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  1. Karlos Santos

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    This has been requested before but I've made a (poor) mockup to show what could be done.

    When working in large playlists I often section of certain genres or parts of the playlist that I want to refer back to. I do this by placing a track that is one second long (so it does not add to the overall playlist time) and it is formatted to show a separation in the playlist.

    The track looks like this


    I place this track between groups of songs to subdivide a long playlist.

    It would be great is we could click on a playlist and use the menu to 'Insert Playlist Divider' and Traktor inserts a bar to separate tracks .

    It would be great if we could sort between the dividers by any field and only the tracks between the dividers change order. They can be re-order to their original position using the number column.

    Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 14.50.13.png

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  2. alec.tron

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    Or, allow people to inject arbitrary 'track 'entries that could be used for general notes / an ascii string of the users choosing... I'm still surprised no one (NI/SDJ/RB/etc) has this - but being able to something inside a playlist , to eg scribble down things you want to remember in relation to a given playlist at a specified place in the playlists time (I would want to use it for notes about vinyl records ) - or as dividers as suggested here. I think is a very nice to have.
    Sub-sorting after a divider is a nice idea right there too!
  3. peu

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    Yes, as a "hybrid" dj, I too want to add vinyl tracks as text to my playlists. Can't be that difficult..
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    Nice! would use this for sure
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    Nice ideea... theese breakes are usefull .. i was also thagging a blank mp3 with a line :)
    + 10
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    Karlos this is brilliant.

    I was talking to some friends about this yesterday — organising a vinyl crate, I stack triplets together, but each 12" always contains 3–4+ tracks, of course, so you discover b-sides. With digital djing, it's more about 'singles'...

    Using a simple divider like this would allow me to group subsections of my playlist into vinyl-style triplets, and list full EPs by artist. It would give my eyes a break and conceptually allow me to navigate the list like I do a record crate.

    Simple and brilliant UX suggestion... not holding my breath though...
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    Had to bump this corker of an idea.
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    Great idea +1