Parallel waveforms in Traktor Pro 3.1 - THREE simple improvements

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Scoox, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. Scoox

    Scoox NI Product Owner

    Diggin' the new parallel waveforms in the recent 3.1 update, well done NI! I would like to share a few suggestions to make parallel waveforms even better, here goes:

    1. Allow showing/hiding of parallel waveforms individually

    If I want to align the tracks in Decks A and D, I'd rather hide the parallel waveforms of Decks B and C so A could be directly on top of D—much easier to judge alignment. I would put the corresponding checkboxes under Preferences > Decks Layout, here's a mock-up:
    Parallel waveforms.png
    These checkboxes would need to be midi-mappable, to enable users to control visibility from MIDI hardware. Finally, I would put a toggle button directly on the UI of track and stem decks to make this more accessible, maybe like this:
    Parallel waveform toggle.png
    2. Exclude Live Input and Remix decks from parallel display automatically

    Currently, these display as empty lanes that don't serve any useful purpose and waste screen space. It would be better if the didn't display at all.

    3. Allow waveform range to be independent of display resolution

    Maybe this is a tricky one, but on my Surface Pro 4 display at 200% display scaling setting I can see a total of 55 beats left and right of the centre playhead, at the lowest zoom level in the parallel waveform display. If I reduce display scaling, the waveforms are able to display more beats (better but UI too small). When aligning two currently playing tracks ahead of time, ideally I'd like to be able to see at least 64 beats "into the future", even on a small display. I don't know if that makes sense. Lowering my display scaling works but text in Traktor becomes too small to read comfortably.

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  2. Jumeirah Sound System

    Jumeirah Sound System NI Product Owner

    +1 for the deck layout toggle options.

    I'd like options for other screen layouts as well, as discussed here:

    But I also realised this parallel waveforms option was only included at the last minute by two dedicated NI developers working on their own, so kudos to them for even getting it in this release! I am sure more improvements will be coming once we get the full code base update.

  3. Scoox

    Scoox NI Product Owner

    Whoever added parallel waveforms definitely deserves kudos but, frankly, it bothers me that it takes "two dedicated developers" to get sh*t done that should have been done years ago not because two devs had a bit of spare time or were in the mood, but because NI made it a priority. Sure, I know Traktor is not the only thing going on at NI and it's probably not as simple as I'd like it to be, but all I'm hearing is NI doesn't have much love for Traktor. For starters, the TP3 update is functionally very similar to TP2, which would be a good thing if TP2 was nearly perfect, but it's not. Every innovative feature they've come up with, e.g. "stems", has been a flop and a waste of resources, while some of the bread-and-butter functionality, which other DJ software has had for years, is still missing in Traktor's. It's clear people don't want the gimmicks, the bells and the whistles—certainly not before the core stuff is firmly in place.