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Pioneer DDJ200 and traktor audio 2 soundcard interface

Discussion in 'General DJ Forum' started by Tenn Baker, Apr 14, 2021.

  1. Tenn Baker

    Tenn Baker New Member

    Hello all greetings,

    Does anyone know if these two items are compatible. I am hoping to get a stereo output from the Pioneer ddj200, which I thought would suit my needs. I own a traktor audio 2. In theory the should both work. But there is no info anywhere about it working in practice.
  2. MyKey Is Not Yours!

    MyKey Is Not Yours! New Member

    Hi Tenn, Pioneer DDJ200 controls DJ apps. Traktor Audio 2 doesn't have any impact on the controller's functionality. So it is up to the DJ app you want to use. I use Pioneer DDJ200 with Traktor Audio 2 and Algoriddim DJay on my iPhone XR with the latest iOS without any issues. It also works fine with Rekordbox on my Mac.

    However, it seems it is not working correctly with WeDJ. After connecting to my phone, only headphones are working but no master. Since WeDJ is optimized for DDJ200, I'd prefer using it over DJay. If you find a solution to this, let me know.