 was removed by ...? v1.2 is still in the library
    ciao herw
  10. fleetmouse

    fleetmouse NI Product Owner

    I understand that programchild included copyrighted SCO source code in his ensembles so end users will have to pay a licensing fee to keep using them.
  11. risch

    risch NI Product Owner

    if thats the case

    then just open up the ensemble and take out what would keep it from working.
  12. jmbac

    jmbac NI Product Owner

    I guess programchild's ensemble will soon be available on p2p for free anyway, like the entire user library is (in 12 zipped chunks)

    NI should really have built in a better user-authentication process. i.e downloads by specific registered users will only work in that registered user's Reaktor ....
  13. Plain Tom

    Plain Tom NI Product Owner

    I have a nasty suspicion somebody else ist doing that already - in between eating pizza and chatting to girlie…

  14. Steerpike

    Steerpike NI Product Owner

    >I have a nasty suspicion somebody else ist doing that already - in >between eating pizza and chatting to girlie…


    Maybe working on a gender-morphing ambience generator entitled h e i s h e r ?

    My tuppence worth? Respect to programchild,nothing wrong with charging, but keep advertising out of the library unless there's a commercial ensemble section.
  15. programchild

    programchild Guest

    my announcement

    folks, I really thank you in love for your enthusiastic
    feeling about the userlib. I 100% agree that the lib should
    be a place for free ensembles.
    That´s why I deleted "Rechorder".
    But it´s available and believe me, it´s worth a million dollars
    because it is so full of inspiration...can´t describe.

    Please watch my new upload, it shall bring your love back to me.
    It´s the perfect drum-partner for Rechorder.
    Be well aware, there is a dark side of the moon and that´s the "Reaktor Pro Class". These ensembles you´ll never see in the lib, you won´t find them on dash or wavecrafters. There are people outthere who make
    devices that are so professional, so they never will be given out for free. They collect dust in the shelf.
    Such stuff needs a store.

    Well, programchild.com is about to be launched and maybe I find the time to turn it into a Reaktor store where you find gold and diamonds for your music. Tested by programchild.

    absolutely yours
    p r o g r a m c h i l d (on world tour)
  16. gmstudio

    gmstudio NI Product Owner

    Well there you go.
  17. toto le robot

    toto le robot NI Product Owner

    Re: my announcement

    then where can you find them?
  18. sakabeat

    sakabeat NI Product Owner

    Re: my announcement

    We never stopped to love you boy.... ;-) !!!

    i hope you'll sell tons of your .ens (even if i dont like the idea of paying ensemble)

    and ,again,1000 thanx for all what you gave to us...> <

    good luck
  19. miasm

    miasm NI Product Owner

    it's times like this where I solute the biggest inspiration of all to the user library.. martin brinkmann, who obviously puts hard work in to all his creations and kindly uploads them to the user library for us all at no cost. He's probably NI's biggest unknown selling point when it comes to Reaktor..

    Cheers to Martin!
  20. Plain Tom

    Plain Tom NI Product Owner

    I've got a lot of Martin's stuff. Cheers, indeed.
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