parameter values not displayed when automating

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by rocadaburn, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. rocadaburn

    rocadaburn Forum Member

    I don`t know if this is a bug at all, or if this was discussed somewhere else, but I noticed that when I automate params with the hardware using the F2 button, the value changes are executed by maschine, but the display doesn`t show the actual value!
    That makes it quite difficult, e.g. doing a cutoff change from 10% to 60% with the length of 2 bars, because as soon as you keep pressing F2, the display won`t show the value...

    I can see it in the software in the automation lane, but not at the controller.
    When the automation is played by the sequencer, it works of course, according to the automation lane, and the ring around the knob in the software shows it as well; but on the controller, the value does not change in the display :-(
  2. continuous

    continuous NI Product Owner

    Yep... same here. Automation recording kills the LCD feedback action.

    Seems like bugs.
  3. BoucheMandela

    BoucheMandela New Member

    Hi all,
    I've noticed this as well, Also values for parameters with automation already written don't update on the hardware lcd. It would be nice to have this functionality; it would make it easier to not have to look at the screen to track down automated parameters.

    I've also experienced some weird behavior whilst automating the reverse parameter. Using a short 1 bar pattern I set a reverse automation on the last beat. The result was not consistent, sometimes the reverse would turn on sometimes it won't; sometimes it would take 3-8 bars of the 1 bar loop for the automation to kick in. Looking at the automation lane on screen, I noticed that the reverse automation is not a binary control. I would think for a parameter with two values, on and off, one wouldn't need to write 128 values from the knob. if the knob is turned to the right by any value the control written would be 1 while if it is turned left by any value the control written would be 0?
    I hope I'm not being confusing...:confused:

    All in all though big thanks to NI! Maschine is a really innovative and fun product!
  4. andyt

    andyt Forum Member

    lcd not updating while automating

    the lcd display needs to update the parameter value while holding f2 when automating fx and sample parameters like the kore controller.
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