Playlist Dividers.

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Karlos Santos, Nov 1, 2016.

  1. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    This has been requested before but I've made a (poor) mockup to show what could be done.

    When working in large playlists I often section of certain genres or parts of the playlist that I want to refer back to. I do this by placing a track that is one second long (so it does not add to the overall playlist time) and it is formatted to show a separation in the playlist.

    The track looks like this


    I place this track between groups of songs to subdivide a long playlist.

    It would be great is we could click on a playlist and use the menu to 'Insert Playlist Divider' and Traktor inserts a bar to separate tracks .

    It would be great if we could sort between the dividers by any field and only the tracks between the dividers change order. They can be re-order to their original position using the number column.

    Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 14.50.13.png

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  2. alec.tron

    alec.tron NI Product Owner

    Or, allow people to inject arbitrary 'track 'entries that could be used for general notes / an ascii string of the users choosing... I'm still surprised no one (NI/SDJ/RB/etc) has this - but being able to something inside a playlist , to eg scribble down things you want to remember in relation to a given playlist at a specified place in the playlists time (I would want to use it for notes about vinyl records ) - or as dividers as suggested here. I think is a very nice to have.
    Sub-sorting after a divider is a nice idea right there too!
  3. peu

    peu New Member

    Yes, as a "hybrid" dj, I too want to add vinyl tracks as text to my playlists. Can't be that difficult..
  4. djmasaka

    djmasaka New Member

    Nice! would use this for sure
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  5. nr1cristi

    nr1cristi NI Product Owner

    Nice ideea... theese breakes are usefull .. i was also thagging a blank mp3 with a line :)
    + 10
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  6. slackerofthemind

    slackerofthemind NI Product Owner

    Karlos this is brilliant.

    I was talking to some friends about this yesterday — organising a vinyl crate, I stack triplets together, but each 12" always contains 3–4+ tracks, of course, so you discover b-sides. With digital djing, it's more about 'singles'...

    Using a simple divider like this would allow me to group subsections of my playlist into vinyl-style triplets, and list full EPs by artist. It would give my eyes a break and conceptually allow me to navigate the list like I do a record crate.

    Simple and brilliant UX suggestion... not holding my breath though...
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  7. zephry

    zephry NI Product Owner

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  8. djberrie

    djberrie New Member

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  9. Vinyl Tap

    Vinyl Tap NI Product Owner

    Had to bump this corker of an idea.
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  10. Jaxx2002

    Jaxx2002 New Member

    Great idea +1
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  11. Ben@Orion

    Ben@Orion New Member

    It's so funny :D I'm doing the same thing with an empty track for years and now ended up in this thread. It would be SO great to have dividers with custom text. I reckon there is no solution that I'm missing yet??

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  12. Tummetott

    Tummetott New Member

    Same here. I'm using a tiny sample named "_____________" to seperate tracks in playlist. It works but it's far from elegant. Once I insert a new seperator, traktor notifies me each time, that the "seperator" already exists in the playlist. If I perform a "Remove Duplicates from Playlist", all my seperators (but one) are gone. In live situations, I use my controller to load the next track. Sometimes I'm not aware loading the seperator into the deck. All of this is so anoying but the benefit of having "some" kind of seperator still oughtweights the problems. PLEASE implement this feature, it would bring so much value! I just signed up to leave you this comment. Hope it will be well received :)
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  13. Almaz

    Almaz NI Product Owner

    great idea, I also offered this feature, I think it would be nice to have a separate kind of playlist, which serves to plan or compile mixes

    I would call "Mix Planning".
    I consider it a gap for DJ programs, not to have a tool that would allow DJs to prepare a mix, know the time of different parts and divide the mix into different parts.
    I would be happy to see an opportunity to:
    - divide the mix into multiple parts
    - see the duration of different parts
    - give a name to each part
    - make notes in each part
    to see the line of time, counting time of each individual part and the whole mix entirely mixed in the form
    To time was showing correctly, that is p mix DJs seen in mixed state, I suggest this feature to be done in already existing points FADE IN FADE OUT if the DJ will be noted in each track begin and end of the mixing, playlists will be counting on these two points