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Phase DJ with Traktor

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by dannybyrne29, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Scratch-E Con

    Scratch-E Con NI Product Owner

    OK so I did some serious testing this week and guess what – everything I experienced has already been shared by everyone else. Make sure you also check Mojaxx's review, as usual it is spot on.

    But anyway here is my 2 cents on using Phase (latest firmware) with Traktor Pro 3.2.0

    The good:
    - No BPM drift, records stay perfectly in sync.
    - No random disconnects.
    - Very tight, no noticeable latency when scratching or juggling.
    - No control vinyl beep in the background
    - It is just so cool...

    The so-so:
    - Battery life. Roughly around 5 hours. Enough for me but not for everyone else.
    - Occasional artefacts and glitches when battery level gets critical (below say 20%)
    - Traktor shows calibration failures so you'll want to disable track warnings and suppress the status bar in Settings. Hopefully NI is working on this together with MWM.
    - No issues in starting up but shutting down requires a ritual. What works for me is to first shut down the power (I use the USB hub on my Z2), wait for about 10 seconds and then put the remotes back in the receiver. Doing it differently may prevent the remotes from going to sleep so they are half way drained next time you want to use them. That happened to me twice.

    The bad:
    - Cue drift. Not much of an issue when scratching but a serious problem when beat juggling. It seems the slower the BPM, the quicker it starts drifting. For me this is the one and only real complaint I have with Phase.

    Does it need improvements? Definitely!
    Do I regret buying it? Hell no!
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  2. markski

    markski NI Product Owner

    Can vouch for all of the above 100% since the recent firmware update. Great tracking, very useable but still not there for juggling. Reducing the sticker drift and having the remoes matching up with the deck markets on screen would be massive IMHO.