Parallel DECKS, anyone agree?

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  1. OVPL

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    The parallel waveform help a lot with lining up the tracks. Thank you! Some users have external mixers or controllers that need a learning curve with the new interface. Since your layout is modular, why not let us choose the layout that best mimics our hardware, for the perfect workflow? we would really benefit from a stacked structure (horizontally or vertically) that corresponds perfectly to a 4ch mixer, which is club standard anyway.
    If you like this idea, please reply, maybe they will make this an option!

  2. Nick Woodford

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    This would be an amazing layout
  3. OVPL

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    Thanks for the support! It seems that putting the parallel waveform in full width is a bit of a waist of space, since even in compact mode they take half the screen.
  4. Jumeirah Sound System

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    I like this one. We had a long discussion of this over here with a few other layout ideas:

    I'd even go for a more compressed version of your layout, with 2/3 of the screen given over to parallel waveforms and 1/3 for track info and the like.

    Forgive the terrible stretching, but here's an example. You could put a bit of track info on the parallel waveforms themselves and then leave more space for track functionality on the left, like Grid, Loop, Cue functions etc. all on one screen without having to change the toggles between them in Advanced mode.

    I suspect there is even a version you could do without the smaller, full track waveforms on the left. A more flexible zoom option with a hot key to zoom to full track & back to preferred zoom level on the parallel waveforms would be ideal; thereby opening up even more room for controls on the left side.

    Now we're talking! :)

    new waveform mockup copy.jpg
  5. Jumeirah Sound System

    Jumeirah Sound System NI Product Owner

    So I spent a little time last night to improve this mock up, as attached.

    This has all the standard track information on the left side and does away with the need for two views of the waveform. Apologies for using the same track name for all decks (I was just photoshopping this so I hope you get the point).

    There are basically three sections now:

    1) All the track information and manipulation you'd need on the left (which are usually hidden behind the drop down menus in "Advanced" deck mode". In this mockup the decks are arranged C, A, B, D like on a regular four channel mixer, just oriented horizontally.
    2) A giant parallel waveform on the right, with track name and detail on it, and a powerful zoom function that would let you toggle between full track width and a more detailed parallel waveform as shown.
    3) The standard browser on the lower part of the screen, which you could toggle fullscreen via the space bar or any other key (as you can do now).

    Obviously this is only for "pro" users using external mixers, but man what a dream it would be. Basically my perfect Traktor Pro. ;-)

    One can always dream! :-D

    PS - there is obviously a lot of pixel pushing a proper interface designer could do to improve this, but I'm just throwing my 2 cents out there to get the concept across.

    Better Traktor Layout 4.jpg
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