Pattern and Scene Merge

Discussion in 'Feature Request Archive' started by cyclicAMP, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. cyclicAMP

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    Currently, we can double and duplicate patterns and duplicate scenes. The ability to merge patterns and merge scenes would greatly increase arrangement workflow.
    Merging would need to include automation data as well as note, velocity, etc.

    Merging could work similarly to 'duplicate':
    1 - Lock or Hold 'Pattern' or 'Scene' button
    2 - Hold down the duplicate button
    3 - depress a 'Merge' button in one of the top 4 buttons area above the left LCD screen
    4 - continue holding 'duplicate' button and tap a first pattern/scene, then tap a second pattern/scene, then tap a blank pattern/scene slot.
    5 - a new merged pattern/scene of the two you chose is in a new slot. That is...first chosen pattern is 4 bars, and second chosen pattern is also 4 bars, then the new pattern is now 8 bars (the first pattern followed by the second pattern)

    Essentially, its just like duplicating but with a 'merge' mode.

    For merging scenes with differing pattern lengths in different groups, merging either automatically doubles the shorter patterns or just doesn't let you merge until you make the patterns equal lengths.
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  2. tiansolo

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    +1 - if you're gna request merge, may as well request split too.
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  3. charlie360x

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    +1 on pattern merging... a feature that was proposed 6 years ago lol
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  4. macchinista

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    Yes, been saying this for a while....
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  5. addhitman

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  6. HammyHavoc

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    Can't believe this isn't a thing now it's pointed out.